Dear Diary...

by Anthony Panza

PPT #1 - 1/6/2017

It is the beginning of the new year and a new season. Nothing has change because i still suck. Well no completely but I still do. We had 22 people show up to our first game with some oldies but goodies back with us. We voted on some rule changes and the TOC will stay at 16 people, You still get points on when you first get knocked out, and buy back will get the full amount and you can only rebuy up until the break. Last one is actually on me. It didn't take long until we had our first rebuy. It was either the first, second, or third hand of the night and Mr. Lew was buying back. He called with a straight to a full house. With the new stack at 10,000 it took a little time until we lost or second which was Sergio. He also rebought and eventually the Legend bought back too. Right after the break is when people began to full like hot cakes. At the break we had right around 20 people left and within the next hour and a half we were down to our final table of 9. At this point Pete had my diary and I was playing at the final table. Therefore I am relying on what Pete put in the book lol. The first out at the final table was Doris. She pushed with 22 with a small amount and was called by 66. She lost to a straight. That's all i have on that hand. I believe the next out was The Legend again but I am not sure if he finished 8th or 7th. All i know is he asked me where he finished and I tell him 7th and then he goes I think it was 8th. Then why ask? It really doesn't matter because he lost on his rule change and only got points for finishing in 17th. He wound up losing to Keith who had pocket KK to his 109 suited. Next out was Tony. He pushed with 88. I went all in with AA and Jose was already all in with K9 of spades. Matt raise at first with 1010 but folded to my re-raise all in. Jose was lucky and caught a spade on the river to hit his flush and knock Tony out in 7th. We were down to our bubble bitch. During the last hand Matt was contemplating on calling because if both Tony, Jose, and him lost then Matt would have finished in 5th. Since Matt didn't make the call he actually finished in 6th. He called Jose's all in with AJ to Jose's A10. Jose hit a straight on the river and we were down to the money. By the way the hand before Matt would have hit quad 10s. Sergio was our next victim as I put him all in with K9 to his A8. I hit a king on the turn and we were down to 4. Rudy was next out. Pete didn't write the hand that he lost on and I do not remember. The funny thing is Pete wrote that Rudy said, "He doesn't want to sound like Frank, But I had to do it." That was funny. I believe Rudy lost to Keith who was riding hot at the final table. Next person out lost ugly. After a flop of 78A there was just a check between Keith and Jose. The turn was a 9 and Jose lead out. Keith re-raised and Jose went all in. Keith snapped called. Jose flipped over 65 for the low end straight but Keith flipped over J10 for the high end straight. The river was meaningless and we were down to Keith and I heads up. Keith offer the chop but as Panzas go, I didn't chop. Keith had a monster stack against me but I eventually took the chip lead. Keith was all in with AQ and I had K6. He hit his ace and I didn't close the deal. Well right after that it was all in all in and I had A10 to his K2 and he hit his King and he was chip leader again. Then I went all in with another A and this time i hit my Ace to get back in it. Finally though I went all in with A9 to his K8 and with a board of Q6784 Keith was out PPT #1 2017 champion. Congrats Keith and i will see you all next week.

PPT #2 - 1/20/2017

The first two games of the year have really been strange. The first game was won by Keith. Everyone was surprise even himself. This week another person whose name begins with Ke won. And we probably will not see her again for 2 months She bitched again that the top 18 should be in TOC. this comes from someone who only played 9 games and expected to get in. Cough Cough The Legend also argued again. This coming from a guy who only played 11 games. Hasn't Pete told you guys that this is a dictatorship and what I say goes. Well actually I let the people vote and a overwhelming majority picked to keep it at 16. Which means you need to play more if you want to get in. Alright to the game. We had 17 people show up and we welcome back a few players who were not there two weeks ago. As we were playing the argument about certain rules came up again by you know who, Campbell Soup, because of the buy back. I am going to say this one last time. There is one buy back per tables in play. You will get the starting chip amount and you will only have until the break to do it. I do not know where anyone thought that we would have unlimited re-buys until the break. I am squashing any ideas about this now. I had to bring this up because The Legend decides to tell me that, "This is the People's League, as you have said it." Yes he said that i called this league the People's league. Well Its the PPT and none of the Ps stand for People. Pete doesn't want more responsibility so he is consider a Panza in the PPT. Otherwise it would be the PLPT. Lastly, I don't give a rats ass how the WSOP does things the PPT is unique. lol Ok sorry back to the game. Jay was our first person out and decided not to re-buy. But not much later Jeff got knocked out and then Rob one hand later and both re-bought. This time before the break we were already down 4 people.After the break we lost Jeff again, Ed, Frank, who somehow lost a huge chip amount and blamed it on his phone. Frank, its called turn you phone off and just leave it in your pocket. Then Kevin and Jose were the next two out and we were down to our final table. We all sat in new seats and it took one hand for myself to be knocked out. With only the dealer and the two blinds left, I pushed with A9 unfortunately luck box Kerri had 99 as the dealer and i was out in 9th. I say luck box because you should have seen the hands she was winning. Every time someone made a move Kerri had monsters. next out was Rob when he decided to push with J8 for a low amount and Sherwin raised to get everyone else out with 88. His 8s held up and we were down to seven. They played for a while as low stacks kept going all in and winning. Pete and Kerri both went all in on separate hands and won with Ace high. Pete actually had to dodge two people in the hand and Kerri had to dodge the world against Matt in her hand. Sherwin won a monster hand against Ariel as Ariel flopped a Full House with 77 in his hand with a board of AA7. But the turn and river were KK and Sherwin having AQ won. Finally the luck stopped when it was The Legends turn. He was first to act and pushed without looking. Maybe you should have looked as he had 104 and Sherwin being in the small blind and Rudy in the big blind called. Campbell had 8k only. Sherwin hit on the flop and bet Rudy out and won with a pair of 8s. Next out was Ariel as Sherwin raised to 20k and Ariel pushed for only 12k. Kerri followed by also pushing for a total of 36k. Sherwin called the extra 16k. Kerri flipped over KK Sherwin AJ and Ariel A7. The board read 106473 and Kerri took a huge chip lead. She then has the audacity to say, "Well if I have to go home I am going to go home on this." Um you had KK it wasn't a tough play at all. We were down to our bubble bitch and it came down to two people getting knocked out on the same hand. Rudy pushed with K10 for 10k and Matt pushed for 12k with, the hand that killed him two weeks ago 1010, Kerri and Pete being blinds called. The board read A35K8. Kerri flipped over A7 and took both of them out. Rudy was bubble and Matt finished in 4th. We were down to three and Pete for the most part has been silent at the table not really knocking anyone out. Finally though Sherwin pushed on a flop of KJ8 of spades and Pete called. Pete flipped over Q8 with the Queen being a spade. Sherwin flipped over 85. The turn was the Ace of spade and the river was a meaningless 5. Pete hit his flush and we were down to two. 10 minutes later Kerri raised to 24k and Pete called. The flop was A55 and Kerri went all in. Pete called and flipped over A10. He felt good but then Kerri flipped over the hand she hates the most, AK. the turn and river didn't help Pete and he was down to 3,000. Pete was able to get back up to 12k but that was as high as he would get. He flipped over 44 and Kerri had 52. The flop was 986 but the turn was a 7 giving Kerri the straight and the 2017 PPT #2 victory.

PPT #3 - 2/3/2017

I have found my calling and it isnít poker. I am now considering myself the Prince of Pop Poker. Yes as I was watching the final 6 play I decided to pick up the guitar that was in the room and play some music and sing some originals, Poker originals. Jose tried it too but I put more of a show on. I cannot play the guitar nor can I sing so people laughed and cringe at the same time every time I sang a song. Karen even called for me to sing a bubble bitch song. I obliged. Since I canít win I sing. Lol Alright back to Poker This year continues to get weird with winners and the way the game is going. Well Rob is Rob so his game is terrible no matter how you look at it. We had 15 players tonight and someone who believes she never was knocked out first was first out tonight. That person was Karen. She rebought and made a valiant effort to finish as the bubble bitch lol. Jeff was all in on the last hand before break and won to not have to buy back. Unfortunately for him 10 minutes after the break he was knocked out. Next was Matt followed by Tony P. This week he did hit a few hands compared to the week before. Keith who was battling a head cold lost his battle at the poker table. Later on he told me he is never driving with me again. I donít blame him. My father and I are a handful going to Petes. It seem like it was everyoneís mission to knock Frank out and Keith wanted to do it more than anyone. But it was Ed that took him out and we were down to 10. Mr. Lew eventually was knocked out next and we were down to our final table. It didnít take long for our first victim because he was unlucky where he sat with his low stack. Two hands in, he was all in as the blind with AK for 4k. Rudy went all in to get everyone else out of the hand and flipped over KK. The board read 77865 and Jose finished in 9th. It didnít take much longer, maybe 3 to 4 hands we lost another. I was first to act and went all in for 10.5k with AQ. Ariel was big blind and asked if I wanted a call. I said I donít care and he eventually called for 6.5k more with 44. I asked for a Queen on the flop but I should have also asked for no 4 too. The flop was 94Q and I was basically drawing dead. The turn ended my night as it was a 6 and the meaningless river was an 8. Just like the last card I finished in 8th. Then the guitar came out. It took a little bit but we lost our next two on the same hand. Sherwin on the button decided to push with J10. Rob who was chip leader and next to act, as the small blind, called for 9k. Pete, as the big blind, pushed his remaining amount in for a total of 6k to 8k. Rob had K10 of spades and Pete just had 64 off. The flop was JA8 of spades and it was all but over. The turn was an A but the river was a K to end Pete in 7th and Sherwin in 6th. We were down to our bubble. And before I told you it was Karen. She was low stack, basically being blinded out, and decided to go all in after Ariel just said all in. Rob decided to call because it was not that much more to him. Ariel had 15k and Karen only had 2k. Karen flipped over A10, Ariel A7, and Rob suited 109. The flop was QJJ giving rob the open ended. The turn was a 6, helping no one. The river though was a 7 giving Ariel the pair and win. Just before that hand Ariel was talking about he doesnít get lucky it is just skill. Lol. Karen finished in 5th. Ariel lost a lot of his chips a little later to Rob and eventually had to go all in as the big blind. Rob in the small blind was in and Ed. The board read K7845 with three hearts on board. Ed was hoping Rob would have made a bet but never did as he was holding 102. Ariel flipped over 93 and Ed flipped over QJ of heart for the flush. We were down to Ed, Rob, and Rudy. Yes a grimy final table. This is where it got ugly because Rob was still playing. With blinds at 4k-8k Rob decided to call from the small blind with 83. Rudy as the big blind pushes with another 11k with A6. Rob says I call and flipped over his hand. We were all shocked with what he flipped over. Rudy already felt disgusted by it and was even more disgusted by it after the hand was over. The flop was J10K but the turn was a 3 giving Rob a pair of 3s. The river was a 4 and Rudy finished in 3rd. He went home upset by it and said he is going to be haunted by 83. Lol. Ed and Rob didnít play for too long as Rob and Ed were all in with Rob 22 and Ed with A10. Ed hit a 10 on the turn and left Rob with about 10k. The next hand Rob went all in with QJ and Ed, who already had enough in, had Q10. The flop was J7K. The turn was a 7 still leaving Ed with the opening ended. The river was an Ace to give Ed the Straight and the PPT #3 2017 win.

