Dear Diary...(2016)

by Anthony Panza

PPT #1 - 1/8/2016

Welcome to a New Year of the PPT. We had 17 players show up and there was excitement as usual but surprising Karen wasn’t that out of control. Maybe a new year a new Karen! Probably not but for one night she was good. With the new year comes the 2 dollar collection fee that for some reason some people could not give it to me because no one had extra singles. Honestly no one could give someone a single or two. Alright lets’ get to poker. It didn’t even take 15 to 20 minutes before we lost our first PPTer of 2016. That distinction went to Pete Lew. He went hard with his QQ but was called by Steve with quad 3s all the way to the river. So Pete bought back in and still had about 7,425 of the buy in stack lol. After that it didn’t take long before we lost Ed. Ed was not happy and we all heard about it with Ariel calling him all the way to the river with nothing and hitting on the river. After Ed we played for a little before we lost Mike C. Yup that Mike C. most likely we will not see him until next year or maybe in July. But it was nice to see him. Then Kerri was knocked out when her AA got cracked. We then hit the break. Not to long after the Break we began to drop like flies. First it was Rob, then it was a Panza connection with me, Doris, and finally Tony. We were down to 10 and they played for a while. The blinds got up to 800-1600 before we finally lost Jose. Then not much later after blowing most of his stack on a bluff, Ariel was out and we were down to our Final table. With Blinds at 1000-2000 it wasn’t going take long before we got down to the money. Well Karen helped that out when she went all in after a Victor raise with JJ. Victor flipped over AK and the flop came, AK9 giving Victor two pair but the turn was a 10 giving Karen a few more outs. But the river was a 3 ending Karen’s night in 8th place. Next out was Steve who lost most of his stack when he pushed with Q10 and was actually called by his boy Dave with QJ. Gutsy call but it work and next hand he was automatically all in and lost yo Rudy’s small blind when Rudy hit a fourth club on the board and his 2 of club gave him the flush and the win knocking Steve out in 7th. Pete who was on a roll early after rebuying was just basically getting blinded out for quite some time before he finally pushed with A6. But since he didn’t have much Rudy called with A3 and hit a 3 on the flop to end Pete’s night on a lowly note. Next to follow was Dave, who lost all of Steve’s chips and his own as he went all in for 8.5k with 95 trying to steal a pot but was called by Jay O (not Vela) with Q10. The board read 9Q678. They both hit straights but Jay’s was the higher one and Dave finished in 5th and was bubble bitch. We were down to our money players who were Jay, Victor, Rudy, and someone who wasn’t doing much at the final table but was there Mr. Lew. I only say that because things changed when we got to 4. With four left it was Victor who was low stack and Victor raised pre-flop to 10k with blinds at 2000-4000. Jay called and the flop was 539. Victor then pushed with his remaining 4k and Jay called. Victor had AK and Yes Jay had 54. His 5 held up and Victor finished in 4th place. Now Rudy and Jay had most of the chips with Mr. Lew just hanging around. Mr. Lew just watched the two of them going at it while he was just not trying to be part of it. With them going at it, it was Rudy who falter first as he tried to go on a flush and mid pair but missed the river and Jay took most of his stack. A few hands later Rudy called pre-flop from small blind with blinds being 3000-6000. The flop was 935 and Rudy went all in for his remaining 2.5k and Mr. Lew called. Rudy flipped over 97 for top pair but Mr. Lew flipped over 35 for bottom two pair. The turn and the river were an A and a J and that was it for Rudy who finished in 3rd. Now Jay still had the chip lead and when I came back next thing I know Mr. Lew had it. But it was very close in chips when the final hand took place. Jay went all in pre-flop for about 60k and Mr. Lew called. Mr. Lew flipped over A7 to Jay’s KJ. The board read 69274 and Mr. Lew won PPT #1 of 2016 as Jay finished in 2nd. Mr. Lew is starting where he left off after coming in 2nd at the TOC last year. Need more funny quotes to liven up the Diary everyone. LOL

PPT #2 - 1/22/2016

Even with a snow storm pending we still had 15 players show up for PPT 2. That’s 15 degenerates that said, ”Screw you Jonas and your brothers.” I will say thought the snow didn’t start until 9 and when people finally started to get knocked out the roads where a little dangerous. We were supposed to have 16 players but someone bitched out at the last minute because he feared the snow. Not going to mention any names, Rob. Therefore we had two extra seats but only one was rebought. Poker was poker at the Panza house but for the most part again it wasn’t a crazy night with screaming from Karen or My dad being my dad. Only person that was loud was Keith who went to happy hour prior to the game and drank anything we had left in the fridge on top of happy hour. Since Pete showed up by break he lasted longer than he did the first game. The first person out was Karen, who instead of going out to meet up with Amy and Kerri for Amy and mine’s bday she decided to buy back in. It took a while before she got knocked out but once she did it started a run of a bunch of people to get knocked out. Not much later after she was knocked out Mike M. was and then his boy Poker Steve followed. Mike didn’t realize there was a second stack, even though I said it a bunch of times, and instead of buying back in like he said he would have, him and Steve left to go drinking somewhere else. Not much longer after that Ron from Staten Island got knocked out and couldn’t find his keys for about 15 minutes. Eventually he did and he had to trek back to NY. At this point Pete was still in. Then Doris and Ed followed suit and we were down to 10. Pete has only been playing for about an hour and already made at least 6 more points than last time. Well He was next to follow and we were down to 9. It only took about 15 more minutes and we had two people knocked out on the same hand from different tables. Keith was first out with Ant R. knocking him out with A8. Then at our table Mr. Lew pushed after a flop of 68Q and Ariel called with 65. Mr. Lew flipped over 44 and nothing else hit knocking Mr. Lew out in 8th. Ariel said, “I had a feeling he had something like that. “ Well great call and we were down to our final table of 7. It only took the first hand to knock someone out. Ryan pushed pre-flop for about 7k with QJ and small blind Ant R. called with AA and Ryan was knocked out in 7th. Ryan said,”Ant, it is your entire fucking fault, and you can quote me on that. You and your donkey call earlier. Your chips should be mind” Well they weren’t and now he had to drive home in the snow. Next to follow was Ariel as he pushed first to act with AJ and I pushed with QQ. Nothing hit the board and I got my revenge I wanted against Ariel as he finished in 6th. We were down to our bubble bitch and it was between Karen, Tony, or Victor. Every time one of them went all in, no one could knock them out. They kept doubling up then losing half and then doubling up again. Finally though it was Tony P. that got too low that he couldn’t get the small blind, me, and the big blind, Victor, out of the hand. The board read 69682 and Tony flipped over A10. Victor flipped over 72 and I won the hand when I flipped over 65. Tony finished in 5th. Then Karen who had Victor covered called his all in with AK to his 33. She didn’t hit and Victor got a much needed double up. Karen a few hands later was knocked out when she went all in with 33 to Ant R. Q4 in the big blind. Ant hit a 4 on the flop and the river to knock Karen out in 4th and she basically bought in for no reason because she got her buyback back. Then I called in the small blind with 97 of spades and Victor went all in as the big blind. I said, “I am feeling lucky I think this hand is going to win.” Victor goes, “No it will not you are losing right now.” I knew now he had a big pair but I felt like I was going to win the hand and called for 12k more. He flipped over 1010. The flop was 842. So I was not looking good. The turn though was a J giving me a gut shot which I only had two outs for. Well guess what, one of them came as Ant flipped over a 10 on the river to give me the straight and knocking Victor out in 3rd. Victor shock my hand before he left and said, “Nice suck out.” It was now down to the two Anthonys. I bet you an Anthony was going to win. It was my birthday so I was feeling good about it and had the chip lead. It was a close and we battle for a while until I rose to 20k with QJ after he just called. He decided to go all in for 47k and I called for 27k more. He flipped over A4. The flop was 88Q and I was like I am only two cards away from winning finally. Well that went right out the door when the turn was an Ace. The river even put more of a dagger in me as it gave Ant R. a flush. I was still sitting with 25k and eventually pushed for 29k with K9. Ant R. called me with 66. It only took the first card to know I was done as it was a 6. The rest of the board did not help me and I finished in 2nd. I am feeling like Rob did for those three years he went without winning a tourney now. It sucks but congrats Ant Rivera for winning PPT #2 and congrats again on your engagement.

