Dear Diary...(2014)

by Anthony Panza

PPT #1 - 1/3/2014

A new season has approached us and the PPT started with no drama and some luck to the winner. The reason for no drama was that Karen was not there. The only concern we had of the night was before the game even started. My father fell down the steps because he missed the last step, taken Mrs. Lew down with him and she banged her head into the door. The both said they were ok but we still wonder and worried. Rob decided that it is the Year of the Rob and didn't play as much as he usually does early on in the tourney, therefore no one was out early and the first person was knocked out at 200-400. Jimmy was our first casualty of 2014 and also our second. He did lose a big hand right before he lost the first time. He turned a flush but it gave Kerri trip Aces and the river paired, to help propel Kerri to being the bubble bitch and Jimmy was left short stack. Next out was Mrs. Lew with trips to Pete's flush. Then Mr. Lew pushed all in on the turn with the low pair, which was 3's, on board and Rob called him with second high pair, which was queens, and he was our next victim. Tony P was next to follow suit and we were down to our final table As the final table began Pete decided to tell everyone at the table what my father said to my brother-in-law Bruce on Christmas. When he was talking to Bruce he said "were you planning this." And he said "kind of." then my father said, "I didn't know you were that sexually active." Yes my father actually said that to him. As everyone was laughing about this comment at the final table, my father then goes, "I figure he had no time with work," which prompted us to say, "well he only needs 3 minutes in the day to do it," we all continue to laugh. First out of the final table was Burke when he went all in with pocket 5's to big blind Crilley with pocket 3's. Flop came 7107 then on the turn was a 3 that gave Crilley trip 3's and sent Burke home early. Next out was Matt but we all thought it was going to be Sherwin when he pulled a Lani and said it was a good night but I guess I am going home. He hit his straight on the turn with A2 when Kerri had trip 5's. Then Sherwin got another double up that he didn't deserve prompting me to say, "Sherwin go the fuck home already." While Sherwin pulled these two hands out of his ass it was Crilley who was dealing it and kept looking at the card first before showing us and making faces. The reason I bring this up is because Pete was next out while Crilley was dealing and it was Sherwin who got lucky again. The flop came out A106 Sherwin bet and Pete called. The turn came another 10 and Pete went all in. Sherwin debated for a while and called. Pete flipped over K10 to Sherwin's A7. Crilley again looks at the last card and makes a face and none of us believed him, but guess what it was another Ace giving Sherwin the higher full house. This pissed Pete off but he was actually calmer than I would have thought but that was because he was doing his playoffs teams for Matt's pool. Next out was Crilley with JJ to Kerri's KK. Nothing hit and we were down to four. As we were playing four handed my father again fell down the steps this time hitting his head on the wall. He said he was fine but I worried. After a few minutes and him saying "that Pete's parents might need new sheetrock with me here," I felt more at ease. The four of us were evenly stacked. After playing for a little I got low and went all in with 88 to Kerri's AQ. I asked Rob to flop what I have. Yup that's right I pulled a Kerri on Kerri and the first card was an 8 and that was all I needed. Kerri was next out when she didn't go all in pre flop with KQ with Sherwin's J3. flop came J104. turn was a 10 and Kerri went all in and Sherwin called. The river was a meaningless 6. Rob then was next out when Sherwin once again got lucky with Rob holding A10 to his A5. The flop was 8108 then a 6 and river 5 giving Sherwin a pair of 5's. Rob unfortunately so far it is not the year of the Rob. It then was down to Sherwin and I and I just couldn't come back from his stack. I made a min raise with KQ suited and he went all in with A8. I called and the flop was 369, turn 3, and river 7. That gave Sherwin the first win of 2014. Told you early in this Diary the winner got lucky. So I am not saying congrats, instead I am saying fuck you Sherwin. ha Later everyone, See you in two weeks at my parents house.

PPT #2 - 1/17/2014

Alright it was a small game but never a less there was excitment and Campbell bickering at the PPT. Unfortunately for me I was the first out because i got into a big hand early on against poker Steve and lost. Eventually i was all in with QJ suited to Mr. Lew's A3. The flop came AQ10 and nothing else hit sending me to the buyback seat which so happen to be right next to me. After playing for a while Matt was our next victim. He didn't get cards all night and when he was all in he goes to Jimmy "We probably have the same hand." Matt you were not close on that and Jimmy knocekd him out. Well there was a second buy back seat because there was a no show. There was about 2200 in chips and the person was the small blind for 250. We offer Matt the seat for $10 and he turned it down. Thats right only $10 and he turn it down. All I can say is, Matt you are a pussy. Before Matt was knocekd out, my father had another great comment to add to his legendary status. "I check the river, and Rob you should check too since you lost." Well Rob did check and my dad flipped over pocket 8's, Rob had pocket J's and nothing hit on the board. My dad began collecting the chips and they had to tell him that Rob actually won the hand. I kid you not. Jimmy was nexted out with AQ to Rob's AK. again nothing hit and we were down to our final table. Crilley had a big stack when we started the final table but it kept dwindling with the blinds and him not playing many hands. Eventually he went all in with pokcket 7's and Pete called right away with pocket 10's. Crilley says, "every time I played a pocekt pair tonight someone always had better." Crilley was out and we were down to 7. Pete, Rob, and Mr. Lew were in a hand after a flop of AQ2. Pete bet a $1000 and Mr. Lew was about to bet $3000 and said it but forgot that it was Rob who was next to act. Rob looked over sneakily and says,"wait it is my bet. Well since I see Mr Lew is going to raise I will just call. Mr Lew then folds. The hand played to the river and Rob won with trip 2's. Pete was out next getting risky with his low pocket pair of 6's to Poker Steve's pocekt 10's after the flop of J99. Steve called his all in and he was sitting on the sideline wondering why he just did what he did. I believe Pete was probably mumbling under his breathe, "I suck," but i dont know for sure. Now it was Campbell's turn to get knocekd out. He lost a hand not that long ago and was bickering that Tony P went all in with QJ when he made a riase and Tony hasn't played a hand at the final table all night. Campbell had AK but a Q hit and Campbell lost a decent amount. Campbell decided later on to go all in with A5 and big blind and chip leader Steve called him. He goes to Campbell, "This is a bad call and you probably are going to hate me." Steve flipped over A6 suited hearts. This of course made Campbell's eye brows raised. Anyway Q98 flop, then another Q and a 3 on the river, prompting Campbell to say "split pot," but he was wrong because the river gave Steve a flush and Campbell went home in disgust. My Dad was next out with nothing spectacular. Now I was nexted out and I should have just handed the money to someone and had them kick me in the balls for the money I spent for the buy back seat. Nothing is worst then buying back and then being the bubble bitch. $80 right down the shitter. We were down to our final three. Mr. Lew, Rob, and Poker Steve. Mr. Lew was out first by going all in on the river when he hit a 6 for a pair of 6's, unfortunately Steve hit a pair of 10's on the turn and called Mr. Lew. Rob and Steve played for a while and ROb had a commanding chip lead. Steve had to go all in because he had about $7000 and Rob called. Steve hit his top pair and doubled up. I left but when i came back Rob just went all in with 84 suited after Steve made a preflop raise of $5000 to make it a total of $9000. Rob was all in for $36,500 and Steve called with $35,500 with A6. Rob hit a 4 on the flop but the turn came a 6 and rob was down to $1000. Two hands later rob was all in with 106 of diamonds to Steve's 23 of spades. the flop came 1067 but all spades and nothing else hit givng Steve the win with a Flush. Two weeks in a row we are letting none PPT players yet winning our games. People need to start showing up to stop letting this happen. Alright later everyone, Next weeks game 1/31/14 is going to be at my Parents house.

PPT #3 - 1/31/2014

All is right in the world because poker legend David Campbell has won a PPT event. Besides that we had the J crew come in along with the legendary Steve Maldonado. The J crew is “J”ose, Jay, Noah, and Nefi. I think we have a contender for Campbell’s top spot on how poker should be played and I am never wrong with the moves I do. Let’s get to the poker game. We had a solid 14 people show up and there was plenty of excitement, bickering, and 13 upset people that didn’t get the W. Right off the bat, the first hand had some pretty heavy action. There was a raise pre-flop, a call, another raise, and both called. The flop came out with a Q high and Sherwin lead out with a huge bet. Campbell called, but Jay raised it to $1,500. Sherwin called but Campbell dropped out. They played to the river with more betting and Jay won with a pair of queens. This got Sherwin rile up a little because Jay called a re-raise with Q9. We didn’t hear the end of this for a few more hands. Oh and let me tell you both Dave and Sherwin came to me after the game and still were complaining about the hand. So now you see who may be giving Campbell a run for his money. After playing for about a half hour Campbell was our first victim with AK to Noah’s QQ. So you wonder then how he won, well it is the infamous buy back seat that Amy and Matt truly love. As we continue to play, rob yelled at me, “I will fucking deal, since you are eating humus like a hipster.” By the way Jose that humus was real good. Then later on we were talking about Pete’s famous, I have a pre-flop flush draw, and he follows that up with “I have a pocket flush, you know you have two of the same suit in your hand.” Thank you Pete for that insightful thought. Next Jose and Rob were talking and Rob goes to Jose, “you need a huggie.” Jose, as he was laughing goes, “No but I don’t know what that is” The funny thing was Jose felt awkward saying that. Ok I am sorry for getting off the beaten path of poker, so let’s get back to it. Jose got a little frisky with an Ace on board and went all in with close to $4000 but was called quickly by Rob with a higher Kicker than his A5. Then Mr. Lew follow suit while getting no cards all night. After a hot start, Rob cooled off and was our 4th victim dropping him to 3rd overall on the leaderboard. As we continue to play Jose decided to chime in once again saying that he always gets knocked out early in the first game he plays because he remembers that there are always “chasing motherfuckers.” Nefi and Jay were next to be knocked out. The actually were knocked out in the same hand. Then the following hand Noah was knocked out to end the J crew’s night. That got us down to our final table. Early on at the final table, Campbell push with a relatively small amount and Doris called to take a shot. Campbell flipped over AA and Doris had 99. Nothing hit and Doris was out the next hand as she had to go all in because she was the big blind. Unfortunately for her Keith had KK and her J2 could not catch the straight that was brewing on board. Tony P was next out with no excitement there. He was low stack, he went all in, and he lost. Then there was me. I tried for once to slow play AA by just calling the big blind for $5000. Well Sherwin called as the small blind and Dave checked. The flop came, Q55 and I was thinking one of these motherfuckers has the 5, yet when they both checked, I went all in. Campbell couldn’t get his money in fast enough. It was like you telling Campbell that you are going to AC this weekend and how excited he gets and that he is in. He flipped over 65 and I was out. Pete then decided to go all in a few hands later with 88 but legendary, never say die, Steve M, called with AJ. The flop came, AJ10 and it was all over when the turn and river came 3, K. Steve was playing great poker but got unlucky when Sherwin went all in pre flop with AK and he called with QQ. the flop had an Ace and Steve's night was over. So we were down to our finally three, quiet yet not, Keith, Really Sherwin, and Poker Legend Campbell. They played for a while and then there was the little spat between Campbell and Sherwin. Keith had to go all in and Sherwin, in the small blind goes all in, making Campbell fold. Campbell begins to bitch at Sherwin for not just calling so they could knock him out. Of course, Campbell would have hit the Jack on the flop and instead Keith won with a pair of 6's. This had Sherwin talking to Campbell and Campbell talking back. You know when you are talking to someone and you just really want to get away, well this was that situation. So annoying, let the person play the cards like they want. Anyway Campbell began to hit cards and build a huge chip lead that eventually Keith had to go all in and had Q7 to Campbell's A9. the board read 1064610 and Keith was out. The next hand Sherwin had to go all in with 83 to Campbell's AJ and the flop came 769 giving Sherwin a straight draw but the turn and river were 6,4 and he was knocked out making Dave Campbell our PPT #3 winner. See all of you in about an hour. Later Bitches.