PPT #4 - 2/17/2017

With 21 players showing that they are ready for action it didn't take long before we lost our first player of the night. It was within the first 30 minutes that Ryan D was buying back. But not far after him it was Jose also buying back. Maybe another 15 minutes Alex was buying our 3rd and final buy back. But wait. Since Anthony R didn't show up we had one more and it was Sherwin who bought the remaining seat just before the break. Since everyone that was knocked out before the break bought back in, We still had 21 players after the break. I believe it was either the first or second hand after the break and down went Ariel. Not much later it was Keith, Da Legend, always leaving unhappy and disgruntle, Alex again, Sherwin again, Tony, Rudy and Ryan again. We were down to 13. Then I of course made my exit. And it was only after Jimmy said to me, Ant just make the call and you can say that you sucked again and lost." Well i did push and made the right call against Jose but the wrong call against Frank. Jose flipped over J8, I had A5, but Frank being in the big blind had called me with A10. I did hit my 5 on the turn but, me being me with no luck, Frank hit his 10 on the river. We were down to 11. The very next hand Yoan was all in with a 73 and it was not good against a better hand held by Mr. Lew. A few hands later, we were saying goodbye to Jimmy and we were down to our final table. But before I talk about the final table, I would like to bring up some more classic quotes. Ryan said, I am unpredictable that's why I don't win. Yup he did say that. And Ariel said that he had lost for the third time this week with Set over Set. That is crazy that could happen let alone 3 times in one week. I will also add on to the many great quotes and actions that Mr. P has given us throughout the years. There is no words to describe the GREAT TONY P. He is in a league of his own. first Jeff asked Tony, "What's the Wifi here" Tony's response, "I don't know where she is." He thought Jeff asked where his wife was. LOL. Secondly I found out that he was reaching around to scratch his back but instead started to scratch Jimmy's back who was sitting directly behind him. He actually scratched Jimmy's back for a little bit before Jimmy had to tell him that he was scratching his back. Yup my dad didn't even know he was scratching the wrong body. LOL I can't make this shit up. That's my dad in a nutshell. Alright back to the final table. Again it was a grimy final table. It didn't take long until we lost Pete. He was all in for 3k more since he was big blind and Jeff raised to 8k. Mr. Lew also called and with a board that read J7A43 Pete's 98 was no matched to Mr. Lew's 88. Jeff did not show. Next out was a double knock out. Jeff decided to push for 18.5k and Matt in the small blind called and put himself all in with 18k. Steve Maldi who was the big blind also called the all in and we had three players to the flop. Steve had AK, Matt KQ, and Jeff, Q10. The board read 334JK and Steve Maldi took out Matt in 8th and Jeff in 7th. After that they played for a little and Steve Es. was small for 3k and pushed for 13.5k total. Steve Maldi in the big blind called him for 7.5k more with J9. Steve Es flipped over AQ. Steve Maldi hit a jack on the flop and nothing else hit to knock bubble bitch Steve Esp. in 6th. We were down to our grimy money winners. Rob being grimy decides to just call 12k and not raise before the flop. Well Steve. Mal decided to push and Rob called quickly. Rob flipped over AQ while Steve flipped over JJ. They both were the top two chip leaders with Steve having the lead. The board read 98639 and Steve took 57k from Rob and Rob finished in 5th. Right after that Ed was pretty much automatically all in with 82 and Mr. Lew called from the big blind 2k more with 66. Nothing hit and Ed finished in 4th. So we were down to Frank, Steve, and Mr. Lew. The action heated up with Steve as the chip leader, then Frank as the chip leader, and finally Mr. Lew as the chip leader. It actually took two straight hands from Frank being the chip leader to finishing in 3rd. Frank called and then Mr. Lew as the big blind went all in. Frank snapped called and flipped over KQ suited. Mr. Lew flipped over AQ. Frank the luck box did not hit his K or suit and was down to about 38k. The very next hand he pushed with J8 and Steve called him with AK. The first card was a K and the remaining cards did not help Frank. We were down to two with both having pretty good stacks. But Mr. Lew kept chipping away Steve's stack and Steve decided to try and make a move with 54k wiith J8. Mr. Lew called with A5 and with a board that showed 105249, Mr. Lew was our PPT #4 winner. .

PPT #5 - 3/3/2017

Tonight was an eventful night and I have no words for it. We had 20 players oh wait sorry we had 21 players because some dumbass, I will not mention names Jose, decides to tell me that his brother is playing just as we started. But I will not go into that now, that will be for another post. I am not going to lie, I know I am not the best player but I was not happy running around for the first 45 minutes and then noticing I was down to 4000 in chips when I finally got to settle down. Thanks again Jose. It took two hands in before we lost our first player of the night. That distinction went to Frank. He thought Campbell was full of shit but even if you think so, itís not worth putting your whole stack in 2 hands into the game. He raise. Campbell re-raise. Frank decides to push with AK and Campbell snapped called with AA. It was over after the flop and Frank rebought. His game was off after that hand. He was pissed the whole night at that play. It took a while before we lost our second player. When Doris got knocked out we brought down the players from table three and played 10 players at a table. Right as this was happening Jose got knocked out and rebought. After the break it took about 5 minutes until I was knocked out and right after me Mike Per, Freddy, Rudy, Rob, Frank again, Tony P who got unlucky, and Kerri who got even more unlucky. Anthony Rivera river a straight flush against her when everyone thought it was going to be a chop.#Panzashavenoluck. We were down to 12. Play got grimy and eventually it was Ariel who lost that battle followed by Mr. Lew. Finally Jay O. was our last victim until the final table. Now this is where things got interesting and really funny. There were two bone head plays and I donít care if you didnít see the cards you still are a bonehead for not paying attention to the hand. You know who you are Legend. You almost lost that title because of it. As the night went on, Tony said hi to Jonathan but actually called him Anthony. Thinking he was Anthony Rivera. It made sense when he asked me who the guy with the red sweatshirt was. That was Anthony. Lol Our first player out at the final table was Ant. He went all in after Sherwin just called. Sherwin decided to call Ant for another 6k and Ant flipped over AK. Sherwin had A8 and when he flopped an 8 it was all over as the turn and the river did not help Ant. Next to follow was Yoan. He called Edís all in with AQ while Ed was holding AK. Yoan had 26.5k and Ed just had a little more. The board read 109859 and Yoan had finished in 8th. Now this is where we had our first bonehead play of the night. Jon went all in for 9k first to act. Campbell called, Ed called and big blind Jose called. The flop was A69 and everyone checked. The turn was a 7 and they all checked again. The river was another 7 and Campbell checked, Ed checked, and then dumbass or drunkass Jose goes all in. He thought there was a side pot to win but there wasnít one. Ed and Campbell both folded. Jon flipped over KJ and Jose flipped over 83. Yes you read that right, Jose flipped over 83 and Jon won the hand. Campbell was not happy because he had KQ and they could have knocked out Jon and been one person closer to the money. Well it wasnít much later then that Jose was knocked out. Maybe it was just a sign for the dumbass play he made lol. He went all in with 99 but Ed, in the big blind, had QQ and called. Nothing hit and we were down to 6. Next out was Matt. Battling a low stack at the final table he called Sherwinís raised. Matt was all in for 13k as the big blind with 77. Sherwin had the QQ this time and flop a Q to end Mattís night as the bubble bitch. We were down to 5; Campbell, Jeff, Ed, Sherwin and Jon. This is where bonehead play number 2 came into play. With Sherwin dealing , and we all know how much he loves to deal, our first two players folded. Sherwin was up next but was in a complete daze, I mean he was not all there. He decides to flip over his cards and call 8k after we told him it was his turn to act. Now no one was all in. He just decided to flip them over. Then Campbell next to act goes all in. Ed as the big blind folds and Sherwin still a little lost decides to call. Everyone there thought Campbell had better but he actually flipped over A6. Sherwin was showing A10. We all start making fun of Campbell and he swears he didnít see Sherwinís cards. I have to believe him but that is still a bone head play not knowing what was going on in the game. We even said to Sherwin, ďwhy are you showing your cards,Ē before Campbell even acted. I canít make this stuff up lol. Well Campbell got lucky as the board showed two pair and their Aces chopped the pot. Well once again that caught up to him as he got really unlucky losing to Jeff. By the way Jeff was really low most of the time playing 5 handed but kept getting lucky against Sherwin to build up his stack. Campbell pushed for 23k with KK. Jeff in the big blind called him for 15k more with 98 suited. Campbell bitched at Jeff for calling him. Jeff said it was an easy call for that much more with the hand I have. Campbell continued to bitch for the next half hour as Jeff hit trips on the flop and knocked Campbell out in 5th. I would have been happy if Jeff called me with that and I had Kings. You just got unlucky but THATíS POKER. Next out was Sherwin. He went all in after the flop for 7k. The board read A45 and Ed called. Ed flipped over 43 and Sherwin flipped over K3. A 9 and then an 8 came and we were down to 3. If you havenít notice I havenít said a word about Jon. He should have been out a long time ago and he literally only won that one hand since then. Jon somehow made it to 3rd but that was as far as his night would go. Ed raise with A9 and Jon put his remaining chips in with 64. The board read 749AA and Edís full house knocked Jon out. Then Ed and Jeff played for about 45 minutes heads up and eventually decided to chop the pot. They both said they did it because I was bitching. I was bitching because every time someone was about to be out they just kept winning. I rather have stayed for another 30 minutes than for you two to chop after playing for 45 minutes. Donít let my bitching stop you from playing. They played one hand and Ed was our PPT #5 2017 Champ