PPT #3 - 2/5/2016

What can I say, I still hate poker. I feel like Rob did when he didn’t win a game for 3 years. It sucks. Well we had 13 players show up because a couple had to bail due to their wifeys. Its ok guys we know you will be back. Alright lets’ get to poker. It didn’t take more than 45 minutes until we had our first victim in Steve Espino. He unfortunately ran in the wrath of Jeff. He had an opportunity to buy back but didn’t. He was waiting on his boy Victor since he was low and when victor was out next, guess what, he rebought. So Steve had to sit around anyway. Next to follow suit was Mike C and he darted out of there real quickly. Then it was our Central American friend Steve who couldn’t get much going most of the night and finally lost it all on a big hand. Then again for the second straight week two people got knocked out in the same hand at different tables to get us down to a final table. It just so happen Mr. Lew was knocked out first and Ed followed in 9th. We were down to our final table and it didn’t take long before Rob decided to do a Rob move which was stupid, and was knocked out by Jeff, who came over with the Monster chip lead. Rob decided to push after a raise with Q10 to Jeff’s AJ. Jeff made it 1,800 and Rob went all in for 4,500. Well the flop read 32J8K and Rob was our first victim at the final table. Next to follow was me. I raised to 3,300 on 600-1200 blinds and was called by Jay O. Of course the flop was Q109 and I checked to get some action. He made it 5k and I went all in for 7.1k. I flipped over AQ but with my luck of late, Jay flipped over KJ for the straight and flush draw. He actually hit his flush on the turn and I was done for the night. Poker sucks. They played for a little while until Ariel sucked out on my father to take most of his chips. Ariel had AK to Tony P.’s KK and he hit an Ace on the flop. Not too many hands later Ariel went all in again with AQ and Tony P. being the big blind called with KJ. The flop once again had an Ace and everything else was low knocking Tony P out in 6th with 5th place points. This is where it got ugly. This hand was crazy. The was a few raises then all ins and there were 3 people in the hand. Jeff flipped over AQ, Ariel flipped over AQ, and Jay O. flipped over KK. The flop came, K108 giving Jay trips and a little scream from his corner. But the turn was a J giving Ariel and Jeff the straight with just the river to go. Well Jay missed the river when it was a 3 and he was out in 5th. Now we were playing for the bubble bitch and everyone thought it was going to be Pete. He was low stack by far and the other 3 had huge stacks. But that gnat kept going all in and hitting the cards he needed. So when it was time to give that distinction to someone it went to Victor. Victor preflop went all in for 18k and Ariel thought for a second and decided to call with JJ. We were wondering why it took him so long and he said he knows when Victor pushes he usually has a big hand. Well I call bullshit and he flipped over A7. The flop was 36Q all clubs and Ariel had one in his hand. Unfortunately for Victor the turn was the Ace of clubs giving Ariel the flush and knocking him out in 4th. We were down to three and they kept exchanging money back and forth that at one point Jeff suggested a chop and would take less but the other two didn’t budge. Well Karma is a bitch and the next person out was Pete. He raised to 20k and Jeff re-raised to 40k and Pete who had less than that called. Pete flipped over AJ to Jeff’s 88. The board completely missed Pete and he finished in 3rd place. Jeff and Ariel play for about 15 to 20 minutes and Ariel who was getting low decided to call Jeff’s raise, that put him all in, with 107 suited. Jeff flipped over KJ. It took the first card to end the game as it was a K that was followed by Q657. Ariel finished in second but took over top point scorer so far this year. Jeff was our PPT #3 winner of 2016.

PPT #4 - 2/19/2016

What can I say that i haven't said before. I have no luck, I suck, One time, Why does this shit happen to me. Well it did again and I am not happy about writing this post. It only took about 10 minutes before we seen someone go from first to worst in Jeff. He did not rebuy and it wasnt much longer until we lost Dennis. He re-bought but it didn't help him that much and he didn't last that much longer. We had some newbies and some oldies play for the first time this season and we welcome you back and welcome you to our game. With 24 players there was a lot of action and a lot of people getting knocked out left and right. Ant R. followed next then by Danny O, Matt P, Steve E, Jon Cruz, Karen, Ariel, Kerri, Ryan, Rob, Pete, Me, Tony, and then Doris to get us to our final table. It only took the first hand before we lost our first victim. The victim was a newbie in Alex. Don't know who the hell he was but Karen bought him. He had to go all in with 108 and small blind called him with A8. the flop came A104 as they both hit but the turn and river missed Alex and he finished in 8th. Then i went upstairs for a little to get my new phone to work and next time i came down we were down two more players. Yoan finished in 7th and Victor followed when Ed hit an 8 and Victor mustard only queen high. Victor finished as bubble bitch and we were down to 5. The final table was going quick and then when we got to 5 I wanted to poke my eyes out. It was torture and no one was getting knocked out. Some people folded when they shouldn't have and some should have called with ease but let it go. It was crazy. Finally though it was Mr Lew. who got low and pushed with 1010 and Ed for some reason was happy and called 4.5k more on 3k-6k blinds. I thought he had a good hand but he flipped over 69. Well Mr. Lew hit his trips on the turn but on the river there was a 3 of diamonds that put four on the board and giving Ed the win with a diamond in his hand. Not much longer after that it was Yunior who got knocked out when Frank thought it was a smart call to call with K4 of heart. Yunior flipped over 33. Well the flop came two hearts and the turn was the third heart that Frank needed and the river pair the board giving Frank the win with a flush and knocking Yunior out in 4th. Then three handed was by the far the worst thing ever. They just kept going around and around with the chip lead I thought it was never going to end. Finally Ed pushed with K4 and Frank called with KQ. Ace was the high card on board and no one hit a pair giving Frank the win and Ed got knocked out in 3rd. Then right after that they decided to chop (cough cough bitches) and Rudy took home first place points and Frank took home second. Congrats again to you two and i will see you guys on Friday.

PPT #5 - 3/4/2016

So I think the trick to win a tourney is say that you have to go somewhere but actually you really don’t and people think you have crap and keep trying to knock you out. Honestly that is how someone actually split top prize this week and it was unbelievable that this person can win that way yet I can’t fucking catch a break. Alright we had 16 players and it didn’t take long before we lost our first player. That went to Freddy and after saying he wasn’t going to buy back in he eventually did and stayed quiet for a while. As we were playing I said I haven’t got cards to play in like an hour and Rob goes, “I can’t do shit.” All Steve heard was shit and he goes Rob all you do is shit shit shit and it stinks. Haha. It took a while before we finally lost our second player and that went to Jose. He was quickly followed by Ed, Ant Rivera who snuck out quietly, since about three or four people later in the game ask where Ant was. Then Jeff was up most of the night and took a few bad beats that eventually he was knocked out next. Tony P. got moved to our table and it took him about 20 minutes before he was out next. Frank followed next but it wasn’t until he had a famous quote that I may not forget for a while. I asked him if he was out. He goes, “I am in with a straight but I didn’t hit it.” I said, “Frank well you didn’t hit it if you are out.” And everyone just laughed. Yes frank said he was in with a straight but didn’t hit it. Steve E and Rudy were the next two out and we were down to our final table. Now as we were playing and we still had 11 players left Freddy decided to pull the, I have to leave card, and every time he went all in or called someone he had cards so it really wasn’t like he really was trying to leave. Every time he did this he kept on hitting and knocked out 3 or our last 4 players to get to the final table. He was chip leader there and Mr. Lew was not that far behind but it was Mr. Lew who got knocked out first because Freddy was pulling his, I got to leave card, and this time I actually believe him. Mr. Lew went all in with a board that read K9K8 with one card to go. Freddy called and flipped over AQ. Mr. Lew flipped over A7. Yup Freddy didn’t have anything but the river was a jack and Mr. Lew finished in 8th. Next out was Rob as he was low stack and had to go all in with 108. There were 4 callers and the flop came 786 giving Rob some hope. The turn was a 5 and the river was a Q. Unfortunately for Rob, Jay had a 9 and he was knocked out in 7th. At this point I went to the bathroom and when I came down Victor was knocked out on the next hand. He pushed with A9 suited to Jay’s JJ. Jay hit a Jack and Victor completely missed to finish in 6th. It was bubble bitch time and Pete and I were battling for it. It eventually was Pete who finished in 5th. I went all in for 7,900 with KK and Pete and Jay called. Pete only had 1,700. Pete flipped over AK and Jay flipped over 44. The board read Q7958 and I got a much needed double up and Pete was out. We played for a little while until Ariel helped me out and went all in for 15k with AQ. Freddy snapped called with AK and when Freddy hit a King on the turn it was all over for Ariel and he finished in 4th. I thanked Ariel after that and a few hands later I was all in with Q10. Freddy called me with A7. He hit an Ace on the flop and I had a straight draw. But I did not hit my straight and I finished in 3rd. Right after that Freddy asked to chop and Jay was like, “We need to play for the points.” Freddy goes, “We don’t need to play for the points since I bought back in and only got 2 points.” Therefore Jay was good with the chop and He wound up taking first place points. Congrats to Freddy and Jay for the split win and I think Freddy still got the ass that he was trying to leave for. haha