PPT #4 - 2/7/2014

Tonight was an unusual night because we only have a small amount of players and some of them are still "foreigners" in our PPT and Mark Lew made a special appearance. Since it was a small amount we started with one table of 9. That's right only 9 but those who played got points to keep them up in the standings. The game started with not much drama but when you play with poker Steve you never know what is going to happen. I never seen a guy plays cards like him until we saw what his friend, that he bought, was playing. Pete was our first victim of the night and because we had nine players he only received 2 points while the rest of us were getting final table points. Pete played a lot of hands because he had good cards and kept getting himself in trouble with bets that he couldn't back up. Then Tony P. got him good with a bluff. With four clubs on the board after the river, Tony P. made a bet and Pete folded the 7 of clubs while my dad didn't have a club at all. Tony P. called Pete's big bets after the flop and turn and when the river showed a club, Tony decided to take action in his own hand. Later on when Pete was low he made a raise with 66, Rob asked for a count and put Pete all in. Mark was next to acted and he went all in. Pete said, “I am tired of playing like this,” (meaning playing like shit) and called. Rob flipped over KK, Mark flipped over AQ. The flop came, Q92 the turn was a Q giving Mark trips and the river was an 8. Pete immediately bought back in. We then decided to have a conversation on WWPLDCD. What Would Poker Legend David Campbell Do. He would have folded those cards Mark and if he was in the hand with you with the Kings, he definitely would have been disgusted and argue "Why in the world would you play that hand after a raise and a re-raise. They weren't even suited." Next out was Poker Steve. Keith was out for vengeance after Steve beat him a few times and Keith the whole time thought he was bluffing most of them. Keith said, "I am coming after you, watch you will see." A little while later Steve called from the button and Keith was big blind. The flop came 1023, there was a small bet on the flop and the turn came a 4. This prompted Steve to go all in and Keith immediately called. Steve flipped over 42. Keith flipped over 102. The river was an 8 and Steve was knocked out. Keith said, “I got you.” No clue why he played 42 but it bit him in the ass in the end. Now brings me to Poker Steve’s friend Dave. Newbies kill me every time. It seems they win when they come. It’s getting old and annoying but lets’ get back to poker. Rob went all in for $1,425, first to act and big blind Dave with $500 in, called with 97 off suit. He had a pretty good stack because he was winning a lot of hands with top pair in his hand and no one could catch anything against him. Rob flipped over KJ and the flop came 1073 turn a 2 and river 8. Dave won with a pair of 7’s and we were down to 7. Keith lost ugly when he hit two pair on the flop of K3Q with K3 but Dave called his all in with K9 and the turn came a 6, but the river came a Q, giving Dave two pair with the higher kicker. Mr. Lew then was the next victim of Dave. Mr. Lew and Dave were the blinds I believe or Mr. Lew probably made a raise and Dave call because there were no two cards that were bad in his hand. Doesn’t matter if it was Q2 or 83 he played them and he hit. Anyway the flop came, Q93 and Mr. Lew pushed with AJ and Dave called with Q6 nothing else hit and we were down to 5. I was next out because Pete knocked me out and I bet he relished in my misery. I was all in with A10 to his KJ. Flop came J8A turn 4, river another fucking J. I would have rather my ace not come and give me false hope. Mark followed suit by being another victim of Dave when he raise pre-flop with AQ but Dave called and hit top pair with K4. Sorry Mark, hope we see you again. We were down to our final three, Dave, Tony P and Pete. Pete was out first by making a raise with pocket 4’s to $3,000. Money bags Dave called pre flop and it came, 963. Pete went all in with a decent amount and Dave called with 98. The turn and river were meaningless and Pete finished in 3rd. Tony P was left with only $2,200 in chips to Dave’s huge stack of $57,800. Tony P made a valiant effort and got up to $6,000 but was all in with K5 to Dave’s A7. A 7 hit on the flop but nothing else did and Dave was our #4 winner of 2014. Hopefully next time some of you bitches show up. Remember to bring an extra $2 when you show up. My dad or I will be collecting them. Oh just to add to my dad’s poker legend even though we didn’t play poker on Super bowl Sunday, he had another great quote. He was filling out a pool we were doing and he asked who Renee Fleming was. We told him she was singing the national anthem, he goes, “What team does he play for?” No joke with that one. Also The Lewandowski house is becoming a hazard to my father. He walked in and trip and fell in the doorway sending the chips flying. That is like the 4 or 5th time he has fallen at their house. Every time I ask him how he feels he says he is fine. I hope he is.

PPT #5 - 2/28/2014

Tonight was the biggest game we had in a while. 17 people showed up and the first one out was not a shocker because the seat is named after his family. A lot of things went on early, with Jose spilling beer not once, not twice, not even three times within the first hour of the game, Sherwin being the worst shuffler of all time, even worse than PJ, and Karen talking about balls in all kinds of way. Even Steve had to speak up since Karen was making fun of poker Steve and the other Steve thought she was talking about him. Karen said, “oh no not Mexican Steve,” which made Steve say “I prefer Central American Steve. Karen also was talking about being on a diet and Dave Charma said, “I was on a diet for 3 weeks,” we asked, “how much did you lose”, he goes “I lost 21 days.” Ok back to poker, First out was Pete because he was low stacked and the button, Jose, put him all in trying to steal the pot. Jose flipped over 35 and Pete called with AA. Jose flopped a 3 and then turned a 5 to knock Pete out. He immediately bought back in. Next out was Keith who couldn’t get it going all night. Then it was poker Steve’s turn. The flop came 1086. Steve made a 2400 bet. Dave Charma called then Dave, Poker Legend, Campbell went all-in. Steve called and the other Dave folded. Steve flipped over 86 while Dave flipped over J5 of spades. He had the flush draw but didn’t hit the flush instead runner, runner was 7, 9, which gave him a straight. That is an ugly way to win Dave. He tried to explain his reason for what he did. Dave no one cares. Play your cards the way you want. As all of this was going on more chattering and fake tweets were getting out of hand. Doris said she felt like she was getting sun burnt sitting next to the heater, Jose and Karen were talking about past relationships, and Kerri and Rob decided it was time to start to fake tweet. So if you are part of this group you probably received 15 to 20 emails from Kerri and Rob making fun of their table the whole night. It was quite funny. The funniest one I believe was Jose being a two beer queer and he drank three. Speaking of Jose he was next out because he lost to chasing motherfuckers. Well actually there was no chasing, but Kerri got runner, runner heart, heart to hit a flush using four cards on board. My Dad continues to add to his legacy by saying, “I got my favorite hand Ace king 10,” during the next couple of hours of play. During that time, the next six out, Sherwin, Steve, Karen, Me, Doris, and somewhere in between Pete again, none of us really went out in style. That got us to our final table. Rob was first out because he basically got blinded out. Poker Legend Dave was next out when he went all in with AK suited to other Dave’s 33. Campbell wasn’t happy he made that call with the raise that he made, but nothing hit and Dave was able to go home to get a couple of hours of sleep before he had to go to work. Next out was Tony, I am the man, P. who went quietly into the night. That got us down to 5 and the next person out would be the bubble bitch. And just like the only other time she played this year, Kerri was our bubble bitch again. She made a valiant effort to get back in it but eventually got too low to do anything and had to go all in with 43 and lost. Then the final four played for a while with money going back and forth until Laura had to go all in with 43 and Mr. Lew called with KJ. The flop came 3J6 turn K, river 4 giving them both two pairs, but with Mr. Lew having the higher ones and with more money, Laura was knocked out in fourth. That left us with Dave Charma, Mr. Lew and Jimmy, who by the way, sprayed all over Kerri silly string. Eventually when she tried to go home there was even more silly string in her shoes. Jimmy got real low that he had to go all in with J6 but Dave only had 92 and nothing hit giving Jimmy a much needed double up. It didn’t last long and again he was all in with J5 to K7 and Dave hit a K on the flop, but the turn came a J and the river came a 5, giving Jimmy two pair and keeping him alive. After playing for a little longer, Mr. Lew went all in with K8 to Dave’s AK. An Ace hit on the flop and that ended Mr. Lew’s night in third place. Jimmy and Dave played for a while and Jimmy kept creeping back into the game and eventually took over the chip lead by checking the flop, letting Dave bet, then going all in, which prompted Dave to fold. Finally they were both all in after a flop of 533 and a turn 7. Jimmy was holding K3 while Dave was holding 42. Dave called for an Ace or a five but the river came a 2, giving Jimmy the PPT #5 win.

PPT #6 - 3/14/2014

The PPT started late and ended late because as usual we were all bullshitting with each other and didn't realize the time, plus the host didn’t get there until close to 9. Anyway we started with 12 and we lost a player within the first 20 minutes of the game. Maybe this would be a quick night but like every other PPT event, things stalled for a while and the game went on for quite a long time. Jimmy was our first out because he decided to get a little wild with a mystery hand against Crilley. Jimmy raised pre-flop and Crilley and I called. After the flop of 247, we both checked and Jimmy made it 600. Crilley called. Then the turn came a 10. Another check by Crilley and Jimmy goes 1,500, Crilley called again. The river came a K and Crilley once again checked and Jimmy went all in for over 2,000. Crilley debated for a little and then called with trip 4’s. Jimmy mucked and later on we found out he had A6. Crilley had the early chip lead and would not relinquish it until the final three. As the night went on Crilley was slow playing a lot of hands and Karen called him out on it a few times. The only thing is Dave Ch. didn’t get the memo while sitting next to Karen. Dave raised pre-flop to 800. Crilley and I called again. The flop came K83 with two clubs. They both check the flop. The turn came a meaningless 6. Crilley once again checked and Dave went all in for over 2,000. Crilley called with K9 of clubs and Dave flipped over a J7 off suit. The river was garbage, just like Dave’s hand and Crilley took him out just as we went to break. Right after the break we played two hands and two more people were knocked out. Unfortunately for me, I was one of them. Second to act, Central American Steve went all in for 2,800. I was right after him and I went all in with 3,900. Crilley decides to call with only the small blind in that was 250. He explanation was because of the pot size. Our big blind, Karen also decides to call. Steve flipped over 22, I had AA, Crilley had 44, and Karen had AK. I said, “there is no doubt I am going to lose this hand with this many callers and the way Crilley’s night is going he will be the one to win.” Well the first card flipped over was a 4 and the rest of the cards amounted to shit. Steve and I were knocked out leaving us with 9. This prompted me to say, “Crilley is going to win tonight no doubt.” Was I right? Am I as psychic? As we began to play with nine the made a few people start saying, “I feel that the final table should be nine, we are all friends here.” I go, "We are family, I cant believe you will not do this for family,” For all of you who don’t know, last year Karen had a major blow up on me, for not putting the final table at 9 because she was hot as hell where she was sitting. We continue to this day to make fun of this every time we can. Back to Poker, Tony P was our next victim to get us to the final table. He had AJ to Jimmy’s KJ. The flop came J103, turn was a 6, but the killer card as usual was the river, which was a K. Final table. Doris was low stack and got a much needed triple up in the second hand of the table. She had KK to Pete and Crilley’s A high where the board showed K8J98. The hand made Pete the low stack and two hands later he was all in with 45 to big blind Crilley’s AK. The flop had an K and a 5 but nothing else hit and Pete was the first out at the final table. Next out was Rob when he went all in after the flop for 2,100 with 44 and the board showing 852. Karen debated for a minute and called with 67. The turn was a 9 giving Karen the straight and Rob was in 7th with 6th place points. After that Matt was out. He had KJ to Crilley’s AJ. The flop came K64 but the turn came an A with the river another 4. Then Doris follow suit with an all in with QJ, Crilley was big blind and called with 102, I cant remember if he had to take money out or put in a little amount to call her. All I know is it was not much. The flop came 289 then 3 finally 5. Crilley’s pair of 2’s hold up. That got us to four left. Mr. Lew was all in with AQ to Crilley’s AK. The flop came KJ9 but the turn came a 10 to give Mr. Lew a straight and a much needed double up. Then Karen got a double up she needed to stay in game and then Jimmy got a double up that he needed badly. It went back and fourth until finally Mr. Lew just called with A8, Jimmy checked big blind with KQ. The flop came KQ4 and Mr. Lew went all in. Jimmy called quickly and Mr. Lew was our bubble bitch. Now this was where the game just dragged on. Jimmy, Crilley, and Karen played for at least an hour before someone was knocked out. The switched chip lead constantly. I thought Crilley was going to be next out when he was low stack and pretty much had to go all in as the big blind. Well he had enough to get Jimmy to fold pre flop when he went all in and that was all he needed to start his come back. A few hands later Karen called pre-flop with K9 and Jimmy just called with A3. The flop came A92 and Jimmy made a bet. Karen eventually called and nothing else hit leaving Karen as our 3rd place finisher. Karen being Karen, She kept complaining afterwards, “How can he slow play an Ace, he should have raised, I should have just folded.” We were down to two and they literally played for maybe 10 minutes and it was over. Jimmy was chip leader and Crilley went all in with 88. Jimmy called quick with 108 suited and the flop came 810A, turn was a 3, river was a K. Very interesting flop but Crilley’s hand held up and he was our chip leader. Two hands later Jimmy went all with J8 and Crilley called with 102. The flop once again was interesting with a 1029 flop. This gave Crilley two pair but Jimmy had an open ended straight draw. The turn was a 3 and the river was a K, ending Jimmy’s night with only 2 points but second place money. Crilley congrats and my prediction, after I got knocked out, did come true. So I guess I am psychic. Fuck you Crilley, you should never had called my all in. Later Bitches