PPT #6 - 3/17/2017

What can I say, Poker still hates me but that is because some douche got lucky, And when i mean lucky he was behind in every hand that he was all in for and caught a card to take out the last three players. We had 17 players come out to the St Patty's Day Bounty Game (Gary Game). We all drank one for Gary. lol not really we just drank because we wanted too. Tony once again had a great quote saying, "I only bluff when I have good cards." Also Ed called out Campbell telling him at the final table the he is seriously better than everyone with the cards that he has in his hand and no one can beat him. Well he really didn't say that but said something close to it in a sarcastic voice. We lost two people early on and they bought back. After that we played for a while and after the break people started falling like flies. Before we knew it Mr. Lew was getting knocked out by my AA to his AK to get the the final table. Right before I did that Frank took out Tony and Matt on the same hand when he shouldn't have even been in it. He called an extra 5k with shit and hit. Oh that's just the beginning of the bullshit that Frank pulled out of his ass all night. And i am calling bullshit. Every move he made was the wrong move but kept on hitting. First out at the final table was Jay O. He didn't have much and called Ed's all in with Q10. Campbell who made the initial raise also called with KJ. Ed had 33. Ed got lucky as hell as he hit a full house on board and Jay was out. Following him was Steve Maldi. He got low and went all in as the big blind with 107 of heart and Mo flipped over 22. Nothing hit for Steve and we were down to 7. After winning that hand Mo could do nothing else as I made a 12.5k raise pre-flop and Mo in the big blind goes all in for 20k plus. I called and flipped over A5. He had Q9. I hit an Ace on the flop and that was it for Mo. Next out was Pete as he only had 1k left and went all in after Campbell made a raise with 77. Pete had 56 but the board was KJQ97. We were rooting for a 10 on the river for chop but it didn't happen. Campbell was like why are you against me, DUH stupid question. Remember Campbell you could do no wrong and no one could do anything right against lol. You get so mad when someone beats you and especially when you get caught bluffing. You cant believe anyone can call you with your bluffs. You feel the legend should get more respect and they should all fold to you. This is the only hand Frank actually was winning pre-flop. He went all in with 44 and Ed in the big blind, who didn't have much behind called without looking at his cards. Ed had 33. Nothing hit and Ed was our bubble bitch. Now is the shit show. Frank pushes and Rudy as the big blind said, "I know you don't have good cards so I am all in." Rudy had a lot less and flipped over 44. Frank had A6 of diamonds. There was only one diamond on the flop but than Frank got runner runner diamond to knock Rudy out in 4th. Then he pushes again later on with A4 and I was in the big blind and called with 66. Of course poker gods hate me and gave Frank an Ace on the flop I had 52k to his 50k so two hands later i was out with J9 to Frank's 68. Frank hit a straight. Finally the last two decided to chop but actually played it out for the bounty. I call that pus.... play but whatever. you played that long, play it out. Well Frank had the chip lead and called Campbell's raise of 20k. the flop was 2310 with the 2 and 3 being hearts. Campbell went all in and Frank called. Campbell flipped over AQ and Frank flipped over 54 of hearts. Campbell turned a Q but Frank being Frank the luckbox hit a 6 of heart on the river to hit a straight flush to win the game. Frank is your PPT #6 winner Alright later everyone see you at Pete's house once again in two weeks

PPT #7 - 3/31/2017

I do not have my diary so this is all coming off the top of my head. We had 15 players show up and it was our usual crowd. The funniest comment of the night went to Ariel as he told Campbell, "Why are you so mad, Chappelle." Ariel didn't know Campbell's real name so he always called him Chappelle. This was the first time we heard it and everyone could not stop laughing. Therefore Campbell's new name in the standings is Chappelle. lol. I believe there were other funny comments but i can not remember them and Pete doesn't want to take a photo of the diary entry. All right back to poker. Once again it didn't take long to get our first rebuy. That distinction went to Jeff. Jeff re-bought and was the first person this year to take it all the way to a victory. After that we lost two people on the same hand and they both re-bought. This was right before the break and we still had 15 at that point. Right afterwards though we lost Ariel with his short stack followed by Tony and Rudy. Keith was one of the two to rebuys and didn't make it much further and was out next. After playing for a little while we then lost Matt on some bullshit. Then the Ariel comment came into play and that may have rattle Campbell. It probably didn't, it was probably someone actually calling his raise or bluff. Campbell gets so mad when he loses or gets knocked out. So when he lost we knew we were at our final table. It took two hands and I was our first victim. Steve Maldi, Central American Friend, and now known as Bigly, took me out with a full house. Not much later after that there was a big hand that Rob took at Mr. Lew and Freddy. I remember there was a flop of Q36 and Mr Lew went all in and Rob called. Freddy who was already all in had Ace rag, Mr. Lew had Q7, but Rob had Q3 and it held up. After that they played a while at 5 handed. The bubble bitch went to our PPT points leader Ed. He had a small pocket pair. But Jeff had a higher one and it held up. He still has a commanding lead but will not be here for the next game. Therefore everyone behind him has a good shot of catching up. Now that we were down to 4, Steve was battling a low stack along with Pete. It was Steve though that eventually was too low that he had to go all in and Rob wound up beating him. Pete was unfortunate and was knocked out in 3rd. We were down to Rob who was once again grimy and Jeff, who i have no words for besides, crushing dreams. They played for a little bit and Rob tried his best to win calling all ins with shitty cards. Rob lost one hand because he was behind but the final hand he was actually ahead with Q2 and Jeff caught the card he needed to take out Rob in 2nd. Jeff was our PPT #7 winner. He has taken his TOC championship and is riding the wave this year with two more wins.

PPT #8 - 4/14/2017

Poker is Poker and every time we play there is always something that makes everyone laugh and good quotes. With a small game because a few people were bitches and a few people had legit excuses, the game was very interesting. Some of the funny quotes of the night were Sherwin saying to Campbell as he was thinking of calling, "Come to me baby," when he felt the chips were coming to him. Lol Then Keith saying to a few people, Sherwin is doing a Campbell on Campbell. Sorry i meant to say Chappelle. The reason for that, is because Sherwin went ballistic on Chappelle when he called Sherwin's all in, which was 3k more then Chappelle's initial raise to 2.4k, and said as he was doing it, "I know i am behind." Chappelle hit his card and Sherwin was knocked out. Keith even told Sherwin, "Alright you have 5 minutes to let it all out. Ok go." Then Sherwin went on a rampage and Keith finally stepped in and said, "Sherwin alright you are done time to go home.' It was funny. Never saw Sherwin so mad. Later on Chappelle said "i have a pretty good stack, well i have more then Pete but less than Ant." when we were playing three handed. Pete goes, "So you are saying you are in the middle. that was tough to figure out." lol. Well back to Poker, I finally won beating Pete heads up, I just Dropped the Mic. See you all next week.

PPT #9 - 4/28/2017

Alright i have started a new losing streak. Lets hope that it is not as long as the last one. I do not remember much from this game since it was about two weeks ago. There were 17 players and it was grimy from the start. We lost our first two players rather quickly and they both re-bought. Since one person did not show we let that stack stay on and it wasn't much longer after the first two were out that Freddy bought the remaining stack. After those first three were out we didn't lose someone for some time. But once they started getting knocked out it was like rapid fire. Tony was the last out before we got to the final table. Freddy went there with the chip lead and never relinquished it. Jose did start off the final table with a mediocre stack but began to hit hands and never looked back. Ariel was up and down but was able to hold on. Finally Matt stayed back and let everyone else get knocked out. With that being said, I was the first person out at the final table, followed by Frank, Chappelle, Pete and bubble bitch Ed. Ariel and Matt thought they were going to be bubble bitch but both were able to do just enough to get in. Ariel was knocked out in 4th when he had to go all in with Ace rag and Jose called with Ace higher. They both hit their Ace but Jose's kicker was better and we were down to three. It wasn't much later that Matt pushed for 18.5k with Q10 and was once again called by Jose with KQ. Jose hit a King on the flop and the rest of the cards did not help Matt and we were down to Freddy and Jose. They decided to chop and since Freddy, was already knocked out of the tourney earlier, Jose took home first place.