PPT #6 - 3/18/2016

There isn't much left to say about poker that I haven't said before. I am disgusted by poker right now even though i cannot get enough of it. Two weeks ago it was a grimy game, with grimy players, and the grimiest person won. And yes you all know who that person is. We had 14 players and we were down to our final table before 11 pm. It didn't take long before Frank got knocked out by the grimiest player in Rob. And yes he was stinking up the joint the whole night. It was terrible. Rob first to act, just calls and Frank goes all in for 4,200. it goes all around and Rob calls and flips over AK. Frank had A5 and Rob was suited and hit his FLUSH on the turn. You will understand why I have flush in caps as you read on. Frank finished in 8th. Next out was Jeff and once again it was grimy Rob who had pocket JJ to Jeff's A10 and he hit trips. Then it was my turn as i lost a decent amount of my chips right before Jeff was knocked out to, guess who, grimy Rob who hit runner runner to get two pair as I already had two pair on the flop and his was better. I lost though to Ariel as i went all in with suited AQ to his JJ. nothing hit on board for me and I was out in 6th. Then it was Ant R. second time out as he goes to Rob, "You slowed played me because you knew i would bet, you son of a bitch." Yup Rob was grimy. We were down to our bubble bitch and that distinction went Ariel and he wasn't happy about it. He didn't raise that much as the big blind to Rob's small blind so Rob called. The flop came 764 and Rob went all in. Ariel got up quick and pissed and eventually called with KK. Rob flipped over 107 suited and got runner runner diamonds to hit a FLUSH and knocked Ariel out. He left quick. It was down to Doris, Ed, and Rob. Guess what happen next. Rob eventually called Doris's all in for 9k because he had the stack and he likes suited cards. Doris flipped over A10 to Rob's suited J7. Doris turned the straight but once again Rob FLUSH the river. Ed and Rob played for a little while until finally there was a flop of J54 with two clubs. Rob bet and Ed went all in. Rob called and flipped over J2. Ed flipped over Q10 of clubs for a flush draw. I said, "Ed you are not going to hit your FLUSH," Guess what, i was right as the turn was another jack for Rob and the river was a meaningless 10. Ed finished in second and the grimiest player of all time Rob was our PPT #6 winnner.

PPT #7 - 4/1/2016

There has been some rumblings and i am going to put these rumblings to rest. The LEGEND is back in New Jersey for good and the question now is when will his first PPT event be. I have been told his hours suck so it could be a while until we see him but the man, the myth, the LEGEND is back. Alright lets get to poker. We have a few people drop out at the last minute so it was a quiet 12 person game. Rob did not make it back to back but his farting did make it back for the second week in a row. And some people were not happy about it. lol. Ariel was our first out and re-bought after debating about it for a few minutes. We didn't have anyone get knocked out until blinds were around 250-500 and lets just say Ariel was happy about his re-buy. Since there really isn't much to be said about this game besides people getting mad that Rob was again being grimy and making a comeback, I am going to make this short. Pete was first out at the final table as he ran into bad luck and Frank hit two pair on him with 105. Victor followed no much longer as he got knocked out as grimy Rob hit a gut shot straight on the river. Next to follow a few hands later was Steve. He pushed with A4 but Mr. Lew who was two players later had JJ and nothing hit to have him out in 6th. Then Frank was knocked out as he got a taste of his own medicine as he was all in and Ariel beat him with two pairs while holding 95. I will say that Frank did take a horrible beat a couple of hands earlier when he lost to Mr. Lew as the two of them were top two stacks. Frank called Mr. Lew's all in with a flop of KJ4. Mr.Lew had AJ and Frank had KQ. Well the turn was an Ace and Frank lost most of his stack. anyway lets get back to the game. Next out was grimy Rob as I took him out with my A5 to his 33 when I hit an Ace on the flop. We were down to our final three in, Mr. Lew. Ariel, and I. Mr. Lew had most of the chips but anything could happen three handed. Well it didn't happen for me once again as i was all in with A9 after Mr. Lew raised and called with KQ. I was leading all the way up to the river until he spiked a Q and i finished in 3rd. This is then where things changed and Ariel made a comeback to eventually take the chip lead. Then it was all over when Ariel hit an 8 on the river with 86 to knock Mr. Lew out in 2nd and became our PPT #7 Champion.

PPT #8 - 4/15/2016

This one is going to be real short. The Legend is back and he had his usual meltdown during one hand that we sooooo miss for a year. Rob is a huge Trump supporter and during one hand Pete told Rob that "Rob you can make America great again." And last but not least Jeff and Frank split top prize and Jeff got the win. That's all i need to say to sum up last night. Frank got lucky a lot with his all ins and Jeff's aggressiveness paid off in the end. See you all in two weeks....

PPT #9 - 4/29/2016

I hate poker. Pete had one of his biggest game of the year and we got to welcome back Chad and Lauren to our tour. I tried to make a move against someone because I wanted them out badly and it backfire. I had one of my earliest exits in a while and so I am pissed. With that said here is what you need to know. We had 16 players and Frank was our first out and re-bought within the first 30 minutes. Then it was Steve, Tony, Ed, me, Jay O, and Jose who followed next. Freddy then took at Mr. Lew and Lauren on the same hand with JJ to their 88 and 55 and we were down to our final table. Rudy was first out as he got very unlucky when Ariel hit runner runner to hit a straight to his trip 3's. Next out was Chad. He got low and was all in after the flop with K10 and Pete called for 3k with AK. No one hit on the flop and no one hit on the turn and river and Chad was out. Then the man who seems to get to final tables but can't get over the hump was knocked out next. Victor had to go all in as the small blind and Pete, being the big blind, was automatically in. Q was the high card and Pete's A3 held up to Victor's K6. We were down to our bubble and that distinction went to Rob. Rob called Freddy's all in with A10. Freddy had KK. The board read JJJ54 and Rob was bubble bitch. Then Pete being the low stack and i mean he had enough for the big blind was next out and took home 4th place. Pete was all in with KQ and hit a K on the flop. He was looking good until the turn was a 4 and Freddy bet big. Frank and Ariel both folded and Freddy flipped over 44 for trip 4's. The river was meaningless and we were down to three. They played for a little until Ariel got low and went all in with KJ. Frank called for only 4k more with 75 and like Frank has been getting lucky all year he hit his 5 on the turn and Ariel was knocked out in 3rd. After that Freddy and Frank decided to chop because Frank was not playing for any points. By the way Frank has a saying that i believe is something he must have said about 10 to 15 times last night and i have heard it from him on other occasions. That saying is, "You would have done that, right. I mean I had to do it."