PPT #7 - 3/28/2014

This is what the PPT use to look like. We had 22 people play and 1 rebuy. With that many people you know there were some excitement and a few people who were annoying. What can I say, it was the same old same old, Pete getting knocked out early, me being pissed that I am playing like shit, Campbell looking like he just lost a child and completely pissed off, Sherwin analyzing every hand he plays, and he still can’t shuffle. Early on in the game Dave Charma was our first victim of the night losing to Sherwin’s flush. Sherwin had 84 of diamonds and people were wondering why he played it and that is where we knew we were in trouble. Sherwin then went on a 3 minute explanation about why he played it and we all just wanted to go to sleep after that. With so many people playing I could not keep track of everything going on. We had three tables with one being upstairs. Karen and Pete were the last two that came in and both picked a card to go upstairs, Karen uses her usual excuse and Pete was just being a douche. Amy protest the game, like she always does because Karen would not go upstairs. Jimmy called for my impeachment because I didn’t make them go upstairs, and I second his motion, but no one wanted to follow with the motion. Damn I am stuck still doing this shit. All I have to say is the chairs upstairs are not cemented to the floor; we could have moved them to ACCOMMODATE anyone. Back to poker, Ryan got down to $1,500 and told me he was going to come back and win this. He told me to write that down in my diary. It is not a diary bitch, it’s a journal. Now I thought Campbell was full of himself, and considers himself the greatest poker player we have, but Ryan is battling him for that. Also he was battling Karen for being the most annoying. Ha. If I have to hear, I am too good for this game one more time I might just fart in someone’s face. Oh wait I do that anyway. For the first time this year clock was called on someone. And no it wasn’t any of the Panza women, it was Matt calling it on my father. That’s right, Matt did it against a 73 year old. Way to be Matt. After Dave was knocked out there was no much going on excepted for people getting knocked out of the game; Rob, Mr. Lew., Pete, Matt, Sherwin, Jennifer, me, Steve poker, Billy, Noah, Tony P., Keith, Dave Poker Legend Campbell, and Nefty. With all these knock outs, the only ones that were interesting was of course Pete, who says he sucks and that his game has falter because we do not play enough, and Dave Poker Legend Campbell. When he came upstairs it was like he could not take a shit, he was upset, he was lost for words and that is saying a lot. The way we got to the final table was with Amy knocking out Nefty. She was holding AJ to his 1010 with a flop A10K. The turn was a Q and the river was a meaningless 7. Amy won with a straight and we were down to eight. Danny was our first victim basically getting blinded out. Next Jose followed suit and scream that he hates this game. Then the bubble bitch was Dave Charma because he played shit and lost with his shit. We were down to our final five, Karen, Amy, Ryan, Doris, and Jimmy. Karen was our 5th place winner. She was knocked out by a hand Jimmy loves to play. The flop came, K77 and Karen was all in. Karen had K9 but Jimmy had 72 and his trip 7’s held up. Ryan was all in a few hands later with A10 to Jimmy’s 99. Ryan hit an Ace and took the Chip lead from Jimmy. Our next victim was Doris. She basically was all in big blind and hit nothing to finish our 4th place winner. Amy and Jimmy got into a hand with Amy holding K10 to Jimmy’s A7. Jimmy was all in and he hit an Ace leaving Amy the short stack. The next hand Amy was all in with pocket 2’s but Jimmy and Ryan were in the hand with her. The board read, 88597 and Ryan won with his A7. Amy was our 3rd place winner. Jimmy and Ryan played for a little bit and it was Jimmy who went all in with KJ and Ryan called with AK. The flop came, Q7A turn Q, river 9.Ryan won the hand and was our PPT #7 winner and said to me, I told you I was going to come back and win this. I told him to eat shit. Congrats to Ryan and Ryan enough with the’ “I am too good for this game.” The sun shines on a dog’s ass once in a while.

PPT #8 - 4/11/2014

Everyone is wondering what is Jimmy drinking these days or with the new child, does he see life in a different way that now he is a card savant. That being said we had a much smaller turnout than two weeks ago but still there were many highlights and comments that always keeps the PPT interesting. Right before the game started Tony continues to add to his legacy of being the most interesting person on the PPT. We picked our seats and the game was about to begin. He decides to sit down and when we tell him he is big blind he goes, “oh wait I am in the wrong seat I was the 6 not the 3.” Yes he sat in the wrong seat as we started the game. Only my dad would do something like that. Now you know it is going to be an interesting night when Tony and Karen are sitting at the table. After this night I have decided to make a rule that Karen and Tony will not be at the same table to start a game. Campbell is that ok? Karen goes to Tony, “Hey dad, are you an actor,” He goes, “Hey Karen can you reach in your pocket and give me $40.” He always had a comeback to anything she said. Also later on he asked to see the last card and he wasn’t even in the hand. Well Karen folded prior to that and when Mr. Lew flipped it for him, Karen flipped out and threw the chips at me and yell at Tony for asking to see the last card when he wasn’t even in the hand. So as usual there was a Karen blow up. When Keith usually drinks like 8 to 10 beers before he leaves, even when he is knocked out, to only drink 3 and leave, it is saying a lot. He tells me he never wants to sit at a table with 4 Panzas again. I can’t argue that. Back to Poker, Pete wins a hand with a flush and goes, “Where did my money go.” The money was going into Rob’s stack because Rob thought he won. Way to be on top of that one Rob. Speaking of Rob, he looked at the Comcast box, which displays the channel you are watching, and asked Pete, “When are your parents going to fix the clock on the box.” They were watching channel 844 and Rob thought the clock was stuck on 844. Thought that would have been something that would have come out of my Dad’s mouth but I was wrong. Terrible Rob. First out of the night was Keith. He lost early on when Mr. Lew and him got into a hand with AK to AQ. The flop came, AJ8 and Keith bet out, Mr. Lew raised, Keith called. The turn came 10. There was betting again and the river came a King. Keith pushed with his AK and Mr. Lew called quickly with his AQ and we had our first casualty. Next out was a newbie foreign Ricky. He thought the lights were bright so he decided to where sunglasses inside. Ha. Not really but it didn’t help his game anyway since he finished in 10th. We played for a while that no one decided to buy the extra seat. It even prompted Pete from downstairs to say that the “extra stack is half price,” which made Tony say, from upstairs, “Karen say she paid Anthony.” I am not making this up, he did say that after Pete’s comment. Kerri was next out after being a gnat for quite a while and we were down to our final table. I was first out because again I have no luck and I am playing like shit. I raised pre-flop to 3500 with QQ. Tony next to me called. Everyone else folded and the flop came, J52. I pushed for 5000 and Tony called with AJ. And as usual with cards for me, an Ace came on the turn sending me to the rail. I really hate poker. I honestly have not been this piss at cards in quite a while. Next out was Mr. Lew. He went all in for 6200 with blinds at 1000-2000. The big blind, Silent Mat, called with A5. Mr. Lew flipped over AK. The flop came 234 and that was it for Mr. Lew. Since Meg asked for the Diary, I will give you the only highlight, well the only time I will speak about Pete in this. Pete and Jimmy were the blinds and the flop came, 987. Pete went all-in and Jimmy snapped call with J10. Pete had 75 of club and I for once went, “Pete you still have a shot with runner runner club.” The turn came another club but the river was a dud and Pete finished in 6th. The whole night the 8 of spades was coming out a lot and if you ever played Pokeno you would know that is a middle of a board. That is Karen’s middle. Anyway it came out again and Karen said, “my middle has been getting hit crazy,” yes that made many of us double take but then we realize she was talking about the 8 of spades again. Next out was Rob he was low and the flop came K1010 he had QJ but hit nothing and Karen’s King crap won. Karen was on fire at this point and she was constantly talking as usual. She said she hasn’t talked that much but some of us laughed. At one point my Dad told Karen, “Why don’t you have another beer and drown in it” We all started laughing our ass off. That came out of nowhere and we were shocked. Even with all of his funny comments and my chips, it didn’t help him as he was knocked out as bubble bitch when he pushed with JJ to Jimmy’s KK. Nothing hit and he finished in 4th. Silent Mat, Karen, and Jimmy played for a little. Then Karen just called pre-flop with 55. Jimmy checked big blind and the flop came, K84. Karen pushed with her 5’s and Jimmy called right away with KK. Yes that was Kings again for him. Karen finished in 3rd. Two hands later Mat was all in with K8 of spades and Jimmy called with QQ. The board read 23557 and Jimmy was our PPT #8 winner. That is two seconds and two first in the last four games making us wonder what he is drinking or is he drawing inspiration from Kaylee. Later Bitches

PPT #9 - 4/25/2014

What can I say about PPT #9 that would be any different than what we usually see at the PPT? A Panza was completely clueless the whole night and it wasn’t even Tony P, Sherwin had to convince his wife that he wasn’t going to play poker, 5 Panza’s started at one table, Pete played better than he has all year and that is because he didn’t play at all, and Dave Charma was Dave Charma. Before we even began the game Karen came over and the first thing she said was, “I can’t even get a load in.” Even though your mind went there, she was talking about doing her laundry. With 15 players there was excitement all night. Within the first 5 minutes of the game, Mrs. P. said she wasn’t going to play today and not drink, but she decided real late to play. As she said this she folded her hand. The flop came out and she literally reached over in front of Tony P. and took his cards. Mrs. P goes, “these are not my cards” Tony P. said, “Doris what are you doing, those are my cards.” That was just the beginning of her wacky night. Tony P. added to his classic lines by telling me, after I told him to stop touching the cards, to “Stick a card up my ass and then put it in my mouth.” No joke he actually said that to me. Later on as everyone at her table was making fun of Karen for taking a load, Tony P., who was watching the Nets game, said “He got hit right on the head.” I can’t make this stuff up. With so many Panza’s at one table you feel your head is going to explode if you were one of the other two at the table. Let’s get back to Poker, Dave Charma was first out when he tried to steal a pot that my Dad would not let him take. But wait, Dave bought back in at the other table and was knocked out 3rd. Then he bought in again because we had a stack setup for someone we thought was coming, and was knocked out 5th on the night. That was 120, right down the shitter. Dave said, “He likes playing because of the atmosphere.” That is what the PPT brings every night. Never a dull moment. Our Central American pal Steve was the second out in the night, Laura was 3rd out point wise, and our point leader Tony P. was 4th out. This all happen in between all the Dave’s knocked out. As the night continue to roll on it was the man who has been playing lights out for the past two months, in Jimmy, who was knocked out in 11th. He tried to steal the pot with a pre-flop all in with K-4 and silent Mat was holding AA. Nothing hit and finally someone else will have a chance to win for the night. Karen followed suit silently in poker terms to finished 10th. Right after that I got my hand stuck in a cookie jar getting into two big hands with 22 against QQ and KK against AA. I went from 13,000 down to 5,000. A few hands, later Ricky had to push with Q8 after Kerri raised him with KK. Ricky only had about 1,800 with blinds being 600-1200. The flop came A32 turn J and 6 on the river leaving Ricky with a 9th place finish and our final table was set. Our second hand at the final table, Silent Mat raised pre-flop and Cagey Rob re-raised, and Mat called putting himself all in. Mat flipped over QQ and Rob flipped KK. The flop came, AK5 then an 8, ending any chance for a win for Mat. Kerri was next to follow after she got really low and went all in with 22. Doris called leaving herself with only 1000. Rob also called. The flop came, J94 and Doris went all in. Rob called and Doris flipped over KJ, Rob flipped over 77. Nothing else came and Doris got a much needed double up. Then Sherwin was knocked out in 6th when he got real low and went all in with K10. Mrs. P., who was the big blind, called his all in which was like 500 more with J5. The flop was J53, turn was a 4 and the river was an 8. Sherwin said good night and went home trying to figure out what excuse he was going to give his wife on why he was home so late. We were down to 5 and the bubble bitch was looming. Unfortunately it was I who was the bubble bitch. I was automatically all in as the small blind and the big blind, Mrs. P. was in the hand with me. I flipped over A6 of diamonds but Doris flipped over A9. The flop came, Q96 with two diamonds giving me some hope, but as usual for the last two months, no other diamond came when a Q and K turn and river. We were down to the money. Mrs. P., cagey Rob, Amy, and Mr. Lew played for a little while until Cagey Rob got the better of Amy and Mr. Lew. Amy had to go all in with 92. Mr. Lew raised pre flop 4,000 and Rob called. The flop came, J108. Rob checked and Mr. Lew went all in. Rob called with J10 and Mr. Lew had AJ. The turn was an 8, and the river was a 6 which knocked out Amy in 4th and Mr. Lew in 3rd. Cagey Rob had a huge chip lead and Mrs. P. made a little dent in it while they played heads up. This is where Mrs. P. was in her own world. She was a dealer for one hand and she flopped three cards. The problem though was she forgot to give Rob and herself cards before the flop. Then Doris decided to go all in for another 7,500 over the big blind of 3,000. Rob called with 85 of diamonds while Mrs. P. flipped over 66. The flop came, 52A, then the turn was a Q, but the river came an 8 giving Cagey Rob the win and Mrs. P. was so pissed that she threw the cards and most of them hit me. I was sitting on the opposite of the game while rob was sitting right next to her. Never saw my mom get so mad and throw cards like that. Cagey Rob’s reason for calling was that he was going to take a chance to get her out now instead of waiting. Calling 7,500 with 85 suited is a cagey play but it paid off. With that win Rob is now our new point leader. Take care bitches see you in two weeks.

