Robert A1berti

"That's What She Said"

"Fuck It!! I Call"

"I Wouldn't Kick Her Out Of Bed....But I Wouldn't Invite Her Either"

Fun Facts...

  • AKA - Bubble Bitch, Hooker Rob
  • Birthday - September 27, 1980
  • Favorite Movies - Cleavagefield, Tasha's Pony Tales
  • Favorite Hand - Pair Draw
  • Likes - Not Having To Rebuy, Atlantic City, Denny's, Gary Games, PPT Snowball Fights, Making Memes, Slow Playing AA On Chappelle, Farting
  • Dislikes - Indian Poker, Foreigners, NY Giants, Hangovers, Walking Into Doors, People Splitting At The TOC, Anthony Stealing His Girl Scout Cookies