PPT #10 - 5/13/2016

What else is there to say about poker that I haven’t said before? Let’s just say someone was knocked out within the first 15 minutes they showed up, I still suck, and Pete wasn’t happy. We had 21 players tonight and we welcome back Jimmy for the first time this year along with a newbie in Chino. The first person out was not surprising because the way he plays is he goes big or goes home. That distinction went to Jeff. He had lower trips to the Legend and he had to rebuy. Then we played a little before we lost the next two. It was nothing new with the next two either as they were knocked out exactly the same way they were earlier in the year. That was Steve poker and Mike P. As Mike was leaving he said to us, “Next time I will just drive by and throw my money out the window for you.” Whatever you want to do that is fine by me. Just make sure I am outside when you do it. Then it was Rudy who got unlucky, Steve E, who just got knocked out, Matt, Chino, me, Victor, Doris, Kerri, and Rob. In between all of that Jeff again was knocked out and we were down to 9. By the time I came down stairs again it was Anthony R. who was our bubble bitch to the final table. But at least he had chips and dip to eat while sitting on the sideline. We were down to our final table. It didn’t take long for us to lose someone but it was not who you would have thought it was if you were sitting there. Tony sat with about 4.5k and Mr. Lew with about 3.5k at the final table and yet they were not the first one out. It so happen to be the two top stacks that went after each other and there was an exchange that happen within 3 seconds that was funny and summed up what happen. After a flop with an Ace, Ed bet and then this is what happen: Campbell goes, “All in.” Ed quickly says, “I call” and Campbell goes “Shit.” That happen so quick and next thing you know they flip over their cards and Ed has AK to Campbell’s A9. The turn and river didn’t hit the legend and he finished in 8th place. Now again Tony and Mr. Lew are still sitting with barely any chips and they still were not next out. That went to Pete. To sum up his two hands back to back you only need to know the quote he said. Pete goes, “Fuck this game, Kings can suck my cock.” With that being said Pete called an all-in as big blind that was only double what he had in with QJ. Unfortunately Freddy had KK. Then next hand Ariel put him all in and he called for 3k total with A10. Again though Ariel had KK and Pete finished in 7th. Next out again was neither Tony nor Mr. Lew as they did hit a hand or two but never really had a huge stack. Freddy was next out as he went all in for a little more than double the blind and Jimmy called with 22. Freddy flipped over J9. The board read 10834A and somehow Jimmy dodged many bullets to knock out Freddy as bubble bitch to the money. So Mr. Lew and Tony with their small stacks at the beginning of the final table, were able to make enough moves to make it to the money. But for Mr. Lew that was as far as he was going to get up the money board. He was next out as he was low and pushed first to act with A2. He was called by Ariel, AQ, and Jimmy, K6, The board read 53J10K and Ariel won with a straight. Then the four of them played for a while before we lost our next person. Tony kept getting low and pushing and just kept on winning. I thought it would be his night but poker is poker and his luck did eventual run out. But he was not next out as Ed was that person. He went all in for a good amount with A9 and Ariel called him with 66. But before I tell you what happen lets’ go back a few hands. Ariel could have been out as he pushed with 77 and Ed called after a raise with 44. The flop was 466, giving Ed the full house. The turn was a 10 that didn’t help but the river was another 6 giving Ariel the higher full house and I saw something I never saw him do in my life. He got up from his chair and humped the air while screaming “Oh yeah.” Freddy can back me up on this as he was the only other person to see this. That was funny as hell. Alright back to the current hand. The board read 224810 and Ariel’s 66 held up. Lets’ just say pocket pairs were following Ariel when they played four handed. Lol Then it wasn’t much longer after that we got something that hasn’t happen in a very long time to end the game. Ariel took out both Tony and Jimmy on the same hand as he was sitting with most of the chips and decided to call a little more than min raise. Jimmy was first to act and went all-in for 17k with 55. Tony went all-in for only 6k with QJ and Ariel with 8k in the big blind called 9k more with 52 suited hearts. The flop was Q9A with two hearts. The turn was a 6 of hearts giving Ariel the flush and the river was a meaningless 7. Ariel took both of them out and said his signature quote, “I had to make that call,” and won PPT #10.

PPT #11 - 5/27/2016

I will not lie, I am a poker hater. I for the most part will not say you played well to win or say you are a good poker player. Now that doesn't mean you aren't good i just am a hater. But I will not give any props to Frank. Right now i hate you lol. I will not pray anymore to the poker gods because i think they are only going to help Frank out and no one else. I will always be a hater until things change. Frank made it easy once again last night on why I hate. First off he calls my all in for $2,200 more on blinds 400-800 with him being the big blind with 106 off suit. He only had about 12 to 13k at the time. I had 55 and of course he hits a 10 on the flop and I am out. Later on Tony P. couldn't get lucky against Frank because he has the gods watching over him as Tony had 99 with a flop of J108. Frank kept betting and eventually knocked my dad out because Tony could not catch any of his 10 outs against his pocket AA. Also at the final table, not once, not twice, not three times, BUT four times he should have been out and caught a card when he was well behind. First was catching a 5 with pocket 5's against Ed's KK. Lucky for Ed there was a straight on board to induce a chop. Second he is all in later with K9 against KQ and he hits a 9 once again on the flop. Then he goes all in with AQ against QQ and 1010 and guess what he hit on the flop. not one but two Aces. I forgot the fourth hand. After that hand I left and was told that Campbell , the legend, finished third, Ariel and Frank split with Frank getting the win. Ariel I hate you too since you keep cashing also. Haters always Hate

PPT #12 - 6/10/2016

I still hate poker and still can't get lucky enough to win with the best hand. Yes that's right i keep losing with the best hand. I can finally say that Frank was his own enemy tonight and was the third person knocked out tonight. He didn't see a straight and lost most of his money on that then to top it off he calls and all in, saying "I have to do it" with K6 suited. You read that correct, he called all in with K6. He lost to A10 and we finally get to say goodbye to him early. The final table was interesting but it was two ladies that eventually took the top prize and took out the Lewandowski's to do it. Karen was first out at the final table, followed by Rudy, Jeff, and then me. We were down to Pete, Kerri, Jenn, and Mr. Lew. Well they didn't play long after I got knocked out when Mr. Lew went all in pre-flop as the low stack, Pete went all in after the flop and Jenn called him. Jenn had a Q9 to Pete's A9 with a flop of 973. The turn and river were another diamond which showed 4 diamonds on the board and Jenn had the Queen of diamond in her hand to knock Mr. Lew, who had 64 out in 4th and Pete in 3rd. Kerri and Jenn then decided to split and Jenn won the ensuing hand to take down PPT #12.

PPT #13 - 6/24/2016

With a very small game and when i mean small, when we started we were already at the final table. So with 8 players we let two players buy back in to get to 10 players on the day. Both were bought and for one of them it was what they needed to get the win. Early on we had a few funny comments. The legend was in a hand and after it was over and he won i said, "I am surprise you didn't bet." He goes," I didn't want to go Bonkers with a flush possible on the board. Yes he said bonkers. Later on Frank goes, "I need runner, runner" after all five cards were out and someone just won the hand. Pete goes, "I think Frank is playing dumb, He checks to see if anyone is listening." Pete some people may beg to differ. Later on Tony goes, "my kicker was unacceptable," when he had an Ace in his hand and didn't want to call the Legends all in. Finally i told Pete that when we had this kind of small game last year he won, The Legend then chime in and said, Well we will not be repeating that this year. With that said lets give you a quick recap of the game. Tony P was out after hitting an Ace high flush with four clubs on the board but Jeff had the one club that gave him the straight flush to knock Tony P out first. Then the Legend was knocked out with Rudy having Kings to his fours. They both bought back in. Next out was Mr. Lew. and then Jeff. I followed next as two hands in a row i got shitted on. Yes i said that right. First I have AQ to The Legends A8 and we chopped the pot with two pairs on board. Then the next hand i go all in for 4K and get called by big blind Pete for 3200 more with A7 to my AK. He hit a 7 on the river and i was out. Next out was Tony P again as he could't get any cards for most of the night. Then Frank the Bank was out next as the bubble to the money when he was all in with K9 to Rudy's A9. Then Rudy pushed with QJ after The legend made a raised. Rudy had QJ to Legends's 55. The flop was J75 then the turn was a Q giving Rudy some hope but the river was a 3 knocking Rudy out in 3rd. Now will the Legend back up his words from earlier in the night. The answer is YES. Pete went all in with not much left and Campbell easy called. Pete flipped over 34 and the legend flipped over Q6. The legend hit a 6 on the flop and Pete hit a flush draw but would miss the turn and river and the world is now in its right state as THE LEGEND is back and has won.