PPT #10 - 5/16/2014

All I have to say is that Poker Legend Dave Campbell is not in the top 16 anymore. Oh and I hate poker. There was not much excitement in this week’s poker tourney with only 11 people playing. Therefore this diary will be, as in the words of Meg Lew, a tad disappointing. Within the first hand of poker, Tony P. pulled out one of his famous quotes and called Rob a silly little bitch for not raising the first hand. I wish he said it in his gay voice because every time he says it like that, it is hilarious. It took a long time before someone got knocked out and within that time there were some funny comments as usual. Karen showed Rob a picture of a girl and Karen said, “Would you sleep with her.” Rob answer,” I wouldn’t kick her out of bed but I wouldn’t invite her either.” Pete was drinking his jack as usual in a coffee mug and Kerri made fun of him. He responded with, “If the Mug fits, Drink it.” Yes that is exactly what he said. Funny though. Later on we were talking about the TOC for down to the felt poker league and Pete said he can’t believe that none of us have won the tourney. I said, “There are 50 people in it so it is not that easy to win.” Karen then says, “I got two tables out if that Poker league.” Pete then goes, “you only had to sleep with those guys to get them.” Karen said, ‘yeah it was harder to do that then play poker.” So what’s that say about Karen’s boyfriends. Exactly, TERRIBLE. Alright back to poker. After playing for a couple of hours, Tony P. was our first victim of the night. He was down to his last 600 after the break and it only took 3 hands and he was out. Unfortunately I did not get the hand he lost but it was probably a hand he thought he won but actually lost. No jk, he couldn’t hit a hand all night and he lost graciously. But someone who can’t act graciously is Karen. All night long I think people wanted to punch her in her head because all she does is argue with Tony P. about how he acts at the table. If it is your turn to act, you better be quick, and when I mean quick, you have to decide what you are going to do in 2 seconds or my dad will be on your ass to go. Karen hasn’t gotten that in the 8 years we have been playing so her attitude is anything but gracious. Next out was Kerri. She won early but then lost and lost and lost to the point she was on tilt. Eventually she went all in with Q10 and Ricky and Pete called. Kerri asked me to flop what she had and the flop came Q84. I flopped what she had but it wasn’t good enough. Ricky made a bet on the flop and Pete folded. Ricky flipped over AQ and the turn and river were 7 and an 8 sending Kerri to the rail. After Kerri was out we then were playing for a little while until we could finally got to our final table. As this was going on Karen decided to get up and turn up the volume on the TV. Rob goes, ”Look at the ass on the girl on TV. Oh wait that is Karen.” Too funny Rob. Then a few hands later Karen took out her own mother. I don’t know how because Doris was upstairs in a heartbeat without saying a word. So she could not be happy. I find out later she was mad at Rob because she gave most of her chips to him. Rob that is two weeks in a row now that you are getting under the Panza women’s skin. Anyway we had to go three more hands before we got to the final table because the buy back seat was still in play. Pete went all in when the buy back seat was all in and no one called. He said he was going to be pissed if he was knocked out before the buy back seat. So the final table began and about 8 hands in, I went all in with 99. It came around to Silent Mat and he had AA. Pete called since he was big blind and didn’t have much over the top with A3. This is why I hate poker. The flop came, 49A. I got really happy and within two seconds I was really pissed. I hit the card I needed and there is only one Ace left in the deck and it had to be the next fucking card. Nothing else hit and Pete finished 8th and I finished 7th. Not much longer Mr. Lew was all in with KQ and Silent Mat called with A10. Nothing hit and Mr. Lew finished in 6th. Then they play for a little and Karen eventually had to go all in. She could not see or catch a card all final table. She was all in with QJ for 2400. Matt called, Rob in the small blind for 1000 called, and Decibus called. Yes that’s right, Decibus played. The flop came, 1010Q, turn was a 7 and the river was a 4. There was no betting and Karen thought she won. But Rob flipped over 108 and Karen didn’t go out graciously. She complained by saying to him, “How can you call 1400 more with 108.” Rob said, “I was in small blind and it wasn’t that much more.” Karen was NOT CONTENT with that answer. She finished 4th. Two hands later Decibus went on a straight draw with a KQJ on board and didn’t hit it as Silent Mat had the King for the win. Decibus was our bubble bitch in 4th. Decibus we will see you in a year, take care. We were down to our final three. Silent Mat, who should have been out first when he was all in early on with A6 to Kerri’s JJ, but hit an Ace on the flop. Kerri hesitated on calling and we all made fun of her because it was only like 1400 more for her to call. That was start of Kerri’s losing. The other two were Rob and Just Ricky. Mat was our first victim when the flop came 942 with two hearts. Mat bet 4000 and Ricky went all in. Mat called with 87 of hearts and Ricky had 93. The turn was a 4 and the river was a 5 with neither one being a heart and Mat finished in 3rd. Two hands later, Ricky raised to 5000 and Rob went all in. Ricky called and the flipped their cards. Ricky was holding AJ to Rob’s suited 109. The board read 86542 and that was the game. Rob finished 2nd. Ricky who was never in hands that knocked people out won the hands he needed too and was PPT #10 winner. Alright bitches, I will see you in two weeks.

PPT #11 - 5/30/2014

I like to introduce a new poker player to the tour in John “North” Cruz. John being John, he had his moments and so did the rest of the PPT players. This is still the “Year of the Rob.” And two unlikely players battled for the win. It is sad I had to say that about the two players but it is true. Early on in the game there wasn’t much action except for the remote control flipping through channels. At one point I yelled at Matt, Who do you think you are putting on hockey, Lordi.” Yeah that’s right I use Lordi’s name, who I believe is still on the side of the milk carton for not being seen in over a year. Later on I believe that not one, not two, not even three people, but four had to tell us that Mr. Lew was hitting everything early on in the game. But like the old saying, I rather hit later than earlier, couldn’t be more true in Mr. Lew’s case. Why do I say that, he was knocked out 5th right before the final table. Right before we had our first knock out of the night, Poker Legend Dave Campbell had a brain fart that poker professionals should never have. He mucked his cards after calling the river without the other person showing their cards. The river card came and Pete made a bet. Campbell called the bet and didn’t even have cards in front of him. Not lying true story. Our first knock out of the night belong to the unfortunate person named Ricky. But about 3 hands before he was knocked out he got into a hand where he called his own boy, silent Mat, a Pollack poker player. If you play free poker you would know that means he played terrible cards and actually hit. So lets get to the hand. Mat call the big blind for 200, then Ricky raised right after him to 900. I believe Kerri called and then Mat called. The flop comes 663. Mat checks and Ricky bet. Then Mat went all in and after a few seconds of deliberating Ricky called. Ricky flipped over 99 but Mat flipped over 63 off suit. Yup he called a raise with 63 off suit and hit a full house on flop. Anyway, nothing else hit the board and Ricky lost most of his stack. He regained some of it back and then he pushed with Q10 and I called with KJ. The river gave Ricky two pair but when he hit his Queen on the river I hit my straight to the King to knock him out. That is a frustrating night for the young gun and only 2 points to show for it. I believe we heard Ricky all the way to his car saying, “How can you play 63.” Later on Mat P played a hand heads up against Matt P. No you didn’t read that wrong we had two Matt P’s playing and we were corny when they finally were heads up. We go, “Mat P is going to win this hand.” Terrible but still funny. Downstairs at the other table Northern John got his first taste of the infamous Tony P. He got into a hand against Tony P. and Tony P. made a bet that made John fold. John said, “Did you have the Ace.” Tony P. said, “Pete you know how I roll.” So after the break we had Mr. Lew helping us with our TV upstairs. The game just started up and as he came down his cards were mucked. This made Pete yell upstairs to all of us, “Campbell and Sherwin have no morals. No Morals at all.” You guys should be a shame of yourself. Dude host a game and you muck his cards. Anyway back to the game. Tony P. was our second person out getting nothing most of the night and eventually lost with a small amount of chips. Matt and Karen follow suit in the same way. Mr. Lew, like I said before, was next knocked out next after accumulating all those chips early. That got us to the final table. The first hand Northern John went all in as the small blind with A8 to big Blind Pete with K10. The flop came 895 then a 2 and a river 7 giving John a much needed double up and a disgust look on Pete’s face. Our first person out at the final table was low stack Kerri. She pushed all in with K9 since I believe she had too and Pete was holding QJ. The flop came, AA2 giving Kerri the lead but the turn was her downfall when the Q dropped. With the river being a 9, Kerri’s night was over. She was being a gnat most of the night but finally she was out. Next out was again another short stack in the Sherwinator. He had to go all in with 74 to the small blind Campbell’s QQ. Nothing hit and Sherwin was able to make it home in time to watch Love Actually with his wife. With 6 people left I tried to make a move against the big blind. When the flop came, K64 John checked and I went all in with QJ. Unfortunately for me John was holding K4 and I lost half my stack. Two hands later I went all in for 7500 with blinds being 2000-4000 and Poker Legend Dave called from the big blind with Q3. I had K2 suited and hit a King on the flop to get the double up I needed. The very next hand Dave went all in and I called from the big blind. Dave had A9 I had Q10. I flopped a Q and he hit a 9 but nothing else hit and Dave finished in 6th place. He was mad at me and told me I didn’t deserve it. I said you just have to get lucky sometimes. Next out was Silent Mat. He went all in with Q8 to my A5 and Rob, who was also all in, Q7. The year of the Rob hit the one card he needed on the flop when it came 763. The turn was a 2 and the river was a measly 9. Mat finished in 5th. Then it was bubble bitch time and that distinction went to the newcomer in northern John. A few hands before he was knocked out Rob went all in with A10. John debated for a while with 55 and decided to fold saying, “I am going to wait for better cards.” John four handed pocket 5’s is a pretty good hand. Well he didn’t get the cards he was hoping for but was all in with A5 to Rob’s 94. Rob hit a 9 on the flop and John was out. Just like Ricky I think we heard him say that he wish he just played those pocket 5’s many times. So we were down to Pete, Rob, and me. I put Rob all in with suited 65 and he called with J10 the flop came 72A which kept Rob in the lead. Then a Q came, which made it a lot worse for me. But I called for the six on the river and my wish came true when the 6 was the last card flipped over. Rob finished in 3rd place and kept the “Year of the Rob” going. I had Pete dominated in chips and the first hand I put him all in with KQ. He thought for a few and decided to fold his A4. Shocked that he did that but glad he did. He said, “I thought you had a better Ace.” A few hands later he was all in with 75 to my 710. The first two cards I flipped were 68. We both had straight draws and the next card was the 9 giving us both straight with mine being higher. Nothing else came and I am the PPT #11. You all are inferior to me. Bow down the next time you see me. Later bitches see you tomorrow.