PPT #10 - 5/12/2017

I didn't take much notes this time because i was on my way to winning my second PPT event in 3 games. Lol. Seriously i totally forgot to take that the final table hands. What i can say is that Ed ask me to quote him on this. He said,"I am not taking Chappelle out of a tournament again because his chips are bad luck." This was said as he was getting knocked out in 5th place, once again very close to the money. Pete, who was not there, said the next day That i guess a second tier person had to win since the top tier were not there. Meaning him and his dad. We had a small game but it didn't take long until Jose was rebuying. By the way Jose is dedicated to the PPT, he took an Uber to get to the game. Right before the break though we lost Ant and Jeff but since we had an extra stack on the table Jeff was able to rebuy again. Therefore at the break we still had a full game. Once the break came and gone it was time for some knock outs. We lost Ant, Frank, and then Tony P. unfortunately and we were down to our final table. Rudy was fighting a low stack and being card dead for most of the game. It didn't get much better at the final table and he was knocked out in 9th. Matt and I went to the final table with only about 5k in chips but I was able to overcome it while Matt went all in with K10 to Chappelle AQ. Chappelle hit an Ace on the flop and it was over. Then we played for a while until we finally got our infamous Legend blow up. He got beat on a hand that he was not happy with the person calling him all the way to the river. Then maybe on tilt he pushed with AJ and Ed in the big blind called it with 44. Nothing hit and the legend was out in 7th. He stood there in silence for a while and then left without saying good bye. Sneaky. Mike V. was battling a low stack when it was 5 handed and he finally had to go all in with mediocre cards and lost to Jose. We were down to 5. This is were Ed eventually pushed with a good hand but someone had better and we were down to 4. The bubble bitch distinction went to grimy Rob. Always trying to slow play pocket Kings or AK eventually got caught playing grimy and finished in 4th. We were down to Jeff, Jose, and Myself. I already took home 1st place points due to these two already being knocked out early. It was all about the money. Jeff finished in 3rd as I took him out with a good hand. Then the first hand heads up Jose raised and i went all in with 66. He called me with K2 and my 6's held up. I took over the chip lead from there and never looked back. we played for about another 15 minutes and he eventually pushed with A10. Once again I had 66 and called. The flop was 1065 giving me a set and him top pair. The turn was an Ace giving him some outs but the river was and 8 and I was your PPT #10 winner. See you all next week.

PPT #11 - 5/26/2017

I don't want to talk about it. But i will do my duty and provide you with a diary entry. I played like shit and was out early. Worst i played in while so I am not happy. We had 16 players show up and were missing one notably as he is recovering from knee replacement surgery. Tony P is doing well and can not sit still so he is up and moving around. It didn't take long until we lost Jeff and then lost him again not much further in the game. He went on a flush draw that didn't hit and he was buying back in. Rudy was the second out and also re-bought. As we played for a while we eventually lost Freddy and then Frank. Frank lost on some bullshit and it was to Chappelle. He once again justified his play but if someone did that to him he would go ballistic. Lets just say the only move you can make against Campbell is to fold to any bet he makes. Any other thing you do he will be angry that you called him. Then i was knocked out running into AA and then Ariel didn't follow much later. He got unlucky against Jose as his KK got cracked by Jose's 44 when he hit a 4 on the flop. Right after Ariel was knocked out Jeff was knocked out again. We were down to 11 and then Jose once again pull a rabbit out of his ass as he hit a Jack on the flop when he was holding AJ to Ed's AQ. We were down to 10 and Rudy was once again knocked out to get us to our final table. Not to many hands into the final table we lost a newbie in Larry. Pete raised preflop and Larry called. The flop was low and Larry pushed. Pete call for 15k and flipped over KK. Larry flipped over 66 and did not hit a 6. Pete a few hands earlier was bitching he was going to be knocked out first at the final table and now was one of the chip leaders. Next out was Chappelle. Of course he got mad when he went all in and was called by Mike Vida. Vida flipped over 1010 and Chappelle had K10. He flopped a gut shot straight draw needing a Jack but missed it on the turn and river. Next out was Mr. Lew as he pushed with A8 for 13.5 and Jose called with AQ. Jose hit a queen on the flop and it was all over. We were down to six and Kerri was battling a low stack most of the time. She did hit on her AK twice at the final table to stay alive, even though she says she never wins with it. But her luck ran out and had to go all in for 3k as the small blind. Mike hit a 7 on the flop while she only hit a 4 and nothing else hit for her. Rob was our bubble bitch this week as he went all in with AK for 25k and was called by Tom with KK. Nothing was higher than a queen and we were down to the money. Mike was happy to be in but said his girlfriend was bitching that he was not with her. So he pushed with 72 against JJ and did not hit anything. He finished in the money and came in 4th. Next out was Pete as Jose called big blind as the small blind for 6k, and then Pete went all in for another 12k more. Jose called again with J4 off suit to Pete's QQ. Jose flopped two jacks and Pete was not a happy camper coming in third. Tom and Jose decided to chop the money but had to play for points. They played for about 15 minutes and Jose went all in with J10 to Tom's AQ. He hit a Jack and took a demanding chip lead. The next hand Tom was all in and Jose called with 88 to Tom's Q3. Nothing hit and Jose was our PPT #11 2017 winner

PPT #12 - 6/9/2017

Sorry this has taken a while but i had to say good bye to my laptop last week. So standings will not be out until i get my data transfer to my new computer. About a month ago we had 16 players show up with three newbies in Darin, Julie, and Dan. It didnt take long before we lost someone in Jose as he lost to a newbie with his full house sixes over nines to Julie's nines over sixes. Jose rebought and literally was the next person out about 45 mintues later from Julie again. After that we lost a newbie in Darin who also bought back and rode it all the way to 3rd place. It took a while until we lost some more people but when it happen it happen in a flurry. Ed, Tony, Ariel, Pete, and Rob follow suit. Then Jeff who had a big stack eventually kept losing it and losing it and losing it until he was knocked out as our bubble bitch to the final table. Within the first hand we lost Julie as her Q9 could not catch aginst Rudy as he was holding a Ace and hit an Ace on the flop. After that Mr. Lew was carrying a small stack and was all in with A8 and Rudy called with 1010 and his 10s held up. Next out was another newbie in Dan who lost to Steve E's K10. Then it was the legends turn to lose and as usual was not happy about it as he stood in silence and then walked out without saying goodbye. He was all in for 22k and Rudy, who initally raised to 15k, called with K10 to his 99. The flop was 10JQ and when the A came on the turn it was all over as a 7 hit the river. It was bubble bitch time for the money and that distinction went to me. Matt was sitting with only 3k but was dealer and i was big blind. In the small blind Steve went all in with 44 and I called for my 19k with AQ suited. The board was all low and his 4's held up. Maybe three hands later Matt was all in with K9 to Steve's K10 and Steve hit a flush to knock Matt out in 4th. Darin was next as he had not many chips left and was all in with 42 to Rudy's A6 and nothing hit the board. They played for a while heads up and Rudy made it close at one point. He could not take over the chip lead from Steve. Steve was hitting everything he needed at the final table and his hands would hold up. Eventually he called Rudy's all in with J9 as Rudy was holding 33. Rudy was looking good all the way until the river which was a JAck and Rudy was out in 2nd. Steve Espino was PPT #12 2017 Champion.

PPT #13 - 6/23/2017

This may have been the grimiest game of the year because Evans and Rob were playing and went real far in it. We had a person win for the first time in a long time too. With 16 players it was an interesting game. We had some more newbies in Dave, Nick, and Amanda. Amanda was our first person out as she called Pete's all in wiht KK to his AA. From there Pete was on a mission. Next out was Mr. Lew and before we could say goodbye he was up the stairs and out the door. He was not happy with Rob hitting his two outer on him. Frank was then knocked out by ME and re-bought. Darin was next out and re-bought and within 10 minutes he was out again. Steve this week was not hitting as much and was out next followed by Rudy, Frank again and Nick. This got us to our final table. It didnt take long until i screwed up and was knocked out first at the final table. I raised pre flop and was called by two people. The flop came AQQ and before I could stop myself I went all in with AK. Well I was call by Dave with AQ and i did not hit the remaining A to stay in the game. Jose was low and was out next as he did not hit his cards. Next out was Ed as grimy Evans called his all in with J9 suited with two clubs on the board. Ed flipped over the low pair which was a 2. The river was a Jack giving Evans a higher pair and we were down to 6. This is where the grimiest play of the year came and of course it came from Evans. The Legend and Evans were the blinds and they saw a flop of 866. Chappelle checked and Evans bet 4k. Chappelle went all in for another 12.5 more. Evans thought about it for a little and then called. He flipped over J2. Yes that is right J2 no draws what-so-ever. Well the turn was a King but the river was a Jack and you had to see the face that the Legend made. Lets just say he let Evans know that it was a bad call lol. We were down to 5. The newbie Dave then got caught twice in hands where his opponent was holding AA. He went from chip leader to being out as the bubble bitch. Tony, getting his first cash, came in fourth as he was battling a low stack most of the final table and was knocked out by Pete. Pete was playing a quiet but well played game. It was probably because he was up and down the stairs quite often at the final table lol. He took out the most important, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place, people on his way to the win. Rob was next out as he kept losing hands to Pete. Eventually with a board that read 66K72, Rob called Petes all in. Rob flipped over 107 but Pete flipped over 63 for trips and we were down to two. Evans had a slight chip lead and we all knew he would eventually give it up early and he did. They played for about 25 minutes and it was once again Evans grimy play that cost him the chance to win. Pete raised to 25k pre flop and Evans decides to push for 40k with 92 off suit. Pete easily calls with AQ. The flop was A87 and the turn was a 2 giving Evans some hope but the river was another 8 giving Pete the PPT #13 2017 win.