PPT #14 - 7/8/2016

What can I say, poker is poker and I still can't get a win. With 13 players it was a game with little excitement and not to much noise. Rob wasn't farting and there were no Panza women. But I will say the Tony has added to his collection of memorable lines during the game. Pete needed a pair of pliers so he goes,"Mr. P you got a pair of pliers." He goes,"Yeah Pete, what do you need?" I can't make this stuff up. It's my dad. Lets end this quick. 13 players played and Ariel started where he left off and was knocked out first but bought back and wound up making it all the way to 3rd to get his money back for the night. Not much went on at the final table as most hands held up. Only hand that was crazy was that Freddy tried to bluff Mr. Lew out of a hand with 67 with a board that read 438J. Mr. Lew called his 15k bet, which was his all-in, and flipped over 42. It was a ballsy called but the right one. Unfortunately Freddy still had overs and hit is 7 on the river to knock Mr. Lew out as our bubble bitch. It eventually came down to Freddy and me. I could never get closer than 65k-40k and eventually pushed with A9 for 30k and he had QQ. His queens held up and Freddy was our PPT #14 winner.

PPT #15 - 7/22/2016

When you are hot you are hot and i not talking looks. Someone can't do anything wrong right now and he continues to rack up the cashes. Me the same as usual. I didn't get cards all night, never got above 8k, but some how snuck into 4th. It still sucks though because i was bubble bitch. We had 13 players for the night and not much was going on early. It seem chips were flying but were flying around the table just not my way. lol. Ariel being Ariel went balls to the wall early on and was knocked out first. He re-bought and that usually is a good sign for him because he finds a way towards the cash. Just not tonight. He was knocked out fourth overall when he went for it again with 44 with a board that read J77. Ed had QJ and called and Ariel was watching from the sideline. . After Ariel was knocked out we waited awhile until after break before we lost Jay O. Right after him Rob followed by trying to slow play KK and was bitched slapped across the face with Jose's 107 suited. Jose caught a full house. Now you thought that tonight would have been Jose's night but somehow he was our next victim and we were down to 9. Mr Lew later on told me upstairs that he was just dumb on his hand and didn't see the flush draw on board and called Rudy's all in with no diamond to catch a flush. Rudy already had it and that was it for Mr. Lew. We were down to our final table. I was low stack next to my father but it was Tony who was first out as Frank put him all in with KJ to his 44. Frank hit two kings on the flop and Tony finished in 8th. Next out though was Frank as he raised pre-flop to 4k and The Legend pushed all in with 88. Frank called immediately with AJ and the first card on the flop ended Franks night as i flipped over an 8. I was still battling with a low stack and somehow it was Ed that was out next. But i will say he got unlucky a lot during this game. He pushed for 12.5k and Freddy who had the chip lead called. Ed flipped over 77 and Freddy flipped over AK. Guess what flopped. You don't have to. When you are running hot you hit what you need and the flop was QJ10. That's right Freddy flopped a straight and the next two cards didn't help Ed and he was out in 6th. This is where Ariel, being the gambler that he is, decided to say lets make a bet. "I bet Rudy and Freddy will make the money." Top 3 get paid and Pete took on the bet because The legend and him both had good stacks and he was not counting on me with my low stack. Well it backfire on him because once again Freddy hit what he needed and knocked Pete out in 5th. They were the blinds and the flop was J76. Freddy bet 2k and Pete went 6k. Freddy debated for a little and went all in. Pete called immediately. Pete flipped over J7 and Freddy flipped over Q7. Well since i already told you that Pete lost you know what the turn was. It was one of Freddy's three outs, Q, to knock out Pete. It took two hands later and i was all in for 3k with 74 suited to Dave's A2. He hit a two and i was out. Ariel then scooped up his money and the last three all had good stacks. When i say it's you night, it's your night. Freddy raised to 12k with A6 and Dave went all in for 25k+ and Freddy called quickly. Dave flipped over 55. Before the flop Ariel tried betting me who would win the hand and he was going to take Freddy. I said, "no way am i taking that bet. You see what he has been doing all night." Well the flop was KQ8. So far so good for Dave. The turn was a 3 still making him good but the river was a 6 to knock The legend out in 3rd. Right after that Rudy and Freddy decided to Chop and since Freddy had the chip lead Rudy gave him first place points. Congrats to FAR (nickname i made up Freddy, Ariel, Rudy) once again putting two guys in the top 3. See you next week.

PPT #16 - 8/5/2016

I hate Poker. I can't catch a break for the second striaght a game and finished as bubble bitch. On the other hand The FAR continues its dominant ways as Rudy once again split first place money for two games in a row. My AK was no good against 1010. Jon Cruz got low but unlike his own tournaments he was not unlucky. Well just once and it haunted him for a while. Frank got raped on Thursday night. We believe it was by a dude. lol. Jon didn't want to go all in because people would just laugh and call. He said that after Rob decided to call his all in by going all in himself with 67 of clubs to Jon's 44. Rob hit a 6 and that's when Jon got low. Tony didn't want to go to Brasil because of the waves on the TV screen as we were talking out loud how we wouldn't want to go due to everything that is going on in that country. Let's just say Tony thought we were talking about the water on TV. lol Sean, a friend of Jose and Jay, came in 4th after knocking me out as he pretty much had to go all in with 64 to Jon's Q9. Jon hit a queen on the flop and we were down to three. It was Rob who finished in 3rd as he went all in with 56 of hearts for about 16k and Rudy called quickly. Jon sat there for a bout 3 minutes saying over and over and over again, that he had to make the call but Rudy called quickly. Finally after that long debate he went all in and Rudy called. Rudy flipped over AQ and Jon flipped over KJ of hearts. Once again bitching at Rob for having the cards he had and having his suit. Well Jon hit a King on the flop and that was all he needed to take down the huge pot and make Rob finish in 3rd. Lets just say Jon didn't have to make the call but if he didn't we would have not heard the end of it. Right after that hand Rudy and Jon called for the split and Jon took home first place at PPT #16. Congrats once again to the winners and i will see you in two weeks at my parents house again.

PPT #17 - 8/19/2016

Poker is Poker and it is getting closer to the end where every tourney you play is important to those fighting for the last few spots. We had 17 players show up and the only thing that changed from the last time we played to this time was that Ryan was first out. But don't worry Ariel was second out to change nothing there for the last 3 weeks. Only this time he couldn't rebuy. But i feel a run is coming for him just don't know when. Rudy once again won but this time he didn't split as he outlasted Tony P. Yup my dad had a strong run in this tourney to finish in second as he got beat with a straight as Rudy was holding 34 to his A8. Therefore you know whose night it was. Jay O. finished in third as he kept pulling bullshit out of his ass to knock out Rob in 6th, then Doris in 5th with J8 to her AQ and then me in fourth with J7 to my AK. Yup he did call and then called our all-ins even though we didn't have double the blinds with those hands. But it worked so i can't fault him. I did take home money this time so I am inching up and eventually will overtake Rudy and anyone who wants to win next week. Congrats again Rudy for his third win/split in a row. See you all next week.