PPT #12 - 6/13/2014

Hello to all our PPT players out there. Can you show up once in a while bitches because you are all weaksuace right now? With only 10 people there we had Northern John providing us with talking and entertainment all night, even when he was knocked out in 6th place. Within the first 15 minutes of the game, Doris decided to collect a pot that she didn’t even win. She actually folded her hand earlier and said if she was in the hand she would have won. Then she started to collect the chips before the winner stopped her and told her that they were their chips. Only my family would do something like that. Then later on we were at the blind before the break was and Tony P. thought it was break and was changing out chips. When we asked what he was doing, he goes,” Isn’t it break yet.” We said to him look at the clock does it look like break. Like I said only my family does these things. There really wasn’t much excitement besides that for most of the night so this diary will not be that good. Rob was our first victim of the night and that has hurt him with his lead in the standings. I asked him “How did you lose because it needs to be put in the diary,” he goes, “I had two cards, he had two cards, and I lost.” That was it from Rob but he did buy back in and didn’t do too much from there as he was the 3rd person out also. Rob, I find ways to get information and it wasn’t hard when I asked Ricky later on how you were knocked out. He flopped a straight with 87 and you had a gut shot. You went all in for about 3,000 and Ricky instant called. That’s right bitch I figure it out. The next out was Pete and he wasn’t happy about it. I haven’t seen him this mad at me since he threw his keys at me when I folded him at final table. I had about 9000 in chips and was big blind for 500. Pete was second to acted and went all in for 3200. I debated for a little bit and said, “Fuck it, I think I have a shot,” and called. He flipped over 44 and I flipped A10. He got pissed real quick when he saw me call with A10. Then got even more piss when the flop came A35. It still gave him a little hope if a 4 or 2 came but the turn was an 8 and the river was a 10 knocking Pete out in 9th. Pete then goes, “How do you call with A10, You SUCK, I can’t believe you called me with A10, you made it sound like you had pocket KK and had a lot of chips, You called 2700 with A10.” Like I said I haven’t seen him this pissed out me since the keys incident. A few hands later Rob was knocked out again and when we asked him how he was knocked out he said, “Keith rivered me like the Douche that he is.” Thanks Rob for your insightfulness of your hands tonight. As Rob was getting knocked out I took Mr. Lew out with A10 to his 66. Jim was also in the hand but an Ace hit and we checked all the way down. So I took out the Lew’s with A10, and both were not happy. Every week my parents host a game my father always buys chips and dip but this is the first time I ever saw someone take off their sweatshirt and say, “Damn, I am hot I think it was the sauce.” Yes John Cruz that was you. Weaksauce. Pun intended Haha. As the final table played nothing happen early on. People just kept giving chips to other people at the table with no one accumulating chips. John got into another hand where the flop came 985. He was holding J9 and checked the flop. Mr. Lew went all in and John debated for a while and finally folded. Mr. Lew said he had him and John just said, “I am going to stop believing people.” This happen right after Jimmy told him he would have hit a jack on the river. So he felt like not one but two people were deceiving him. John also said, “Blue Moon tasted like microwave vomit.” He tried explaining it but none of us were getting it. John please explain? Doris played a hand against me that I tried to get her to fold but she wouldn’t and left herself with 600. Doris played valiantly with that money but that is later. First out at our final table was Ricky. I made a pre-flop raise to 3200 with AA and Ricky decided to go all in with A9. I instantly called and nothing hit as the board read K8543. Ricky finished in 7th. Next out was Northern John. John was all in for 2600 with 88. Doris who won a few hands to get herself back up to 2400 was big blind and called with Q5. The flop came, J42. The turn came a 6 but with that 6 gave Doris a flush draw and a straight draw. Funny thing is John only saw the club draw and when the river came a 3. He jumped out of his seat with joy but instantly dropped into sadness when we told him that he lost because Doris hit a straight on the river. He was mad and the next hand he went all in for 200 with JJ. Only big blind was in the hand and Jimmy was holding 22. John said, “I never lose with JJ” well there is always a first time. The flop came, A25 turn, 8 river, 6 and John was knocked out. Following John’s defeat a few hands later Keith called Doris’s all-in with J10 to her A10. The board read K85AK and Keith finished in 5th. Doris built up a good stack but it just felt short of the money as she was all in with 107 to my AJ. Nothing hit on the board and she finished in 4th. That left us with Jimmy, Tony P., and myself. Yes Tony P. was still in and there is no comment to report on him this week. Jimmy and I were the big stacks and we got into a big hand. I raised pre-flop to 12,000 and he went all in for 26,500. I called instantly and I had about 200 more than him. He flipped over 67 suited and I had AA. Again nothing hit the board and I had a huge chip stack to Tony P. We played two hands and he was all in with K8 to my Q4. The flop came, 10A7. The turn then was a J. But the river was a 4 giving me the pair and becoming a two time defending champ. Tony P. played well but just couldn’t contend with my mastery of the game haha. Alright later bitches

PPT #13 - 6/27/2014

Yesterday was July 4th, or Independence day, and on that day there are plenty of fireworks that are shot into sky, especially at the Lewandowski House. But just a week earlier there were plenty of fireworks at the PPT. Lets just say the game started with 9 players and ended with 10. I told Pete earlier in the day that I was not playing and as usual Pete tells me I am being a bitch. The game started around 8:45 and eight players were there. I get a text message from Pete around 9:10 asking me where my father was. I told him he was on his way and then I texted him right after that I am coming now. I need to get away from my studies because I am going to go insane. Pete says I just can’t get enough of poker so I needed to come. I figure it was a combination of both. I showed up around 9:40 and Pete was shocked that I did. What I didn’t see in a text was that he asked me if I was serious. I never saw it so no stack was set up for me and the extra stack was already bought by Poker Steve. Yeah that’s right one was out already and I figure I will just come in with no problem. I decided to take off the amount that if it went around twice every 15 minutes this would be my stack. Therefore I took 4500 in chips to begin the game. Right off the bat, I am getting shit from Jimmy. So I chalked it up to Jimmy being Jimmy and didn’t think much of it. He was saying “How do you show up an hour after the game started and come and play when you said you weren’t playing.” I just laughed and said, “I needed to get away from my studies and I decided to play.” But he constantly bickered about it and basically was saying this is something only Pete and Ant can do. I told him I would let anyone in if they decided to play base on if the hands went around twice each blind and they would get that amount. So he says, “Then I am going to tell you I am not playing and then show up at 1030.” I told him, “That’s fine you just will have a small amount base on blinds.” Well he kept going on about it until he decided to go all-in blind. He was all in with 75 blind while Mr. Lew called with 77. Nothing hit and Jimmy left and left quickly. It annoyed me most of the night afterwards and I was pissed. Didn’t think adding more money to a tournament pot would cause such commotion. When Jimmy got home he decided to take down the PPT Facebook page and texted us that he is not having fun anymore with our league. Sorry Jimmy that it’s not like the olden days when you knew everyone that played. We needed fresh blood and everyone I bought in has been pretty cool for the most part. After that he texted Rob to take him off of Alright back to Poker, a few hands earlier Mr. Lew raised pre-flop after Poker Steve called. Poker Steve decided to flip his cards thinking Mr. Lew was all in. Well guess what he wasn’t. The flop came, K32. Mr. Lew then decided to go all in because Steve flipped over J3 off suit. Well drunken Poker Steve debated for a little bit and actually called him. Mr. Lew flipped over A10 so Poker Steve was ahead. The turn was a 5 but on the river, Mr. Lew got what he needed and spiked a 10. Then came the knock outs. Tony P. got into a hand he should have gotten out of earlier but couldn’t resist his two pairs, which one of them was on the board. The flop came, KJ6. He checked and Budweiser Dave bet. Then the turn was a K, and Dave bet again and my father called. The river came a 10. Dave put Tony P. all in and he decided to call. He goes I have two pair when he flipped over his AJ. And just like always he doesn’t realize that someone can actually get trips on the board. Dave flipped over the K6 and actually had a full house. Sorry Tony P. but you now have to watch the rest of the tournament on the rail. Jimmy was third out with his all in blind that was described earlier and Matt followed, when he was all in with AQ to Poker Steve’s 87. Steve called a 2000 raise with it and he hit a 7 on the flop to knock Matt out in 6th. Bud Dave had a pretty good stack but like always he plays such crazy hands and lost most of his stack against Pete. Pete raised pre-flop to $2,500 with blinds being 250-500. Dave called his raised with J5 and the flop came, QQ5. Pete went all in and Dave called. Pete flipped over 88 and the two remaining cards were blank. After that hand Pete was well over 10,000 and Dave was down to a few thousand. A few hands later Rob and Bud Dave were in a hand. The flop came 1075. Rob bet and Dave went all in. Rob called and flipped over 108. Dave had 76. The last two cards were a Q and a J. Bud Dave was out in 5th and yes his car didn’t turn on by itself this week. Next out was Poker Steve. He was all in after the flop of KJ8 with 84. He was called by Pete with QQ and the remaining two cards didn’t help Steve. At this point I believe that Steve didn’t even know where he was. Drinking beer and taking shots of Fireball doesn’t help you remember what you were doing most of the time and calling a raised with 84 pretty much sums it up. We were down to the four of us, Mr. Lew, Pete, Rob, and me. We played for a while and then I got myself pretty low because I played a hand right before bad and lost to Rob by letting him hit his Ace on the turn. The next hand I was all in with A-4 from the small blind and Pete raised to 5,000 to just isolate the two of us. He flipped over 88. The flop came 776, the turn then came a 5, which gave both of us open ended straight draws. Unfortunately the river was a 9 giving Pete the straight and knocking me out in 4th. So no blow up from Pete this week on me or anyone else. Shockingly Pete was in a happier mood. The chips stacks were pretty close and then Pete and Rob got into a hand that saw TYTR getting knocked out in 3rd. The Year of The Rob went all in after Pete made a raised to 5000. Pete instantly called with AK and Rob was holding Q8. The board read 652J6 and Rob was out. The final two pitted father versus son. They played for about 25 minutes and then Mr. Lew went all in with A2 and Pete called again instantly with 1010. The flop came 439, then the turn ended things, when it flipped a 10, giving Pete trip 10’s and the meaningless river was a Q. Mr. Lew finished in second and if we went by what he suggested what the payout should have been, he would have received 0 dollars. But we didn’t go by his suggestion that winner takes all and he got 2nd place money. Pete, you didn’t deserve that, Lewandowski got the win and proclaim, ”He’s baaaacccccccckkkkkk.”

PPT #14 - 7/11/2014

PPT #14 had 14 people play and as usual it had its share of funny comments, bad poker play, and Pete’s rants. We are deciding to change the poker seat from the Lewandowski seat to the Dave Charma seat and you will know why later. An unlikely person won this week and another decided to try and delete himself from our site after taking a bad beat late in the game. Lets’ just say this was an entertaining week. The game started with a few newcomers in Joel, a friend of Jonathan and much more quiet, and Kevin who we haven’t seen in over two years. Hint Hint, Lordi this pertains to you too. Within the first few minutes of the game Rob pulled out his PPT card and showed Jonathan and his face was like a kid in a candy store. He goes, ”I want one of those and I am going to show it as ID when I go out to bars/clubs.” No joke he was being serious. Within our first 30 minutes of the game we had our first casualty. It was newcomer, Joel. There was no raise pre-flop and it came out K10rag. Joel was holding KJ and bet 700. Mr. Lew, who sneaked attack with AA, raised to 2500. Joel went all in and Mr. Lew snapped called. The turn and river were garbage and Joel received his very first points at the PPT. Welcome to the PPT. We gave Joel the option to buy back in but it wasn’t long after, Dave Ch. was all in and all out. Actually 5 minutes later. Guess who bought back in, come on guess, no? Well it wasn’t a tough question and Dave was sitting in the new seat. Later on, Mr. P did a semi bluff and said that was his one bluff of the night. Matt Perlman goes, “Bud Dave bluffs once every 5 minutes.” Ha A few hands later Matt Perlman pulled a Matt Perlman and flipped the rest of the cards to see if he would have won the hand. Only you Matt. Our next casualty was another person we haven’t seen in a while in Kevin Burns. He was happy to be playing again even though it wasn’t for long. He stayed a little and then went home to his new born. Congrats again Kevin on the new child. I then got move to the other table and a few hands into that we had another great quote from Pete. Doris P. was all in with 88 and Pete had pocket KK. Doris hit an 8 and beat Pete on the hand. Tony P. tried to make him feel better but he goes, “Mr P. I blame you since you married her.” Terrible Pete, just think if he didn’t, there be no Panza children and no PPT. Pete was not out on the hand but was hit hard by it. The next to follow suit though was Silent Mat. He got into a hand with Dave, Poker Legend, Campbell where they both had open ended straight draws but Matt had the lower end of it. The turn gave Dave the straight and Matt low pair and the river was garbage to give Campbell the win. That win though didn’t last long as Dave got into hands that he should have won and was called by a 72 from Dave Charma that took a bunch of his stack. Dave was not happy and a few hands later he pushed with an Ace on the button but John D. in the big blind had AK. Nothing hit and Dave went home disgusted. But when does Dave not go home that way if he doesn’t win? TYTR was our 9th place finisher when he went all in with A5 to northern Jon’s 1010. Lots of clubs but no ace and Rob was bubble bitch to the final table. And to add insult to injury he has fallen out of the top spot in points for the year. The final table didn’t take too long to have its’ first victim. Pete came over with a low stack and after a flop of K1010 he made a bet. John D put him all in and after he debated for a little bit he decided to call. Pete flipped over K9 but John flipped over K10. The turn and river were garbage and Pete was like, “Fuck I suck quote me.” Then the gnat came into play. But this time it wasn’t Matt P. It was Tony P. The man has many lives and he showed it tonight but it wasn’t enough to get him into the money. He was down to his last 800 with blinds 600-1200 and yet found his way back up to 10,000. He didn’t finish in 7th, that distinction went to Doris P. She could not get much going at the final table and went all in for 3,600 with AA. North Jon was big blind for 2,000 and called her with 108 of hearts. The flop came, J56 with two of them hearts. The turn did not help him with another 6 but the river was a 2 of hearts giving him the flush and knocking out Doris. Again as the blinds kept going up, some stacks kept getting smaller. With that said, Northern John was all in for his last 3,000 and Matt Perl. called with K7. Jon flipped over A8 and after the flopped he looked good. The flop came 995 but the turn was a K and the river was another K. That gave Matt a full house and sent Jon to the rail. Then it was my turn. I was big blind for 3000 and looked down at QJ. Matt Perl. went, 7500 and I decided to call for my last 3,500 because I didn’t believe he could have pocket Kings again. Well I guess I was wrong because he flipped over KK for like the 5th time of the night and nothing hit. I finished in 5th and with that finish I took over the points lead. The bubble bitch to the money was Tony P. All that fighting to get back into the game came up short when he was all in for 5,000 with J5 and John D called him from the big blind with 109. The flop came 965, turn was a 10, and the river was a meaningless 7. Our final three were Mr. Lew, John D., and Matt Perl. They played for a little while with Matt and John flipping chip leads and Mr. Lew holding on by a thread. Then the big hand came. There was no pre flop raise and the blinds, Matt and John, were up against each other. The flop came 1055. Matt holding K10 bet 5,000. John called with 33. The turn came a 3 and Matt again bet 5,000. John then went all in and Matt sat there for like two minutes and finally decided to call. The river was a 10 giving Matt the higher full house and making John D, delete himself from the Facebook PPT page. Don’t worry he is back thanks to the man that he knocked out, Poker legend David Campbell. Three hands later Mr. Lew was all in with 98 to Matt’s 109 and nothing hit. That gave Matt Perlman the win for PPT #14. Mr. Lew was just happy to come in second with his small stack. John D was not so happy and fuming coming in third.