PPT #14 - 7/7/2017

What can i say that hasn't been said before. Frank is a luckbox and sometimes i wonder what he is thinking when he plays. Oh and Steve hit every hand he needed to early and at the end. With that said we had 15 players tonight. It didn't take long until we had our re-buys both bought and both of those guys getting knocked out again. Along with Freddy and Jeff were Keith Mr. Lew and Ed and the Poker Legend who saw early exits. Some ridiculing others or not saying a word and just walking out when they were ousted. The question that was on everyone's mind though was, If Mrs. P called Frank's all in for 1100 more while sitting with over 35k with 63 would she have knocked out Frank with his A7? This was still early enough that we had two tables. We kept nagging her about it and Kerri was bitching at everyone to stop. But me being an ass, I continue to rag my mother about not calling him. I only did it because Luckbox knocked me out. After the Legend Chappelle got knocked out we were down to our final table. The first one out was Rudy. Unfortunately for Rudy he was facing the second largest stack in Steve while he was holding the third highest stack. Rudy made a marginal raise and big blind Steve called. The flop was AK10 and Steve checked and then Rudy made it 1600. Steve called. The turn was a 5 and Steve bet 5k. Rudy shoved for 18k total and Steve called. Rudy flipped over K10 and Steve flipped over QJ. Rudy did not hit a 10 or a King on the River and he was out to Steve's straight. I of course bitched, saying why couldn't that happen for me at the WSOP. Same exact hand but the lady hit her third 10 on the turn to hit a full house and knock me out. Next out was a double knock out. Tony P. and Pete were the victims. Pete was pretty much all in as big blind with about 1500 more and Tony was all in for 7k. Steve called Tony. Steve flipped over AJ. Tony flipped over AQ and Pete flipped over 56. The flop was Q107 giving my dad the lead. But of course Steve, once again, gets the card he needs on the turn with a K to hit a straight. The river was a meaningless 3 and two more people were out. I was trying to figure out who was luckier, Steve or Frank, anyone have an answer. Then Frank goes all in with 77 when i had AQ and of course i missed giving Frank a much needed double up. Not many hands later i was first to act and went all in for 8500 with KQ. Frank two players later with still 3 players behind him to act, debates for a little and goes all in for the same amount. Everyone else folds and Frank flipped over A4 suited. I usually don't get that mad when i lose but I was pretty piss on his play. He justified it by saying it was sutied and he thought i had KQ. Bullshit Frank you thought i had KQ. Did you not realize there were 3 other people behind you still to act. He didn't say anything after that. He hit his Ace on the flop and i was out. Matt being the bubble bitch King this year was our bubble bitch once again. He lost to Frank heads up and we were down to our money players, Kerri, Doris, Frank, and Steve. Of course you haven't heard much of me talking about the ladies because they just maintained their stacks as Steve and Frank were knocking everyone out. Doris was pretty much all in as big blind and was called by Frank with KQ to her Q3. Frank hit a King on the flop and we were down to three. They played three handed awhile with Kerri battling a small stack. But she kept getting the hands she needed to stay alive. Once again though it is the hand that dooms her all the time that knocked her out. Kerri was all in with AK for 20k to Franks J10. The board read 107864 and Kerri was out in 3rd. Right after that Steve and Frank chopped and we had to play one last hand. Steve hit and he was our PPT #14 2017 champion.

PPT #15 - 7/21/2017

I have no words for this night. It was an ugly game and it was won by a grimy player. Probably the grimiest but he relishes in it. an Anonymous source said, "Rob is a Douche." That pretty much somes up the night. But before i begin lets just say another funny thing that happen was frank was actually quiet but was bitching at Jeff to shut up. Also Frank was getting so mad at Jeff for being in every hand and raising. One hand it was Jeff's turn and he raised again and Frank who was sitting right after him got mad and said, "Do you ever fold." Never seen someone so mad on someone raising lol. At another table they were talking about Pete and Mr. Lew being family and in a hand against each other. Ryan goes, he could be my dad, are you into drunk red heads. Yup Ryan was making fun of his mom. Ok back to the game. We had 15 players but it may have felt like there were only a few. It was just that kind of night. We got to our final table by Rob calling a min raise pre-flop with 93 and hitting a 9 and a 3 on the flop to take out Jeff in 10th. Pete was first out as he went all in with AQ for 5800 when Steve raised. Steve called with 1010 and nothing higher than a 9 came out. Then it was grimy Rob the rest of the night for the most part. He just kept getting monster hands and would slow play them. He also hit most of them and took a lot of people out. first and second up were both Frank and Sherwin as Rob slowed played KK and both went all in on the flop. The flop was AK8 so Rob easily called and nothing else hit. Sherwin had A5 and Frank had K7. We were down to six. Next out was Chappelle who decided to push with 107 of diamonds and Rob called from small blind with 88. Chappelle did hit a 10 but Rob also hit a third 8 to knock Campbell is out in sixth. We were down to our bubble bitch spot. They played for a while but all you need to know is Ryan said. "Fucking bubble." and we were down to 4. Again grimy Rob slowed play a pocket pair. Rob called with AA and Ryan was in with 66. The flop was 857 and Ryan went all in. Rob called and turn an Ace and Ryan missed his straight on the river when another 8 came out. We were down to 4, Rob, Keith, Mr. Lew, and Steve. Keith was our first out when again Rob hit trips with a pocket pair. The flop was 10104. Rob checked and Keith went all in to try and steal the pot. Well Rob had 44 and we didn't even see Keith's hand. The two remaining cards did not help Keith and we were down to 3. Rob then called Mr. Lew's all in with 99 to his 22. The flop was 555 and the turn and river did not give Mr. Lew the two remaining twos to win. We were down to 2. The play for a little but again Rob hit three of a kind to win the game. Steve was all in with 63 and Rob called with Q10. The board read 1098103 and Rob was our PPT #15 winner. Terrible See you all Friday for the Gary Game

PPT #16 - 8/4/2017

I got no words for what happen tonight. Lets just say there were only four people who knocked people out tonight. Jeff 5 Rob 5 Chappelle 4 and Julie 1. Yeah that is exactly how the game went. Julie made it to the final table but was knocked out in 9th. Campbell lost to Jeff when Jeff hit a four of a kind and Campbell looked like he was going to set my parents house on fire. He was so mad it was funny once again. He finished in 6th. As you can tell it came down to Jeff and Rob. Rob was going for his second win in a row. Rob again was hitting all the cards he needed to get to this point and it took a three outer for him to win once again. Jeff was all in with 1010 and Rob called with A7. The flop was 9JA and Rob took the lead. Then another A on the turn gave him trips. The river was a 6 and Rob was our PPT #16 champion. It was ugly but he won his second in a row. Who is going to come out and try to keep Rob from winning 3 in a row.

PPT #17 - 8/18/2017

Pete didn't even play and still has a 10 point lead on me. He even has played 3 less games then me. But i will say, and Rob and Keith can attest to this, my cards were complete shit all night and i was basically blinded out. Even when i tried to play and bluff I go caught each time. It was an early night for me. With that said we had 15 players tonight. Frank was the first and third out of the night and Ryan was the second and seventh out. Those were our two buy backs which happen during the last blind before the break. After the break though people began to drop like flies. First it was Frank for the second time, then Rudy, Ed, Mike P., and myself. We were down to 10 and just waiting to for one more out to get to our final table. Well one person at each table got knocked out in the same hand and we were down to 8 at our final table. Before i talk about the final table Keith was up and down all night and finally was knocked out in 9th. With that place he moved back into the top 16 eleven points in front of Kerri. It didn't take long as Tony was battling a low stack and had to be all in with 82. Billy had AK and went all in to leave it heads up. Billy hit a King on the flop and Tony hit an 8 but nothing else hit and Tony finished in 8th. Finally Grimy Rob did not win and finished in 7th as he had to go all in with J8 to Freddy's AQ. Nothing hit and Freddy took down the pot. Julie just called pre-flop and Karen was also in. I do not know if any of them were blinds but the flop came KQ10 of spades. They were both all in and Karen flipped over A9 with the 9 being a spade and Julie flipped over A10 with the A being a spade. Karen was drawing to 3 Jacks and 3 nines but none of them hit and we were down to 5. Karen was a little upset wondering why Julie didn't raise pre-flop and Julie told her she wanted to be nice to her. There are no friends in poker you play to win. It was bubble bitch time and i am officially changing the name to Bubble Matt bitch. This game was his 4th time this year as the bubble bitch. Matt pushed for 7k with A3 and was called by the big blind Julie with Q6. A 6 hit the board and Matt was out. It didn't take long to lose another, as Dan was knocked out a couple of hands later by Julie when Dan went all in after the flop. Dan had J8 but Julie had KJ with the flop showing KQ10. No Ace or 9 on the turn or river ended Dan's night in 4th. A few hands later, Billy decided after the flop of 1075 to push all in for his remaining 18k. Freddy called quickly and flipped over J10. Billy had 95 and did not hit a 9 or another 5 and finished in 3rd. Julie and Freddy decided to chop the pot since they were really close in chips. Julie wanted to continue to play for points but eventually settle for playing best 2 out of 3. Well Freddy won two straight hands and was our PPT #17 2017 champ. See you all in two weeks at Pete's house.