PPT #18 - 9/2/2016

I have come to the conclusion I am stuck being the grooms men and never the groom. Seriously I can't make this shit up. In my last 7 tourneys i have gotten 5th, 5th, 2nd cash, 4th bubble bitch, 5th bubble bitch, 4th cash, and once again 2nd cash. I am going to break this, just need some luck once in a while so I can. We had a very nice and quiet game since not many Panzas were there. It took a while before we lost our first person and that went to Freddy. Freddy actually didn't deserve it but Mr. Lew got lucky when he called his all in. Freddy went all in on the turn and Mr. Lew called quickly and said he had the straight. Then he flipped over his cards and he actually had an open ended straight. He thought he had King when the board read 2910Q. He actually had AJ But hit a king on the river to knock Freddy out. Then we had to wait awhile until we lost Rob who bought back in and then Jeff got knocked out and he re-bought too. Jose was suppose to play but cancel at the last minute so we had an extra seat. So we still had pretty much a whole game at the break. Jeff once again was knocked out and we were down to 10. We played for a little but then it took one hand to get us to the final table and that so happen to go to the man who can't lose in Rudy. He called an all in by Mr. Lew and Tony P and flipped over AK. Mr. Lew flipped over Q9 and Tony flipped over 1010. The flop was good for Tony P but the turn and river gave Rudy three of a kind Aces. Since Tony only had 3,700 and Mr Lew had 4,200, Rudy's 4,700 was just enough to knock them both out. At the final table Pete was our first victim as I hit trip 2's on the flop and Pete couldn't hit his flush or straight on the river to finish in 8th. Next out was a newbie in Mike who gave a lot of his chips for no reason to Rudy and eventually was knocked out with two pairs to Rudy's full house. When you are running hot you can't do no wrong. Next to follow was Ed who after the flopped pushed for 5k plus more but Rudy still called with a nut flush draw and of course hit his flush on the turn to knock Ed out in 6th. Next out was Rob who made a valiant effort when he was down to only 850 chips early in the game. I took him out and that's when Pete decided to take over the book and wrote "Ant Blows" in it. Pete didn't realize it, but he was foreshadowing my poker skills later in the night. We were down to our bubble bitch and that went to Ariel. Ariel found his game but couldn't win and finish fourth. I do not remember how he was knocked out. Only thing i know is Pete wrote in the book that "Ariel lost period" lol. We were down to our money people in The Legend Dave, Rudy, and Myself. I slowed played The legend by just calling with AA and he pushed with A8. Nothing hit on the board and The Legend came in third. I will say the Legend did hit a ROYAL FLUSH on the flop, earlier in the night, and played it nicely to get a huge double up and get back in the game. He literally was asking about the buy back seat right before this hand. Also The legend and Rob both #gotAriel on a couple of hands. Rob made this up when Campbell lost a hand to Ariel and then eventually got knocked out by Ariel not much longer after that. lol It was heads up with Rudy and Myself. I had the chip lead and was running well. But of course luck doesn't follow me and after playing for a while I gave him a double up that gave him the lead. I raised to 12k on 2-4k blinds and he pushed for 25k more. I called and flipped over A4. Of course Rudy has to have A8. But the flop was Q25 giving me more outs with a straight draw. I actually thought I was going to hit the hand, and I usually dont think that way becasue of my luck, but i was feeling it. Thing is though Rudy goes, "Ant with your luck you are not going to hit this." And guess what, he was correct. Since Rudy can't lose the turn and river completely missed me and his 8 high played. I still had about 26k and got it back up to roughly 35 to 40k. I was first to act addn went all in with 44 to hopefully get Rudy off his hand since i know he will have two overs. Well that didn't work and he called with KJ. The flop was AQ6 and i was looking good. But once again the Poker Gods were not on my side and the turn was a FUCKING jack and the river missed me. Rudy once again wins and took home PPT #18. That is now two split pots and 2 actual wins in a row for Rudy. Never had this happen. Only PJs actaully 3 in a row wins back in like 2009 or 10 were the closest even though Rudy actual only has two wins in a row. lol Congrats and see you guys next time.

PPT #19 - 9/16/2016

Poker does not like me. I come to the conclusion that is what it is when it comes to the PPT. I can win at Prestige Poker and I just won our Bar Poker League TOC but somehow I can’t catch a break at the PPT. I decided that I am going to chew bubble gum and when I get knocked out I am going to blow a big bubble and let it pop because I keep getting knocked out as bubble or right around it. We had 18 people show up. This was our biggest game at Pete’s house in a long time. Two interesting people showed up since they both are vying for the 16th spot. Let just say Matt and Kerri have combine been to Pete’s house like 5 times in 2 or 3 years. Some things never change and there were a few people out early. That went to Freddy and Ariel and both of them decided not to buy back in. It was Frank who got knocked out next that decided to buy back in. It didn’t do his so well since he was later knocked out by the same guy who knocked him out earlier in the game. Next out was Mike S. Jeff was the one who took him out and as he won the hand Jeff goes, “Welcome to the PPT, you just got JEFFified.” Pete and I laughed bad and Pete goes, “You just said that in a Matthew Mcconaughey voice like those commercials.” Then Pete tried to do the voice and that was hilarious too. Rob held on as long as he could but fell to Mike P who was just couldn’t lose a hand and couldn’t fold a hand even if it was shitty. I was told he was playing shitty cards and hitting them. Next out was Jose but this time he got 7 points instead of 5. Jose you are making your way up. Mr. Lew followed next as he couldn’t win a hand all night. Jeff being Jeff, got into big hands and won some and lost some. Unfortunately for him he lost more than he won and was out next. Finally I am able to say this early, Rudy was out next. It was his first time in 5 games that he was out before finishing either first or second. Rudy came over and said, Mike is hitting everything and his cards are really not that good. Frank was knocked out again by Mike P. and then Tony, who was also playing over there was out next, and we were down to our final table. It was an interesting table as we had Matt and Kerri both there fighting for the 16th spot, Mike P. who was a wild card with a lot of chips, Jay O. who doesn’t like to fold, the Poker Legend with a good stack, Pete and Ed a good stack, and myself with a low stack. It was our first hand where Pete went all in and got an all in call by Matt and a call by Jay O. Pete’s 78 won as he hit two pairs and Matt was first out at the final table and took home 17 points. For him, that jumped him temporarily into the 16th place but needed Kerri to finish no better that 5th place to retain it. From the looks of it, you would have thought Kerri may be knocked out early at the final table but that didn’t happen. It was Ed who was knocked out next and this is where we finally got to see what Mike was playing with at the other table. Mike P being first to act called 3k and Ed eventually went all in for 11k and after a little debate Mike said he calls. No joke he called Ed’s all in with J2 of spades. I guess suited cards means a lot to him. Ed flipped over 88. Ed looked good all the way to the river but Mike hit his 3 outer Jack on the river to knock him out in 7th. Then the Legend had to feel Mike’s wrath. The Legend is not use to Mike’s style of play so he ran into a monster when Mike had AK to his K rag and a King was on board. The Legend tried to make a move but played right into Mike’s hand. The Legend’s face was priceless when he flipped over the worse hand. He finished in 6th. So for Matt to stay in 16th he needed Kerri out next but she kept holding on and it was bubble bitch me as usual who got knocked out next. I was surprise to even get this far with the stack I had all night. I had 4k and went all in to call the big blind. I had 3 callers. I had K10 but Mike P’s A8 which he hit the 8 on the flop was enough for the win. He actually gave me a better chance of winning when he bet the flop and everyone folded. Too bad, of course, I did not hit one of my two overs and I finished in 5th. Kerri bitched after that hand because she was dumb enough to fold top pair with her shit kicker because she thought he had better. She would have won and actually hit three of a kind. We had to hear about this for about another 20 minutes and while all of that bitching was going on she stayed in the game while others got knocked out. Pete raise to 12k and Mike P put him all in and Pete called. Pete flipped over 99 to Mike’s KQ. Pete looked good after the flop but the turn was a King and Mike took a 48k pot down and pretty much had all the chips. Jay O who was quiet at the final table had to go all in the next hand and lost to once again Mike P. So Kerri made it all the way up to top two and just could not get above 30k when playing heads up against Mike. The last hand was really dirty and explained the night that Mike P. had that gave him the PPT #19 win. Kerri was all in with A3 to Mike’s J8. The flop was 35J giving Mike the lead. The turn though was an Ace giving Kerri two pairs and the lead, but Mike still had two outs and he hit one of his Jacks on the river to knock Kerri out in 2nd. She is now in the top 16. See you all in two weeks.