PPT #15 - 7/25/2014

From the immortal words of Christopher Walken, and what Pete is asking for, we need more cow bell, well we need more quotes. With a small game there is only room for quotes and not much game play. We have 7 players and 5 of us bought back in to make it a decent size pot for the winner. What I like now is the interesting race for 10th to 22nd. There is only a 45 point difference which means all it takes is for you to have a good showing at the next tournament and you will be in and someone will be looking in. The thing is you bitches need to show up or you will not see any money now and in the TOC. With a small game, Jose and Noah, yeah that’s right they are both alive, moved up in the points and are ever so closer to the top 16. Within the first 15 minutes of the game Jose was talking about Facebook and how he loves to read Campbell’s quotes on line. I thought he was joking but he was serious. He said he reads them like the newspaper. All you had to see was how giddy Campbell got when he said it. Then Jose went on a rant that was equally as funny and true. He was complaining about all the people who don’t use proper grammar and use run on sentences. How annoying it is people telling him where they are right at this moment. You know what I say, I agree Jose, I don’t need to know what color your shit was today or how some quote sums up your day. Fucking annoying. Now I am going on a rant. Ok back to poker. Campbell must have had a bird shit on him from the enormous tree in front of Pete’s house because his run early was nothing I have seen before. The poker legend could do no wrong. Speaking of Pete’s house, it is really a nice house and there is plenty of room for more than 7 people. Just saying. Fix up the backyard though Pete. I don’t know what the hell the people who had the house before you were doing back there. Seriously back to Poker. Early on the Legend got into a big hand with Noah. Pre-flop, Pete made a raise to 200 and Noah and Campbell called. Blind were 25-50 and Campbell was only 50. The flop came, K65 with two clubs. Noah bet 500 and Campbell called. Pete folded. The turn came an 8 of club and Noah bet 1000 and the Legend called. The river was a 10 and Noah again bet 1000, and the legend called again. Noah flipped over AK but the Legend flipped over 63 of clubs for the flush. Ricky do you remember 63. It seems like a hand that many people of late are winning big hands with. We all told Campbell he can’t bitch at anyone for making calls against him with that hand he played. He went into explaining mode but we stopped him in his tracks. A little later on Campbell raise to 750 and Noah went all in for 2525 and Campbell called in a heartbeat. Guess what he had. Yup pocket AA to Noah’s 77. Nothing hit and Noah was our first out and rebought. Not much longer after that Jose was our next victim when he pre-flop raise to 450 with 1010. Campbell called with 56. The flop came 438 and Jose bet 700. Campbell called and the turn came a 2. Jose pushed and Campbell again called in a heartbeat and nothing else hit and Campbell’s straight held up. Jose rebought and said Campbell, “You better be worried I am going to get all my chips back before you even know it.” Like I said Campbell couldn’t do no wrong and his stack was over 14,000 easily within the first hour of the game. But like most nights with Campbell playing, that didn’t last. Jose said he would get back his chips and an hour later Campbell lost most of his stack to Jose and then was knocked out by him a few hands later. Jose had quad 9’s and the Legend went all in after the turn. Bad move Campbell and Jose said, “Are you sure you wanted to do that.” I guess he wasn’t, but did, and was very displeased. I would be disgusted to if I lost that chip lead. His buy back didn’t help him much as he was knocked out again a little later on by me. Tony P was next out when he did not decide to raise pre-flop with AK. The flop came J44 and Rob put him all in. He debated for a while and called and nothing else hit. Rob was holding QJ and Tony P decided not to buy back in because he wasn’t getting cards all night. Pete got real low and went all in with 1010 and Jose, being the big blind, called with QJ. He hit a jack and Pete rebought quickly. But before he got low he was getting pissed that people kept hitting against him. And then when he was knocked out we got our usual saying from Pete, “I suck.” Also he said “I thought you guys were going to be nice and let me win in my house so I can pay the mortgage.” No Pete, there are no friends at the Poker table. When Pete bought back in he didn’t have many blinds left to play and was knock out shortly after that. The last three were Jose, Rob, and me. Jose finished in third when he went all in with K9 to chip leader TYTR’s A3 suited. A 9 hit on the flop but a 5 on the river gave Rob a flush ending Jose’s night in 3rd. That left the top two point’s leaders against each other. But it didn’t last long because TYTR chips were too big for me and I was all in with 86 suited to his A5. A 5410JA board gave Rob the win and inch 6 points closer to me putting him only 1 point behind. The Year of the Rob is in his grasp but can he make the jump over the man, the myth, the legend, Me. Oh one more thing Pete actually gave me props in poker when I made a call for a 1000 chips when I only had 1800 left. I was only holding AK and I didn’t hit anything on the board. Noah made the bet after I checked and he only was holding AJ. Great call by me and my peers let me know that. I don’t make bad plays I just get bad beats.

PPT #16 - 8/15/2014

One of our biggest games of the year happened at PPT #16. With 18 players, we had three tables and therefore most of my diary quotes will be at the table I was sitting at upstairs. With this many players there were many points to give out tonight and some new people are in the top 16. I like to Welcome Jesse Gold and Mo El-Shebini to the PPT. Mo only because it was his first time playing this year. The game began and within the first five minutes Kerri decided to tell us a story of what our father said to her earlier in the day. She dropped Ace off at his house and told Tony P. she had to go to the chiropractor. Tony P. then says, “Why do you have to go to the chiro, is it because you are having too much sex?” No joke that is what he said. Then later on Amy came up stairs and told me that she was about to text me back, when I asked her where she was at, “I am pumping my breast.” Can’t make this shit up. About 15 minutes later she came back upstairs and said that Dad said, “If I only played” and Poker Steve goes, “If my aunt had balls she be my uncle.” Old joke but it is still funny. Now poker was going on but nothing much was happening upstairs. Downstairs though Poker Steve was knocked out within the first 30 to 45 minutes but did not buy back in. The distinction went to Mr. Lew., who was the second out and instantly bought back in. Amy and Ricky who were battling to get into the top sixteen were the next two out. Ok back to some funny moments. Kerri was dealing a hand but was also on the phone. So when she was to deal the flop, we had to yell at her to get off her phone and deal. Then she goes back on the phone and when it was her time to deal again, Pete decided to text her to deal. And it actually worked because she saw the text and laugh and then dealt. Can’t believe we had to text her to deal. Too funny. So I have decided to go with a new section in the diary, Pete’s Words of Wisdom. This week he said, “Playing mediocre cards are not the way to win.” Pete, you are wise beyond your years. Next out of poker was Doris. She couldn’t get much going and we were able to combine tables. Tony P. said, “We need to give Mo another chair, I don’t think that chair will hold him.” Terrible dad. After we combine table, players began to fall like flies. Dave, the poker legend, Campbell was knocked out when someone call his all in with terrible cars and beat him. He looked like he hasn’t shit in days with the face he made when he left. Then Mark Lew, Rob, Bud Dave, and I were the next 4 out to make the final table. When Bud Dave got knocked out he gave the second most chips left to the one guy who had the most chips in Mo. When Mo went to the final table he had to have about half the chips while the other 7 had the other half. Pete lost the first hand and was left with a 500 chip. He goes, “I need to make room for all my chips on this table. Beware of the comeback.” Even though he was low stack he was not the first out. That goes to silent Mat. He was all in for a small amount and Tony P. and Mo called. The board read 1010983 and Tony P.’s pocket 2s held up. I asked Mat what he had and he said, “Absolutely nothing.” I guess so and he went home with 17 points. Pete got a double up but still didn’t have enough to cover big blind. He went all in and had 4 callers. The flop came, A104 and Tony P. made a bet. Everyone knew what he had and folded. Pete flipped over Q7 and Tony P. flipped A9. The turn was a Q giving Pete some hope but the river dismissed that hope when it was an 8. Pete went home pissed again but with 19 points. Do you see a trend happening? Well our chip leader, Mo, then began to play hands. The problem was he couldn’t win any of the hands he was in. First he loses a ton of chips to Jesse, a newbie, when Jesse spiked a Q on the turn when he was holding KQ to Mo’s AJ. Then he loses more chips to Kerri when she went all in with A9 to his A5. They both hit a 9 and a 5 but nothing else hit. Finally he loses a hand to Tony when a flop came, J77 and he put Tony P. all in. Tony flipped J10 to his AK. Mo losing all those chips made everyone left closer in chips now. Next out was Northern John, He had to go all in with 107 but Tony P. was in the hand and he had 109. When the flop came 109K it was all over and John went home with 21 points. With those points he has moved into 16th place with 70 points. So do you see the trend yet? Then it was the other Matt P. He was all in with 33 and Mo called with J9. The flop gave Mo all he needed with a 9 and Matt was our bubble bitch with 23 points. Tony P. had a senior moment when he called Kerri’s big bet with 4 clubs on the board. He called saying he had a straight but Kerri flipped over the Ace of clubs to have the flush. He goes, “Oh Shit there was a four clubs on the board.” We were down to four but it didn’t take long for us to be down to three. Mo went all in pre-flop from the small blind with J10 but Tony P. in the big blind called with AJ. Mo was all in for 15,000 which Tony easily had covered since he was the huge chip leader. An ace on the river gave Tony the win and Mo picked up $80 dollars and 25 points. Next was Jesse, the newbie. He raise pre-flop for 8,500 more when blinds were 2000-4000 and Tony P. once again called. Jesse flipped over 106 of clubs, Tony flipped over A4. With a board that read Q9583, Jesse went home with 27 points. Now you definitely can see the trend. Kerri and Tony played for a while where Kerri would continuously get a double up when she had to go all in for being low stack. Finally it caught up to her when she was all in with 73 to Tony’s 52. The flop was Q410 but the turn was a 2 and the river a 9, giving Tony a pair of 2’s and the PPT 16 win. That is his first win in over 2 years. Congrats Dad. Kerri took home 29 points while Tony took home 35 points. Later bitches.