PPT #18 - 9/1/2017

I hate poker. The game does not like me as of right now. But I will continue to come back week after week and will not stop lol. We had 15 players tonight and the rebuys went quick. I will give you one guess who bought back first. If you guess Jeff than you are correct. He goes big or goes home, well in the case he goes for the rebuy. I was told that the diary has been lacking and all I can say is that I havenít receive many good quotes from people lately. Also I was not happy with my poker the last few games so I was not paying attention. Frank has been quiet so he hasnít been saying any dumb things lately but when I said that he has been quiet, Jeff goes, ďThatís because he is sexually frustrated.Ē We got the, ďPete didnít deserve it,Ē quote tonight a few times and ďPimpin for PokerĒ With that being said lets get back to poker. Jeff was first out followed by Freddy who also rebought. After that Mr. P had a real earlier exit and then Steve follow. We were down to 13 before the break and right after it we lost Ariel and Rob. We played at 10 for a while and then Tom was knocked out to get us to the final table. This all happen with blinds only at 400-800. I believe that is the lowest blinds we ever had starting a final table. It didnít take long before we lost our first victim and that was Chappelle. He was not happy as usually but you canít complain that someone called you with AQ suited to your 99. But somehow Campbell finds a way. If this was a cartoon he would have smoke coming out of his ears, nose, and he eyes would be spinning around and around. Itís too funny watching when he gets knocked out. Picture of Campbell below. Not too long after that Freddy pushed for 15k with blinds at 600-1200. I decided to call and right after me Dan pushed too. Everyone else folded and we were playing three handed. Freddy had 66 Dan QQ and I had AK suited. The board went 44246 and Freddy caught his trips on the river to knock both Dan and I out. I honestly went over to click both Dan and I off in 7th and 6th and when I turned around Freddy was getting up and was knocked out for the second time. The flop came Q78 and they both checked. The turn was a 10 and Freddy led out with a small bet but then Mr. Lew re-raised to 10k. Freddy went all in and Mr. Lew called. Freddy flipped over Q8 but Mr. Lew had J9 for the straight. The river was meaningless and we were down to 5. They played for a while at 5 and it was Julie who got knocked out as our bubble bitch. Julie was low stacked and was all in and Mr. Lew called. I cannot remember the hand just that Mr. Lew knocked her out. We were down to our money players in Ed, Pete, Frank and Mr. Lew. Pete was low stacked but kept grinding it out. Ed decided to make up the name for someone who keeps grinding, THE PETE. The NAT is still Mattís name along with Bubble Matt bitch. It took one hand where things really changed for the better for Pete but not for Ed and Frank. Frank raised to 12k and Pete went all in. Ed followed by also going all in and Frank immediately called. Everyone figure they had the best hand but Pete was the one with it. Pete flipped over AA, Ed QQ, and Frank JJ. Yes Jonathan Cruz, jacks do lose. Nothing hit the board and Ed was out in 4th and Frank was really short stack. Frank of course tells me once again that he had to do it. Of course you had to do it you had JJ and were already in for 12k. The very next hand Frank was all in with 109 and Mr. Lew called with Q9. Mr. Lew hit a Q on the turn and we were down to father and son. When you are hot at the final table like the two of them were, it was a matter of time they would be heads up. They played for about 30 minutes where Pete got a couple of suck outs to take the chip lead. Mr. Lew was down to 18k and went all in with 73. Pete called with A5. The board read 25324 and Pete, with the straight, was our PPT #18 winner.

PPT #19 - 9/15/2017

I Hate poker. That's all you need to know about my night. We had our biggest game at Petes House with 22 players. It was cramp and I will say again, When we are at his house you ask him questions not me. It is not my house. lol With that being said Julie was first out and rebought and then our usual suspect, who always comes with 80 dollars, Jeff was out second and rebought. Matt was the last of the three rebuys. After that we began to lose players rather quickly, First was a newbie in Marty McFly and then Darin. Right after that we had our resident pissy face knocked out in Chappelle. Next to follow were Rudy, Kevin, Tony P, Victor, Matt again, Stan, Rob, Dan, Mr. Lew. We were down to 10. With only one more player to get us to the final table it was just a matter of time with some of our short stacks. It so happen that two players, one from each table, were knocked out, Joe and Frank, to get us down to 8. At the final table it was Ed with most of the money and everyone else. Jeff was the first victim of Ed when he pushed with A9 after Ed raised it to 10k with 66. The flop gave Jeff the lead, as it was J49 but the turn was one of Ed's two outs 6. The river was a meaningless J and Jeff was knocked out in 8th. Not much longer I went all in after looking at one card which was a K since i already had 3k in and only had 5.5k. Well my other card was another K but as per usual for me someone, in this case Freddy, had AA. Nothing hit the board and i was out in 7th. Pete who is the grinder, tried it again but this time it did not work for him with his low stack. He was all in with 54 against Steve's Q5 and Ed's 44. Nothing hit the board and Ed won with 44. Pete was our Matty Bubbly bitch as we were down to our final five money winners. They played a while at 6 handed but once Pete was out, they began to drop like flies. Ariel was literally all in two hands later. Ed raise to 10k and Ariel pushed for 14k. Ed called and flipped over KQ to Ariel's A5. Ed hit two pair on the turn and we were down to 4. Next out was Julie as she was all in for 29k with KJ and was called with AQ. Nothing higher than a 10 on the board and we were down to 3. Not much later Steve was all in with A3. Ed called with 77 and once again no one hit the board and we were down to Ed and Freddy. Ed had a huge chip lead but they decide to do a semi chop and played best two out of three for the win. Ed won both hands and he was our PPT #19 winner. See you all later tonight.

PPT #20 - 9/29/2017

All you need to know is the man, the myth, the I play shitty cards and win it's a great play but if you do it against me you are the WORST player ever, Chappelle Campbell won. SEE you all friday

PPT #21 - 10/13/2017

A newbie, named Marty, said to me at the final table as he was watching from the sideline. Ant, you are not going to win, because you have the worst luck. Well he was right with that quote. Poker does not like me. Also to answer the polls Rob no one farts more than you at games and Julie, I have one question for you. "Do you breathe." I thought my sister talks the most but I think you have taken the crown. lol We had 21 players tonight and the man who won last time was the first one out this week. Yes that is right Chappelle Campbell was out first and did not rebuy. It took until the last blind before the break until we got our usual suspect to rebuy the JW Rebuy seat in Jeff. Shit the seat is named after him. Then right after the break we lost our second in Maldi, who we allowed to rebuy, since we didn't go through the three we had allocated to the game. With 20 players left and blinds at 300-600 they began to fall like flies. We lost Rob maybe 3 minutes later after Maldi, and then it was Ariel, Freddy, Dan, Jeff again, Marc, Steve E, Maldi again, Ed, and then Rudy. With 10 players left we were just waiting on one to get knocked out to get us to the final table. Pete was battling the low stack for quite some time and eventually he was our bubble to the final table. We got to the final table and I had the chip lead that i made even bigger when Frank went all in for 20k and Tony debated for a little and called for 20k. I already made it 9k with JJ and put Tony P all in for his last 10k, He flipped over QQ and Frank flipped over AQ. I did not believe my dad had that good of a hand since he was debating on folding. He deserve to have won this hand but he has bad luck like me. The flop was 795 but the turn was a J and the river was a meaningless A and we lost Frank in 9th and Tony P in 8th. Mr. Lew could not get cards the whole final table and was blinded out to the point he was all in for less then the big blind as the big blind with 54. He had two callers and Vic hit a J on the flop and nothing else hit for Mr. Lew. Marty was next as he pushed for 8k with J10. I was big blind for 6k and called 2k more with K4. The board read A9476 and my pair of 4's won the hand. Marty was our Matty Bubbly bitch as the final five got paid. Vic was our first out in 5th place when he was all in for 15k with A5 and Julie called from the big blind with Q7 for only 7k more. She hit a 7 on the turn and we were down to 4. We played four handed for a while and Gazzo kept hitting when he was all in as the low stack. Finally though, him and I were in a hand as big and small blind. The flop was 532. We both checked. The turn was a 6 and we both chekced again. the river was another 5 and Gazzo bet out 12k. I put him all in and he called. He flipped over 63 for two pair but i flipped over 74 for the straight. We were down to three and Victor pretty much had to go all in for 20k with blinds at 6-12k. Julie put him all in and they flipped there cards. Julie hit her low pair and Victor was out in 3rd. Earlier I almost had Julie out when i called her all in with K10 to her 77. I hit a 10 on the flop but of course she hit runner runner diamonds to hit a four card flush to stay alive. Now that we were heads up i thought my luck would change as i did get lucky when i called her all in with A9 to her A10. I hit two nines on the flop and took a commanding chip lead. But that is where my luck stopped. I called her all in with A5 to her K8. Of course she hit a K on the turn and took the chip lead. Then two hands later she went all in again with AK and i called with KK. This time she was holding two clubs and one was on the flop. Well she once again got runner runner clubs and Julie was our PPT #21 winner. Take care and I will see you all in two weeks.