PPT #20 - 9/30/2016

I Hate Poker so this post is going to be me bashing people and the game lol. First off we had 21 people show up today with a newbie in Khalil and Sherwin showing up for the first time this year. The new table was in play and it took Jon Cruz and Khalil to spill the first drink on it. But guess what it didn't leave a stain and the game just kept going on. Jon was the first out of the game and Ed followed the next hand. Since Jon was first out he would rebuy and we were able to bring everyone down and for the first time in PPT history because we were playing 10 and 10 at a table. The biggest thing to come from this game was the battle for 15th and 16th place. Doris played because she heard that Matt might play. Kerri wasn't going to play because Matt told her that he wasn't and eventually showed up at 8. Kerri was suppose to go out but her plans fell through and she decided to play. Well that didn't help Kerri as she had an early exit. Along with Kerri's early exit were Jay O, Freddy, Karen, Yoan, Me, and Rudy. I decided that i am going to bring lollipops to games so that when someone sucks out i am going to throw them a lollipop. It was terrible last night and those guys were the ones that split the money at the end. My first lollipop would go to Ariel, He had AK to Doris's KK and on the river hit an Ace to knock Doris out with her big stack. Later on Sherwin was knocked out by Khalil with J10 to his AQ. Then Tony was knocked out with 99 to Jon's pocket JJ. Unfortunately for him Rob got a lollipop too when his KQ, on the same hand, flopped a K to win the hand. We were down to 10 and the next out was Frank who fell to Jon's terrible acting job and pushed on him with KQ. Jon snapped called with AA and they held up. Pete was next out with his A8 to Ariel's QQ and we were down to our final table. At this point i had no interest in the game since i was long out for the first time in a while. It took a couple of hands before Khalil pushed with K10 for 7k and Matt as the big blind and fighting for top 16 decided to call the 5k with Q8 of spades. Matt hit a flush draw on the flop and then hit the flush on the turn to knock Khalil out in 8th. Next out was Jeff as he push on Jon's raise to 8k, to 18k, and Jon once again snapped called with KK. Jeff had 99 and Jon hit quad kings to knock Jeff out in 7th. Rob followed next as he pushed for 9.5k with A10 suited and Matt once again called after deliberating for a while. Matt was in for 3k pre-flop and flipped over QJ. Matt flopped two pair and Rob flopped a flush draw. But the turn and river missed Rob and he finished in 6th. We were down to our money men. The very next hand Mr. Lew went all in with 89 and Ariel pushed to get everyone else out with 1010. Mr. Lew flopped a straight draw but missed and he finished in 5th with 4th place points. Then the played for a while and this is where Ariel begins to pile up the lollipops. Jose went all in with K4 for 14k and Ariel called with QJ, I might have gotten that wrong, maybe Ariel pushed first and Jose called. Well Ariel hit a J on the flop and Jose was knocked out in 4th. While playing three hand Ariel pushed with KK but Matt called with AA and took a huge chip lead. But Matt gave those chips to Jon as Jon received his first lollipop. He pushed for 36k with KJ and Matt, with only 4k in the pot, called with KQ. the first card flipped over was a Jack and Matt missed the rest of the board and Jon now was chip leader. A few hands after that Ariel pushed and got his third lollipop as Matt snapped call. Matt had A10 to Ariel's A6. The flop was KQJ giving Matt the straight but unfortunately the turn was a 10 to push the hand. Then they played for a little while and Ariel got his fourth and final lollipop as he pushed once again with K10 and Matt called with 55. nothing hit until the river when Ariel spiked a K to knock Matt out in 3rd. Right after that Jon and Ariel decided to split and Ariel took home top points for PPT #20. We did have a Poker Legend spotting as he came over while the final table was playing. I almost gave him 5 points for just showing up since he was the legend. Now that the smoke has cleared for PPT 20. There are only 5 games left and the top 16 battle is heating up. With Matt's third place finish he moved up to 15th and push Doris to 16th. Kerri is now 18 and 19 points behind them But they are inching up to Freddy and Victor for 13th and 14th place.

PPT #21 - 10/14/2016

The man, the myth, the candle has found has game. Joey Candle, Jose Vela, has now come into the money the last two games to inch himself closer to the top 16. With only 4 games to go this is going to be interesting to see who the last 3 to 4 spots in the top 16 are going to be. Only way you are getting in this year is if you actually play and not think playing 6 to 8 games was going to be enough for you. cough cough Kerri. We had 15 players tonight and we welcome Bubba Shags to our game. It was a quiet game for the most part. Well we didn't have Frank at our table so that is probably why. Ariel was first and second out and besides that nothing else was interesting enough to warrant writing in this diary entry. I was the last person out before final table as my AQ lost to a K6 and a K7 when a King flopped. Our final table knocked people out fast early but then things stalled when we were down to 5. The first two out happen to be on one hand by Ed. Freddy was all in for 2k after losing a couple of big hands earlier. Bubba called and Ed, in the big blind, called. The flop was Q36 and Ed made a bet that put Bubba all in. Bubba called and flipped over 99. Ed flipped over Q3 to show two pairs. Freddy flipped over A9. The turn and river were a 10 and Ed's two pair held up to knock Freddy out in 8th and Bubba in 7th. Next out was Matt as he pushed pre-flop with Q10 after Pete made a raise. Pete and Tony P. both called. They played all the way to the river with no bets and Pete flipped over AJ while Tony P. flipped over 88. The board read 765K2 and Tony took in a huge pot. Tony hit a lot of hands to stay in for a while but it eventually caught up to him not playing and was knocked out in 5th. It took a while for him to be knocked out but it finally came when he had to go all in for his last 1k with K5. Pete was the only person in the hand with him and flipped over A10. the flop was 1035 then the turn and river were a 4 and 7. Pete's pair of 10's won him the hand. We were down to Ed, Rob, Pete, and Jose. Each one of them had pretty good stacks. Ed though ran into his usual unluckiness and eventually was knocked out in 4th. He was all in for 14k with J10 and was called by Pete with AK. The flop was 210K and the turn and river were a 8 and 9 giving Pete top pair and the win. Down to three handed Jose got the luck he need while Pete was the unfortunate victim of that luck. Pete pushed for 25k with A6 and Jose called immediately with A9. The flop was 886 giving Pete the lead with a pair of 6. The turn though was a 9 giving Jose the high pair with a pair of 9. The turn was a Q ending Pete's night in third. We were down to our final two and they played for about 10 minutes before Joey Candle caught Rob nicely. Jose looking at AA, just called Rob pre-flop. Rob decided to make a move and went all in for about 45k plus with 67 of diamonds. Jose of course snapped called and the flop was J3J with two diamonds on the board. But the turn and river did not help Rob as it was an 8 and a 4 and neither of them were a diamond. Congrats to Jose, Joey Candle, on the PPT #21 win. See you all tonight.