PPT #17 - 8/30/2014

With the season winding down, it looks like it is going to be an exciting end to the season. With so many people trying to get into the top 16, it keeps on changing every week. This week John Cruz has fallen out of the top 16. Rob has taken back the top spot, and Poker Steve was knocked out again within the first 30 minutes. No much went on within this game except for the usual when Karen plays. Yes Karen played for the first time in a while and nothing has changed. We were down to nine and the buyback seat kept winning since it was all in a lot. Karen complained about getting rid of the stack because all that time she was losing four thousand in chips. She would not let it go. First hand at final table, after the buyback seat was knocked out, Karen went all in with Q10 and two people called it. Bud Dave won with A2 since an Ace came on the river. Bud Dave could do no wrong and just kept on winning hands all the way to the win. Bud Dave took out Mr. Lew in 7th with AA to Mr. Lew’s J9. This was after Mr. Lew lost a huge hand to his son Pete. I finished in 6th and Amy who jumped to 15th place with her 15 points, came in 5th. Then Bud Dave took out Mr. P with J8 to Mr. P’s 99. He hit a jack on the flop and Mr. P. finished bubble bitch. The finally three were TYTR, Pete, and Bud Dave. They were even in chips and then Bud Dave took control. Eventually Rob had to go all in with K2 and Bud Dave had K8 of clubs. Bud Dave hit a flush and Rob took home 19 points. With Bud Dave have a commanding chip lead it only took about 15 minutes to take Pete out. Pete had to go all in with A5 to Bud Dave’s 97. The flop came, QJ9, then a 7 and that ended the night with Pete. He came in 2nd for 21 points. PPT #17 winner, Bud Dave took home 27 points.

PPT #18 - 9/12/2014

What can I say? Pete’s house drew a few more people and so we were able to start with two tables. As usually Pete gave us his words of wisdom. “There is no way I can win this game because I broke a mirror right before the game.” We did allow a person to come in late after he called and wanted in. Yes we do have fiends at the PPT. We played for a while before anyone got knocked out but that’s because Jose showed up about an hour late and within the first 30 minutes was knocked out when he pushed with trip 9’s with a seven kicker and Tony P called for 3500 with trip 9’s with a king kicker. Jose immediately bought back in and that was the smartest decision he has made in a while. Then Sherwin was next to follow suit as he kept playing tight all the way out the door. We were left with nine then it go interesting fast. WE might have played for 10 minutes and one person was getting knocked at one table while another person was getting knocked out at the other table. Jesse and Rob both were knocked out with the worst and deservingly had to watch from the sideline. That got us to the final table of 7. It might have lasted four hands before the almighty Pete got knocked out. The flop came 333 and Pete bet. Campbell called in a heartbeat. The turn was an 8 that made Pete bet even more and Campbell called again. The river was garbage and Pete went all in. Pete flipped over the 8 but Campbell had 63 and was ecstatic with his quad 3’s. Pete finished in 7th. Then Mr. Lew and Jose got into a hand being small and big blind. The flop came, Q98 and Jose check but Mr. Lew didn’t and bet 1600. Jose called and the turn came a 6. Jose checked again and Mr. Lew went all in. Jose called quick and flipped over 107 for the straight. Mr. Lew flipped over Q5 and the river was meaningless. That ended Mr. Lew in 5th place. I started to make a comeback but Jose ended my night when he called my all in pre flop with pocket 10’s. I flipped over pocket K’s. It was the turn of a 10 that was my downfall and I finished in 4th place points. Then the four left playing kept playing for a very very long time before someone got knocked. The unlucky victim was Tony P. He went all in with A4 and had two callers in Jose and Danny O. Yes that’s right Danny O. They checked it down and the board read Q1010J6. Danny flipped over Q10 and that was it for Tony P. He came in 4th but got 3rd place points. We were down to three. The three left were Danny, I never show up anymore, Orr, Dave, Poker Legend, Campbell, and Jose, I still haven’t paid off my speeding ticket fees, Vela. They also played for a while before Danny O was our first victim of the final three. I have no clue how he got knocked out because I left. Yeah they played for a while. Danny got 3rd place money and 2nd place points. Jose and Campbell’s final hand was with a flop of 796 with two hearts. They both checked. The turn was another heart and they both checked again. The river paired the 6 and Jose went all in. Campbell called quick, but it was Jose holding an 84 of heart to Campbell’s 23 of hearts that ended the night for the poker legend. Campbell took home 2nd place but first place points. Jose got the PPT #18 win.

PPT #19 - 9/26/2014

How do I start this Diary entry? I could start off by saying Fuck Sherwin. Yes that is right I am saying it and I know a few other people feel the same way after tonight’s action. Or I can start with the running theme of the night with ?#?FAK?. Pete’s words of wisdom, “AK can suck a dick #FAK is trending” What does FAK mean? It means FUCK Ace King. Tonight was a good night of poker except for Sherwin showing up. Haha jk. Maybe not. We had 17 players and 3 tables going, which meant a lot of points were handed out tonight. I don’t know too much that was going on downstairs because I was at an entertaining table upstairs. When you sit at a table with a Poker Legend, Pete, Bud Dave, Jay Vela, and Just Ricky, stupid things happen. One thing that happen was that I was working on the diary from two weeks ago and I was having a brain fart on a couple of words. I asked the table how to spell them and Poker Legend Dave goes, “How dumb are you, these are only six letter words.” Pete then chimes in with, “Carteret gave you a really good education I see.” As this was going on upstairs, there was some interesting stories going on downstairs since Amy came upstairs to tell us. For instance, Sherwin was in a hand and made a huge bet. Everyone folded and Kerri says, “No one wants to fuck with your monster.” Jose of course comes back with, “It sounded so different in my head and to top it off you said it to a black man.” No joke that really did happen. Then Amy was in a hand with Mat and Perlman. Amy was thinking about what to do and Perlman says, “She doesn’t know what to do, she is in a Mat P sandwich.” Corny but funny. Alright it is time for some poker. Same thing happen this week as last week. Jose was first out again but this time he was on time so he was out in about 45 minutes. He bought back in and we were still with 17. It took a while before our next victim was knocked out in his bro, Jay Vela. Then the best thing happen. Rob followed suit and gave me the opportunity to expand my lead in the rankings. I believe he said his hand got cracked but who fucking cares he was out. The break then came and when it was time to sit again Campbell said to Rob, “You need to get back to your seat, oh wait you are in your seat.” Rob said “That’s right.” That is because he was looking at celebrity nude photos. Not a bad thing to do when you are out. Not complaining here. Within the next 30 minutes, Jose was knocked out again. This made us finally combine at 14. Not even ten minutes later, Campbell was our first victim when he pushed all in with 88 after a flop of 772. Mr. Lew immediately called and flipped over KK. Poker Legend went home in disgust and was still complaining about me taking so long to call with top pair earlier on. Then the Lucky Italian Tony P. took out Ricky next with shit. Then Bud Dave follow. Matt P. wasn’t far behind when he was all in AQ to Sherwin’s KJ. The flop came, AQ7 and Matt was looking good. The turn was a 3 but the river came a 10, giving Sherwin a straight and making Matt the first person to feel like saying Fuck Sherwin. Amy was next out giving her a much needed 9 points but far from being safe in the top 16. Then it was my turn. Sherwin raised me pre flop from the small blind with A3 to my AQ. I called and the flop came, A107. He went all in and I called after a long debate. The turn was a 6 and the river was a 3. That 3 knocked me out and I was the first person to actually say, Fuck Sherwin, second overall to think it. That gets us to our final table. At this time no one knew where Jose was. He was taking a shit in my parent’s bathroom and he said after he came downstairs, ”He flushed every time he plopped.” I was upstairs talking to my mother for a while. As I was upstairs, that was where I got to see two of our first three victims at the final table. Kerri and Pete came upstairs and right off the bat Kerri said Fuck AK. Then Pete follow suit and said I agree Fuck AK. It wound up that Kerri was all in with AK to Pete’s KJ to Sherwin’s 66. Pete hit a jack on the turn and Kerri was our first out and picked up 16 points. So I was wondering then why am I speaking to Pete. Well he goes, “Tania was all in with 88 and I went all in with AK. Sherwin also called with AQ and we both hit an Ace on the flop. But then a fucking Queen came on the turn and I was out in 6th.” So Pete and Tania are our third and fourth people to be thinking, Fuck Sherwin. Tania came in 7th and got 18 points and Pete was in 6th and got 20 points. Next out was Mat P. The other Mat. Sherwin and Mat easily were the top two stacks and Mat went all in pre flop. Sherwin did a song and dance before finally calling with 1010. Mat flipped over AK and nothing hit sending Mat to the rail and thinking Fuck Sherwin and Fuck AK. Now we are in the money. Now my extended lead in first was quickly over within 2 hours because the Lucky Italian Tony P. was hitting enough cards when he was low to finish all the way into 4th and getting 24 points. This propelled him to the top spot in our rankings. Then Ryan, I think I am the greatest, Dinella was all in with K7 versus Mr. Lew’s QJ. The flop was 3J9 and nothing else hit sending Ryan home in 3rd place and $100. He took home 26 points and now is creeping up closer to the top 16. Mr. Lew and Sherwin didn’t play long and this is how you know it was your night. The flop comes, J109. Sherwin checked, Mr. Lew bet and Sherwin went all in. Mr. Lew called and flipped over Q3. Unfortunately Sherwin was holding 87. Yup he flop the straight. There was still a chance but the turn and river were a 9. Giving Sherwin the PPT 19 win. Mr. Lew went home with 28 points. He too was thinking Fuck Sherwin. Sherwin took home 34 points. If you were keeping score, I was the only person to say Fuck you Sherwin, while 6 people were thinking it. Later Bitches

PPT #20 - 10/10/2014

There really isn’t much to say about tonight because I didn’t win. Well I blame myself for that. Mr. Lew always says one thing and I should have done it tonight. “You got to be in it to win it.” If I did, I would be probably writing about me winning tonight instead of someone else. We had a turnout of 10 players and the game was interesting but there wasn’t much to talk about. A few nights before Karen got into an argument, shockingly ha, and told one of our players that he was not invited to the PPT anymore. I told her that she was not allowed to ban any of our players. She said, “Jon didn’t have my back, that’s why I said that.” Jose than said, “I was banned because I broke her back, BAM.” I didn’t expect anything less from Jose with that comment. Funny. Alright to poker, Nefi was our first out and then followed by the Lucky Italian Tony who lost his point lead tonight. Then Jay followed suit when he called Karen’s pre-flop raised to 1200. The flop came, KJ6. Karen bet and Jay went all in with AK. Karen called immediately with 66. The turn and river were a 3 and an A and we were down to our final table. The buy back seat was still in play and it actually made it to 6th place before finally running out of money. The first out at the final table was me but I had company with Rob being knocked out on the same hand. We were both all in and Noah called us. I flipped over 1010, Rob had 99, and Noah had KK. Nothing hit and I finished in 7th and Rob finished in 6th. After that I stayed for a little while but the 5 still remaining played for quite a long time. Therefore I left early and stopped at my parent’s house. I was there for about 45 minutes and by the time I left my father was home and we had a winner. Pete was first out of the five then Karen. She was our bubble bitch and we were down to Noah, Jose, and Mr. Lew. Eventually Noah went all in and Jose called for less. Mr. Lew also called and he had the most chips. Mr. Lew won the hand and he was our PPT #20 winner and picked up 27 points. With the win the PPT points’ leader race has gotten a little tighter. We now have 4 players within 10 points of each other fighting for the top spot with only 5 games to go. Noah finished in 2nd and picked up 21 points. Jose finished in third and got 19 points. With Noah’s second and Jose’s third we now have a huge fight for the top 16 spots. The difference between 15th place and 20th is only 18 points. This should be a very interesting last 5 games. See you later Bitches.