PPT #22 - 10/27/2017

I decided to say the poker gods don't hate me, they just love me enough to make me feel good and then kick me right in the balls at the worse time and laugh. We had our largest game of the year with 27 people and there were a few funny quotes along the way. Frank said he was going to dress up like a poker player. Rob goes" So that is a nice change of pace for you." Frank also called Chik-fil-a as Chik Filla. Frank being Frank Zaitz It took some time to have someone knocked out first and it was someone that hasn't been all year. That distinct went to Pete and he rebought. Marc follow not much further and he also rebought. Then we hit break and that was it for our rebuys. Not to much after the break we began to lose people left and right. It went Ant Gazzo, Norman, Pete again, Rudy, Ed, Ariel and this was all within the first 30 minutes after the break. Then it went Tony, Frank who was knocked out by Ryan. Ryan wanted me to mention this, Charlie, and Jeff. Only reason Jeff didn't have to rebuy is because he came over an hour late and still had a lot of chips. Marty, Marc again, Matt, Rob, Doris, and Julie, who also was knocked out by Ryan and she was not happy about, were the next to follow. With blinds at $1000-$2000 we were down to 11. Chappelle made it 10 left and of course he made a big stink about it. Giving us his famous shrug and facial gestures. We were finally down to bubble bitch to the final table and that went to Kerri. Finally we were at our final table and with blinds as high as they were it was a lot of all ins. The first person to lose their all in was Victor. He pushed with 29k and was called by Maldi with JJ. Victor had AQ suited spades. The flop was 1096 with two spades giving Victor a flush draw but the turn and river were 3, 3 and not one of them were a spade. Vikas was next as he went all in for 5k and Jon was also all in for 21k. Vikas flipped over J9 to Jon's A2. Nothing higher than an 8 came out and we were down to 7. Not far after that I ran into a hand against Jon that i did not deserve. I pushed with K10 with only the big blind left in Jon who flipped over AA. The flop was QJ6 giving me the straight draw. The turn was a 9 giving me the straight and the final card was a meaningless 5. Jon's aces got cracked and we were down to 6. We were now all in the money. Since Ryan was low he pushed with J10 for 24k and Mr Lew also pushed with JJ for 36k. The board read 32QKQ. Ryan almost hit the straight but did not get lucky enough. This is were it really turned for Mr. Lew. I was at his table for most of the night and honestly he had 14 hands in a row were he didn't have a face card. He had to go a long time not playing and just sitting back. Eventually for him it turn for the better at the final table. Maybe three to five hands later Steve Espino was all in with J5 and was called by someone with 69. That someone hit a 9 on the flop and knocked out Steve in 5th. That someone was either Mr. Lew or Maldi, I just don't know who. Next out was Dan as he pushed with Q10 to Mr. Lew's AJ. The flop had two jacks on it and it was all over when the turn did not help Dan in any way. We were down to Mr. Lew, Maldi, and myself. This is where poker likes to kick me in the balls after showing me some love. I thought with the luck I had against Jon it was going to be my night. Well Mr. Lew raised to 60k and i went all in for 80k+. He called and flipped over A10. I flipped over AQ. The flop came KJ10 giving me Broadway. I thought I was good. But the turn was another King, giving Mr. Lew two pairs. Then the dagger came when another 10 on the river gave Mr. Lew a full house and I was out in third. The very next hand Steve was all in with 105 to Mr. Lew K4 for 60k. The board read 59K62 and with the pair of Kings, Mr. Lew was our PPT #22 2017 winner.

PPT #23 - 11/10/2017

Since this person does not deserve a write up I was going to just say Chappelle Won and that's all you need to know. But instead I decided that the people want more, I will give them more. Not because Chappelle wanted a better write up. We had 17 players tonight and before i even showed up to the game, Rob was already out and rebought. When i did get there it might have been like 20 minutes later that Mr. Lew was rebuying. And since Pete decided to set up 18 stacks instead of 17, because he thought someone else was coming, we had one more stack. That stack went to Rudy maybe 10 minutes after Mr. Lew was out. Everyone was shocked that it wasn't Jeff who was rebuying. We even said we were shocked last game too. He goes, "I could have and I was thinking about it." Also during this time, Julie got mad at someone calling and Ed from my table called her out saying you are trying to implement the Campbell Rule. The rule is, if Campbell is in a hand you are suppose to fold. lol. Another funny quote came from Matt calling Ariel, Jeff Jr. since he was raising every hand. Well we made it to break with everyone still in the game. But right after the break we lost Julie, Matt, Vikas, and Ariel within the first 40 minutes. Then right after that we lost Frank and Stan. We were down to 10 and it was Dan battling a low stack that succumb to the poker gods and was next knocked out. We were down to the final table. The first hand we had our first victim at the final table in Pete. He was first to act and call for 2k. Jeff also called and the big blind Mr Lew checked. The flop came K53 and Mr. Lew checked. Pete pushed for his remaining 5k and Jeff called. Mr Lew folded. Pete flipped over K10 and he thought he was looking good. But Jeff flipped over KJ and the turn and river were an 8 and a 2, knocking Pete out in 9th. Next out was Mr. Lew. Mr. Lew called for 2k and when it came to Chappelle, he raised to 7k. Mr. Lew called. The flop came 823 and Mr. Lew shipped in quick for 6.5k. Chappelle having a stack decides to call because he had two overs from the flop. Mr. Lew flipped over K8 for top pair and Chappelle flipped over Q10. The turn was a 10 giving Chappelle the higher pair and the river was a meaningless 3. We were down to 7 and after one hand we were down to 5. Ed just lost a big hand prior to this and shipped for 4.5k. Rudy called, but meant to actually go all in, Rob then called, and Jeff then raised it to 22k. Rudy went all in for less and Rob folded. Ed flipped over 109, Rudy had A9, and Jeff had AQ. The board read AK35Q. Jeff's two pair were good enough to take down the pot and knock two people out. We were down to bubble bitch and that went to me. I was battling a short stack at the final table and somehow made it this far. I was all in with 102 from the big blind for 6k on blinds of 2-4k and only the small blind Chappelle was in with me with his 65. The flop came KJ3 which gave me hope but there were two cards left to be shown. It didn't take long as the turn was a 5 and the river was a 7 giving Chappelle a pair of fives and the win. We were down to our money winners in Marty, Rob, Chappelle, and Jeff. Yes there could not be more of a grimy final four left. lol. It was Marty who was our 4th place winner. Chappelle raised 12k more pre-flop and Marty called. The flop came 25K and Marty went all in with not much like 6k and Chappelle called. Marty flipped over QJ and Chappelle flipped over A4. The turn was a 3 and the river was an Ace. Chappelle's pair of Aces were good enough and we were down to three. Then they played for more than 45 minutes three handed as each one took their turn being low stack and getting the much needed double up to stay in the game. Finally it was Jeff as the lowest stack to push pre-flop for 29k on 6-12k blinds. Now Rob was the one beating him three handed and he even told Rob he should call because he has been beating him all night. With that being said Rob decided to call. Jeff flipped over Q5 suited to Rob's J7. The board read 827A9 and Rob's pair of sevens were good enough to knock out Jeff in third. The final two played about 6 to 7 hands when Rob decided to make a stupid move and was called. Chappelle raised to 37k and Rob pushed for 85k. Chappelle took one second and called and flipped over A4. Rob flipped over K6. It took the first card to end things as it was an Ace followed by an 8, 10, 7 and another Ace giving Chappelle the PPT #23 2017 victory.

PPT #24 - 11/24/2017

I really don't want to write this one because like most night I was not a winner. There really were only two times this year i didn't mind writing these. lol This one stinks even more because i had my earliest exit in a while as the blinds were only 150-300. My Aces were no good against sixes as Rudy hit a 6 on the flop. Well lets start at the beginning. Everything was right in the poker world again when Jeff was the first out and re-bought. Ed and Steve E followed next and we had our 3 re-buys before we even got to 150-300 blinds. Since Campbell was knocked out at another table when Steve was knocked out we had a 4th re-buy. No much later after that I was knocked out. Ok we are back to the present. After i was out Freddy followed next. This got us to break and down to two tables with 19 left. Did i mention this sucked watching from the sidelines. I hated every minute of it but being commish I did my duty diligently. lol While they were playing Kerri asked, How many points do you get for first place. Chappelle reply, "Only one person knows but every week the Poker gods hate him yet he is in first place hmmmm." Good one Campbell. Well the Poker Gods got me an also took out Pete, Dan, Tony, Chappelle again, Jeff Again, Marty, Karen, and Victor. This got us to 10 and it was Jose, who finally came back after a long layoff, that was bubble to the final table. I was running around doing things and completely missed how the first two people got knocked out. Mr. Lew was the first out followed by Maldi. Then Stan pushed for 21k with JJ but unfortunately for him Frank, who was hitting a lot of hands at the final table, had QQ. Nothing hit the board and we were down to six. This got us to the bubble bitch but it took some time before we got that person. Frank, Ariel, and Julie had good stacks. It was Kerri, Rudy, and Ed that were battling the low stack. Ed did hit a few hands to get his stack up to a good amount. Rudy and Kerri on the other hand, didn't. The problem was that the blinds were getting higher and Rudy's stack was getting lower. He called pre-flop for 3k and Kerri went all in for 18k. Julie snapped all in and Rudy eventually went all in too for a total of 15k. Kerri flipped over 99. Julie AK, and Rudy A10. The board read KQ454 and Julie knocked out both Kerri and Rudy with a pair of Kings. Since Kerri had more she finished in the money and Rudy was our bubble bitch. They played four handed for a bit and Ed was getting low. He pushed with J10 and was called by Frank with Q10. This board read AK559 and Frank's Q was good enough to knocked Ed out in 4th. Ariel, Frank, and Julie decided to chop most of the money but played out for the remaining amount. Ariel was our third place finisher as he pushed after the river with Q3 to Frank's A5 and Frank hit two pair to knock him out. I believe Julie and Frank decided to just go all in on the very next hand and Julie had Q10 to Franks K10. Frank hit four diamonds on the board to hit a flush and win PPT #24. Congrats everyone see you later tonight.