PPT #22 - 10/28/2016

What can i say. The top 16 is heating up that we had someone in the top 16, that hasn't showed up in a while, come to keep their spot while others try and get into and stay in the top 16. We had 17 players and we lost a lot of people early and we were down to 12 when we got to break. I tried a new program today and it worked out well. Thinking of getting it for next year but that is still up in the air. Every time someone got knocked out it would tell them they lost they get nothing. I found it quite funny but may try to get more sound bites when people get knocked out. Anyway back to poker. After the break we lost Matt in 12th where he only got 7 points. After that we lost Jay, Rudy and Victor who was our bubble bitch to the final table. It didn't take long to lose our first player as Tony was low and went all in 4 hands in. He had 33 but lost to Jose's Q9 as he hit a straight on the river. We were down to seven and we played for a little. But it was a hand that got messed up because Doris was in her own world even though she blames me for distracting her. The board had three spades and she flipped over the river, which was another spade, before everyone was done betting. Well Jeff was going to bet but we told him that you have to take the card and put it back in and reshuffle the deck so that there is a new river. Jeff still decided to push and Jose called with top pair. Jeff was on a flush draw and missed it on the river. He was not happy about that but that's poker. We were down to six and it was my time once again because the poker gods don't like me. I had about 13k and pushed with blinds at 3-6k with only the small and big blind left. And of course Freddy is sitting with pocket 5s and pushes to leave him and myself in the hand. I had A2 and nothing hit. I finished in 6th. Bubble bitch went to Pete as he was in for about 2.5k with 55 and Mr. Lew in the big blind had Q6. Mr. Lew hit a Queen on the flop and then a flush on the river to end Pete's night in disappointment right next to me. We were down to Mr. Lew, Jose, Freddy, and Doris. Next out was Mr. Lew as he pushed with K2 to Jose's KJ. Nothing again hit and Jose won the hand and knocked out Mr. Lew in 4th. Then with blinds at 5-10k Doris pusehd with A9 and Jose called from the small blind for 10k more and Freddy called for 5k. A Jack hit the board and that was enough for Jose to knock out Doris in 3rd as he was holding J5 or J4. Whatever it was, it was shit and he got the luck he needed. Freddy and Jose decided to chop and play one last hand for winner. Freddy won the hand and took home PPT #22. Doris played big at the right time to keep her 16th spot but with Matt getting knocked out early Doris is now tied with him and Jose is sitting 22 points behind. See you all next week

PPT #23 - 11/11/2016

Nothing has changed from week to week in PPT. Frank still says funny things like, "I almost hit Trips.", I still suck, my cards were terrible tonight, and Rudy came back on top once again. Jose finished in second and now has made this race even tighter. Someone in the next two games is going to be disappointed to not be playing in the TOC. For the top 11 that seem to be safe in the TOC we are going to have it on December 23rd. Make sure you are available, cancel plans, whatever you need to do to make this game on the 23rd. Here is the remaining schedule for the 2016 PPT November 18. Panza House December 9 Pete's house December 23 TOC Panza's House

PPT #24 - 11/18/2016

No comment....... Seriously i have no comment. Between me trying to make things happen, negative attitude toward cards, shitty cards, and shitty play I have been terrible... I need to take the Rudy approach which is have a positive attitude and see what happens. It can't get any worse. Jose is on an unbelievable run just like Rudy earlier in the year. Rudy's was more impressive. He had more wins but Jose the last five games has been impressive. He goes in with the worse hand and keeps on catching. And he calls with marginal hands more than half the times and keeps on catching. QJ 92 J7 you name it he hits it. With that being said Jose was our PPT #24 winner knocking out Freddy and Matt on the final hand. Jose his first 7 games no better than a 10th place. Jose the last 5 games no worse than a 4th place. Night and Day Joey Candle. Later Bitches...see you all in a few weeks

PPT #25 - 12/9/2016

I totally forgot to write this two weeks ago and I actually don't have the paper I wrote this on. I forgot the Diary that week and now i have not stats or hands to report. We actually had our biggest game of the year at Pete's house as we had 17 players show up. The Legend Campbell showed up trying to catch Jose, Jay, or Doris for the 14th, 15th, or 16th place. He needed a lot to fall his way for this to happen but his night was cut short when Jay O beat him with a terrible hand after The Legend raised another 2k more. It was funny because Campbell still said something about his raise like 20 minutes later. Ed was the last out before we hit the final table. With 8 people left it was Tanya who was knocked out in 8th, then followed by Mr. Lew in 7th, and Jay O in 6th. Bubble Bitch went to Doris in 5th and I finished in 4th. Ariel then was next out as his lower pair got counterfeited with two higher pairs on board. Matt had an Ace and took Ariel out in 3rd. The next hand Frank and Matt split and Frank won the hand to take down PPT #25. The final 16 are set and we just played it yesterday.

PPT TOC 2016 - 12/23/2016

What can i say that hasn't been said before. Poker still sucks, Only 3 Panza;s were in and all of us were totally unlucky on our way out of the game and The show down between the top two was ugly. Well one person played well and the other was just damn lucky. He will tell you that the one hand he had KK and it was the best going in but he wont tell you about his KJ, A8, 33, KQ, and a few others that he was behind that he caught to stay alive.

16th Ed, Jeff crushed my dream, Walker
15th Jay, Jeff also crushed my dream, Olivo
14th Jose, I complain about how much i got in each chip, Vela
13th Rudy, I can't win races, and Jeff crushed my dreams, Peralta
12th Ant, No luck at all as Jeff hits 3 outer to crush my dream Panza
11th Matt, I looked like a Christmas Tree last Night, Perlman
10th Rob, I didn't have as much gas as usual, Alberti
9th Tony, After the break killed me as i got no cards, Panza
8th Freddy, bullshit by Frank beat me, Bernal
7th Doris, Frank's bullshit 3 outer beat me too, Panza
6th Ray, Frank is a douche as his bullshit beat me too, Lewandowski
5th Ariel, I should have pushed and Jeff crush my dream too, Peralta
4th Victor, how did I even make this tourney, Alvarez
3rd Pete, Fuck Frank and his bullshit, Lewandowski
2nd, Frank, want to chop, i was lucky all night, Zaitz
1st Jeff, I crushed dreams all night, you've been Jeffified, Weber

To recap. The final hand was exactly deserving to Frank as Jeff made a move and went all in with 93 of hearts and Frank called with 88. The flop was 6KA and tow of them were hearts. The turn was a 10 that did not help but the river was a 7 of heart to give Jeff the hand and the TOC win. Jeff didn't play terrible cards, until the last one, that we usually see and people kept betting into him or calling him when he had it. He may have played bad cards but we didn't see it tonight. Frank won with KJ to A9 as they both hit on the flop when it was AK6 but then he hits another K on turn to win. Later he Has A8 diamonds to Freddy's 66 and hits a flush on river. Then the flop comes all low and he pushes with KQ and Doris called him with AQ and he hits a K on turn. a few hands later he calls Mr. Lew's all in and has 33 to AA and hits a 3 on turn to knock him out. Finally, he goes all in on a flop of J93 with J5 and Pete has 93. The turn and river were a 7 therefore Frank had a higher two pair then Pete to knock him out in 3rd. Pete actually came 40 minutes late and the first hand he plays he loses 4k and eventually was down to 2k when he made his run all the way to third. Victor quietly finished in 4th. Ariel was up and down all night. Mr. Lew was quiet too at his table until the terrible lost to Frank at the final table. Doris was just as quiet at our table. Freddy had a big stack but lost to Frank's bullshit on a hand that was messed up to start. Tony was quiet but got unlucky as Pete tried to steal a pot with 105 to his K9. Pete hit not one but two 5s against him. Rob and Matt went out quiet. I lost with A10 to Jeff's A8 as he hits a 8 on turn. Rudy 88 to Jeff's KJ was a lost for Rudy as Jeff hit a J on flop. All Jose could do was complain about how much of each chips he had as he drank nips Coors Light. lol. At least i only had to hear about it for a few hours as he got knocked out early. Jay went out quietly and Ed went out with a bang as he pushed with AQ to Jeff's KK for about 7 to 8k, . Later Bitches, The 2017 season begin in two weeks on January 6th at Pete's House. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

1st - Jeff    

2nd - Frank    

3rd - Pete    

4th - Victor