PPT #25 - 12/8/2017

Where do I start with this one. lol. We had our first ever PPT Sleepover to the dismay of Pete. He was not a happy camper about this. But I will say it was pretty funny watching a grown man hover over a garbage can while on all fours. I stayed as long as I could but 2:15 rolled around and I was getting tired. Before I get into the game, I have some more about this situation. Pete actually had to send a text to his wife and Ty that night that said this exactly, "Hey Just a heads up, this foreigner got wasted and although I want to I can't let him drive home now. Just giving u a heads up if you run into him." I can't make this shit up. Also Pete's daughter Kayla went down stairs to play the next morning and was scared of the person who was sleeping down their. She goes to Pete, "Dad u guys played poker aaaalllllll night long?" Funny thing too is Marty must of told everyone that they were good people during the game. It was funny but not in Pete's eyes. The monitoring police will be out next game if he comes because we will not have a repeat performance. Might have to throw the flag if I see him drinking lol. Ok back to the game. We had 22 players tonight and it didn't take long until we had our first rebuy. No it wasn't Jeff it was actually Chappelle. He of course was not happy about it but shit happens. Literally as I was getting him chips Mr. Lew got knocked out and rebought. Even though Jeff was 5th out he was able to rebuy due to Freddy and Steve Espino not buying back in. We played for a while and then we lost Maldi, Julie, and Tony right before the break. During this time a pot was not correct so Ed goes, "Hold on, I am going to make this pot correct," Rob being a Trump supporter goes, "Ed, that's right make the pot great again." With two tables left and the blinds going up we began to lose everyone really quick, Rudy, Jeff again, Mr. Lew again, Frank, Chappelle again, Me, and Ed. We were down to 10 and just waiting on one more to make it the final table. Well this went to the guy who had to sleepover. And based on how he played this hand it kind of foreshadow what was to come. After the river Rob went all in and Marty called him quick and laugh, He goes" Ha I got a straight." Well the problem was he didn't have the straight he was missing one card for it. Therefore he was knocked out in 10th and we were down to our final table. Vikas was battling a low stack and eventually had to push with 43. He had two callers in Pete and Rob. The board read J499J and Pete and Rob chopped the pot since both of them had a Jack. Vikas finished in 9th. Kerri is battling for the 16th and final spot in the TOC. She also was getting low in chips and went all in with A9. Dan was also all in for 27k. Dan had AQ. After the flop of 23Q, Kerri was pretty much done. When the turn and river came 27, Kerri was leaving earlier than she wanted too. Jose was out next as he pushed with 77 but Ariel had JJ and nothing hit. The next hand was a little crazy. Karen called from under the gun and Victor just checked as big blind. The flop was 883 and they both checked. The turn was a 6 and Victor pushed and Karen snapped called. Victor flipped over 89 for three of a kind, but Karen flipped over 33 for a full house. The river was a K which did not help Victor, and he was out in 6th. Victor was out Matty P Bubble Bitch. Rob, who had a big stack at one point, gradually was getting blinded out that he finally pushed with A4 very low stacked. Dan being big blind called for a little more than the big blind with K2. The board read 52Q92 and Dan's three of a kind knocked Rob out in 5th. Now Karen was getting a little upset that Julie was looking at Dan's cards for a lot of the final table and finally asked her to stop. Well someone also asked her if she would talk about something other than Dan's hands. I bet that person wished they didn't ask that. The reason why is because Julie decided to talk about how Dan has a big dick and she likes having sex with him. lol. No I am not making that up either. Not going to lie, it was a little weird lol. Next out was Pete, who now is within 30 points from me for total points leader. Pete said he felt good about his hand and was all in with A9. Pete only had 16k and Karen called from the big blind. She flipped over 23. She hit a 3 on the flop and the turn and river did not help Pete out sending him upstairs in 4th place. The top three in Ariel, Karen, and Dan, played for a while exchanging chips. They finally decided to chop it three ways evenly and play two hands to end it. Ariel won the first to take most of the chips and then he won the second to win it as Dan finished in second and Karen in third. Congrats Ariel and see you all on Friday.

PPT #26 - 12/22/2017

As i sit here deciding how i am going to pose for my TOC championship picture, I decided to write this diary. Who is more of a luck box, Frank Zaitz or Steve E. I say Steve, just messing around, Steve played well tonight and deserved the win. I will say though our Drunken Sleepover Friend Marty did give him about 8k in chips early in the game thinking Steve was full of shit pre flop. Steve had AA to his A10. Alright we had 21 players tonight and it was Frank who was first out. So you can say Frank is not the luckbox tonight. He did not re-buy. We then lost Marty and he also did not re-buy. Finally it was Ariel, who was knocked out close to break, that finally bought back. Rob did try but actually won his hand right before the break to double up to 6k. I bet Rob wish he could have re-bought because he was our first victim right after break. His AA got cracked by Steve E 99 when he hit a 9 on the river. Not much farther after him was Maldi, followed by Billy, Julie, who is battling for the 16th spot with Kerri, and Dan. At this point Kerri needed to finish with 6th place points to tie Julie and make us have 17 at the TOC. 5th place points would have knocked Julie out. We were left with 15 and Kerri was trying her hardest to stay alive. Every time someone was knocked out you can see Kerri's eye pop up and look around. We had 14 players left and it was Matt and Rudy who were the next two out. By the looks of it they seem to not have had the cards tonight and it just was not there for them. Earlier in the night Ariel ask us to pause the clock so we could kick someone out of the game. Ariel was referring to Jose because he said that Chappelle plays right all the time. Everyone did laugh at that and what Ariel was asking. That snippet was said because it was Ariel who was the person that knocked out Chappelle next. Then Jose being the low stack was ousted and we were down to 10. Kerri was still looking around and everyone that was out was telling her what was going on, aka Rob, With each table playing 5 handed it didn't take long to lose one, well actually three people, to get to our final table. This is where Panzamonium went down. No literally a bunch of Panzas were knocked out. At my table, Doris was all in with A9 to pocket 77. Nothing hit the board and we were down to 9 but as she was getting knocked out both Kerri and Tony were both all in at the other Table. Ariel called with 88 to Tony's A7 and Kerris K10. Nothing hit that board either and we were down to 7. Oohhhhhhh Kerri just missed tying Julie as she finished in 8th place and received 7th place points. Just one more place would have gotten her in. I just have one thing to say to you Kerri Anne Panza. Play more games next year and stop bitching about top 18. With 7 players at the final table it didn't last long until we got to our money winners. Karen was the last Panza in a row to be knocked out as she was the low stack and was all in for 2k. Victor was in the big blind for 2k and flipped over A4. Karen had KQ. With a board that read 109822, Karen missed any face card for the win and was out in 7th. Victor didn't hold onto those chips for long as he was nexted out as the Matty P Bubbly Bitch when he pushed preflop for 23k and Pete called him. Pete flipped over AK and Victor flipped over A8. When the flop came A4K it was pretty much over for Victor. The turn of a 2 and the river of J ended all hopes for Victor as he finished in 6th. Ariel was next out as he pushed for 30k with 66 and Mr. Lew called him with A10. Mr. Lew hit an Ace on the flop and it was all over for Ariel as the rest of the board did not give him his third 6. Your 4th place finisher was this guy. I did not have much left when i pushed for 12k with A4 and was called by Pete in the big blind for 4k more. He flipped over K8. It didn't take long for my hopes to go out the door as the first card was a King followed by an 8 and then a 10. Pete hit two pair and the turn was another 10 giving me a little hope that if an Ace came on the river i would have a higher two pair. Well the river was a 4 and i was out in 4th. It was down to Pete, Steve E, and Mr. Lew. Each one had a pretty good stack and it went back and forth for a while. Finally Mr. Lew lost a big hand with an Ace and a lower kicker to Steve. Mr. Lew eventually went all in for 30k and Pete called. Pete flipped over K10 to Mr. Lew's QJ. The board read KQ987. Mr Lew missed his Queen or 10 for the win and finished in 3rd. The top two then played for a while too and Steve began chipping away at Pete as Pete was getting shit cards hand after hand. Finally Pete pushed with A8 and Steve called his all in for 35k. Steve flipped over 65. The flop was 42Q giving Steve a gut shot along with a pair draw lol pair draw. Pete did not hit. the turn was a 7 now giving Steve even more outs. The river spiked a 3 giving Steve the straight and PPT #26 win. See you all in 40 minutes.

PPT TOC 2017 - 12/29/2017

Another season down and another great year. We crowned our 10th TOC winner last night. I will say i was still pissed about how i was knocked out in 3rd and totally forgot to tell the Top two that they had to play it out and there was no chopping. Since I was still reeling form the loss they decided to chop it. They played two hands and we crowned our new champ. One last thing before i do the nicknames is that it was better to be lucky then play good with our champion tonight. She should have either been knocked out or lost most of her chips about 6 or 7 times but somehow found a way to win having the worse of the two hands. ok here it goes
16th Dan "Really a Full House," Mordente
15th Rudy "Chappelle had my number tonight" Peralta
14th Tony "Ed is a douche" Panza
13th Ariel "Chappelle is lucky I wasn't at his table" Peralta
12th Rob "my stomach is killing me Kerri wish I had diarrhea, Alberti
11th Frank "I had to do it" Zaitz
10th Mr. "I am not feeling good tonight" Lewandowski
9th Jose "No three time champ" Vela aka Joey Candle
8th Steve "This game is taking forever and no one is paying attention" Espino
7th Dave "Eat a Dick" Campbell
6th Matt "My car got hit by an asshole in the parking lot" Perlman
5th Jeff "Not crushing dreams tonight" Weber
4th Pete "You didn't deserve it" Lewandowski
3rd Anthony "Seriously I have no luck. Poker Gods hate me" Panza Jr.
1/2nd* Ed "You price me in and I will chop" Walker**
1/1st* Julie, "Campbell hates me" Davidovich**

Congrats again to Julie and Ed for the split pot. Next year we will be celebrating our 13th year of playing poker and it has been for the most part enjoyable except for the terrible luck I have. Ed i will be thinking about the AK i had to your Q6 for a while. You hitting a four card straight to knock me out with about the same amount of chips is terrible. Alright Later Everyone

*TOC Split (terrible smfh)

**Really? A Split!!!

1st (Sort of)  -  Julie    

2nd (Sort of)  -  Ed    

3rd  -  Anthony    

4th  -  Pete