PPT #21 - 10/24/2014

Have I ever told you how much I hate poker? Well if you don’t know, I hate it but I can’t get enough of it. And to make matters worse the top two people were the two that I really didn’t want to be there. Yeah you know who you are. Lets’ begin with Pete’s words of Wisdom. “I suck and I need a poker book for Christmas to learn how to play.” I am right there with you. Jose also said he should write a book on how to play poker. Let me just tell you though, he said this right after he just got knocked out. The first person out was Keith. He seemed to be a bit annoyed and decided to call and all in by Jesse. The flop was K94 with two hearts. Jesse pushed with A10 of hearts and Keith called with QJ for a gut shot straight draw. The turn was a 9 and the river was a 7 giving Jesse the win with Ace high and Keith went home with 2 points. Right after that hand, Poker Steve followed suit like he usually does and was knocked out second. Probably not even 5 minutes later Jay O was knocked out. Then the newbie Paulie was knocked out because he played every hand with all sorts of shitty hands and would call all the way to the river or bet all the way to the river. His final hand he decided to go all in over the top of a 3,000 bet by Jesse with a board that read Q994K. He was called by Jesse and he flipped over Q2 while Jesse flipped over K9 for a full house. Yeah that’s right he bet with a two kicker. We had 4 people out within the first 45 minutes of the game and no one bought back. But 5 minutes later Jay came back and bought back in. A disgruntle Poker Legend was knocked out next in Campbell when he couldn’t believe that Jose called his all in with KQ to his pocket 66. Jose hit a King and Campbell went home upset. Don’t worry though, the Legend came back later on in the night and wanted to see how everything played out. He had a few more drinks and he wasn’t as mad as before. As all of this is going on Matt Perlman, comes down and says, “My dad is the most oblivious poker player. Everyone said “no shit.” Matt then goes, “He goes he had trip 5’s and I had to tell him you had a full house. He said where. I said there are two 10’s on the board. Oh yeah I have a full house.” Before Jay was first knocked out we were talking about if you go all in at this table someone is going to call you. Jay was short stack and said, “I keep getting good cards but they are not hitting, but once I hit my cards, I AM COMING FOR YOU.” With 4 people already out Kerri finally showed up from dinner. One of the first few hands she was in she won and had the chips in her hand. She then goes, “Where is the winning pot.” We were all looking around the table and then we notice in her hand was some chips. We said, “What is in your hand.” She goes, “Oh shit it was in my hand already.” We made fun of her for quite a while after that. Dumbass had it in her hand the whole time and she didn’t have a clue. Rob also said that I needed to grow a pair in a later hand and he said he didn’t have to since he had one in his hand. Bitch you didn’t even win the hand when you called me out. Next to follow out the poker legend was Ricky. He couldn’t hit his KJ and took home 7 points. As he was sitting out he said he seems to not move up or down in the rankings every week. Well Ricky you didn’t move much again this week because of your 7 points. Pete was short stack and went all in with AK. Rob was also in the hand with one other and hit a 10 to beat Pete with A10. Pete’s famous line was use, “You didn’t deserve it.” And I couldn’t agree more. Tony P. was out next and Jose follow suit. That got us down to nine but it wasn’t much longer when an angry John Cruz came down and complain that he was called for over 5,000 with J10 to his pocket 6’s. Nefi hit a card and John was our bubble bitch to the final table. He said he felt like he was playing DTTF poker league with that call. I couldn’t agree more. We started our final table with blinds 600-1200 and it took about 15 minutes before Kerri was our first victim. She went all in with KQ for 5,500 and Jay O. called her with 88. The board read J5227 and Kerri took home 18 points. Next out was another victim of Jay O. Nefi had to go all in with 62 and Jay had 76. Jay hit a 7 on the river and Nefi took home 20 points and a 7th place finish. I followed next because I should have went all in without looking the hand before when I was big blind and instead I waited to see 102 in the small blind. Jesse had Q5 and when the first two cards are QQ, I was out in a heartbeat and took home 22 points for 6th place. Jesse was our bubble bitch to the money when he was in a hand with the silent assassin, Mr. Lew for the last few weeks. Mr. Lew didn’t play that much up to this point and when the board read 775 it was the end of Jesse. Mr. Lew checked and Jesse went all in. Mr. Lew called real quick and flipped over 107. Jesse flipped over KJ and nothing else hit sending Jesse home with a 5th place finish and 24 points. Kerri relished in Jesse lost since she was mad at him from earlier on when he bluffed her out of a pot. We were down to our money men, Jay O., Matt Perlman, TYTR, and the Silent Assassin. Jay got real low and had to go all in with Q6. He had two callers in Rob and Mr. Lew. The flop came 789 then a 3 and finally a 4. Rob flipped over 76 and Mr. Lew flipped over K10, giving Rob the win and Jay went home with his 4 points and 4th place finish. Matt P made a valiant effort but came up short when he was all in with KJ to Rob’s A9. The board read 910832 and Matt went home with 26 points for 3rd place. The final two were the two people I didn’t want out of the 17 people who played tonight. Mr. Lew was heads up against Rob. They were pretty close in chips and they played for about 20 minutes. Then Rob decided to make a raise of $5,000 on top of the blinds and Mr. Lew went all in. Rob called and flipped over A9. Mr. Lew had KJ. Do you see the irony in these last few hands? Well the board read 2672A and Rob was our PPT #21 winner and some of us use an old quote from the infamous PJ, “Fuck Rob.” Rob took home 34 points to regain the top spot in the leader board. Mr. Lew took home 28 points to close the gap even more within the top 3. See you all in two weeks bitches.

PPT #22 - 11/7/2014

What can I say, I hate Poker. Well I hate Jesse for knocking me out of the tourney early. Pete’s words of wisdom, “He’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkk” He said this about 4 or 5 times since he should have been knocked out that many times. We had a nice game of 15 and it was quiet until Karen showed up. And when you have Karen and Jose sitting at a table next to each other, they never shut up. Early on Silent Mat pulled a Matt P when he ran the last few cards. Also Karen made a comment that , “It would be funny if Dad went upstairs and sprayed himself with fireball as cologne.” She said this after my Dad said he thought the fireball was a cologne bottle after he smelt the cinnamon. Noah was the last one to show up but the first one to get knocked out He did a few seconds before Silent Mat P did, and re-bought just before Mat can. Next to follow was me because I made a raise with 77 and Jesse who was in the small blind while I was the big blind called, decided to put me all in. I had about 4,400 and called because I knew he was full of shit. He flipped over KJ and he hit a jack on the flop to knock me out. Matt Perlman followed me and then Jose. At this time some other interesting things were said. Bud Dave bought Bud Dave Junior and Bud Dave Junior goes to Karen, “I thought you said Jose’s cock was small.“ Lets’ just say Jose made no comment afterwards. Hmmmmmm. Then Karen commented that she has had some Spanish in her and Rob goes, “She had a lot of Spanish in her.” Of course Karen just laughed and didn’t say no. After all of this Billy was our next victim and finished in 10th. Noah got knocked out again and then Bud Dave Junior finished in 9th. The flop came, JJ5 and Bud Dave Sr. just checked and his son went all in. Bud Dave Sr. called and had the third Jack and took his son out to make the final table. Within the first three hands at the final table Jesse was first to act and went all in. Karen then went all in and she had far less than Jesse. Karen had AQ to Jesse’s QQ. The flop came, Q58 and when the turn came an Ace it gave Karen some hope. Her hope went away when the river came a 9. Jesse had trip queens and Karen finished in 8th place. Next to follow suit was Mr. Lew. He didn’t play much at the final table and when he did he got his hand stuck in the cookie jar. He went all in with KQ and Bud Dave called instantly with KK. The flop came, Q105 giving Mr. Lew some chance but the turn and river were a 7 and Mr. Lew finished in 7th place. Mr P. finished in 6th when he had to go all in with a lower amount then the big blind. He had Q6. Jesse called with AJ and Bud Dave had K10. Nothing hit and Jesse’s Ace high won. A few hands later Danny Orr was all in for only 2k with 75. Rob and Bud Dave called. The flop came K83 and Rob folded when Dave bet. Dave flipped over K9 and nothing else hit for Danny and he was our bubble bitch in 5th place. We were down to our money players in Pete, Jesse, Rob, and Bud Dave. Jesse and Pete really couldn’t do much since one had 1000 in chips and the other had 500. Pete finished in 4th when he was all in with 44. Bud Dave was big blind and he flipped over 69. The board read 6985K and we were down to three. A few hands later, Jesse was all in and had J4 to Bud Dave’s AJ. The board read 55Q36 and Jesse finished in 3rd place. Dave and Rob played for a little while and then Dave decided to put Rob all in blind even though they were very close in chips. Rob looked down at 88 and called instantly. Dave ran the cards and the board showed 45379. Rob thought he was good but Dave flipped over 74 for two pairs and the PPT #22 Win. Rob came in second and Bud Dave took home first.

PPT #23 - 11/14/2014

I am going to keep this short just like the amount of players that showed up for one of the last games of the year. There were only 7 players that showed up but three of them were fighting for top 16 spots while 3 others were fighting for the total point’s leader and then there was Pete. What can I say it is the TYOTR, meaning The Year of the Rob. Rob got low early but then every hand after that he could not lose. And when I mean he could not lose he was playing hands like Q4 suited J2 suited 69 not suited and either hit top pair, two pair, or the flush every time. It was ridiculous. Pete started the game hot and pretty much maintain his stack for most of the night. Mr. Lew was our first victim and he rebought back in. Rob had AK to his A6 and nothing hit. Those 8 points allowed Rob to extend his lead and allow for me to tie him for 2nd. Jose followed next when a flop came Q76. Rob was dealer so he had no money in before the flop. Jose was big blind and was first to act and went all in. Rob called quick and flipped over Q7 off suit. Yup Rob could not miss. He called pre-flop for 500 with that hand. Jose flipped over 107 and nothing else hit giving Jose 10 points and kept him in 17th place but one spot ahead of John C. Now Jose was being Jose so he was cracking Jokes all night even from the sideline. He says he is still going to make the top sixteen just not tonight. As this was going on and other conversations were too, Jesse and Rob got into a big hand. The flop came, J62 with two clubs on the flop. One bet and the other called. Then the turn came a 10 of clubs and Rob bet 3,000. Jesse went all in for less and flipped over 98 of clubs. He was thinking he was good but this is Rob’s year and Rob flipped over Q4 of clubs. The river was meaningless. Jesse would have needed the 7 of clubs to win the hand. Jesse finished in 5th and took home 12 points to stay in 15th place. Amy was next out and she didn’t even see it. She was all in against Rob and Rob had like 84 to her A6 and rob hit an 8 to beat her. The funny thing is Amy was already up stairs before we started dealing the hand. Amy went home with 14 points and is now in 16th place, 3 points ahead of Jose. I finished in 3rd because I could not get cards all night and was all in with 83 to guess who, Rob. He had KQ and a King hit on the flop. I took home 16 points and am now tied with Mr. Lew for 2nd but 33 points out of first. Mr. Lew was knocked out again, this time by Pete. He had AK to A3 and His king held up. Pete and Rob were heads up and Rob was the chip leader. It only took one hand before Rob took a commanding lead. The first hand, yes the first hand Rob gets AA and takes a lot of Pete’s money. Pete eventually went all in with Q8 and Rob called with 35. Rob hit a 3 on the turn and Pete took home 2nd place and 18 points. Rob won PPT #23 and expanded his lead with 24 points. Last two games should be interesting. Later Bitches see you a day after Thanksgiving.

PPT #24 - 11/28/2014

We had our second biggest game of the year with 21 players and its coming down to the wire in all aspects of the tour. With my strong finish and Rob's early exit I am now only 9 points behind Robert Alberti for the Total Points crown. Also the 16th and final spot is up for grabs with three people vying for it. The man, the myth, but not the legend since we have one, won but he did have to take out the legend to win it. Alright I am going to keep this short and sweet. There were three tables and one was up stairs. We had Four Panza's Mr. Lew, Jeff Weber, and the most surprising person of all, Jimmy. Who has come back after a little bantering in the middle of the season. AlI I can say about upstairs is that it isn't a PPT event if there isn't Panza problems. Amy hated each and everyone of us especially me, I was probably the most pissed at an event ever, and Karen never sat down and stop talking. As this was going on Paulie was knocked out within the first 30 minutes of the game. Then Jose lasted maybe 10 minutes later and then Mr. Lew 40 minutes later. Jose is still battling for that 16th spot but will have to be at his best to claim that remaining spot. Sherwin got on tilt early and never recover and was next out follow by point leader Rob. Matt got a bad beat and someone that came with someone that Dave Poker Legend Campbell bought was next out. his name was Bryan. Then it was Jimmy, followed by the Panza Crew in Tony P. Amy and Doris. Amy got 11 points and holds a 7 point lead on Jesse and a 11 point lead on Jose. Xiomara was next out and then Kerri. That left us with 9 with the buy back still in play. Yes out of 5 or 6 players knocked out early, not one of them bought back. Finally Pete was our bubble bitch to the final table when Chip leader and Poker legend Dave called him with shit and beat him with shit. It didn't take long and Steve Maldonado, Yes our Central American friend who we haven't seen in a while, was first out when he pushed with 77 and Dave called with AQ. Dave hit a Q on the flop and Steve went home with 7th place. Next out was the buy back seat but it made a valiant effort. Then Jeff decided to try and steal a pot but Campbell called his bluff and Jeff was left with 3000. He went all in a few hands later and was taken out by Karen's Queen high flush with 4 on the board. So we are at the Money. and it wasn't again to long before Karen was all in with A5 to Jonathan Cruz's K4 and Dave's 105. The board read 36983 with the river being a 4th club and giving John the win with the 4 of clubs and Karen 5th place 26 points. Mike Crilley, yes another person we haven't seen in a while, went all in with QJ and was called by Jon with A9. The flop had an A and nothing else hit sending Crilley home with 28 points. I was low stack amongst the big boys and went all in with Q10 and again Jon had another Ace and he hit his low card 8 on the flop. Nothing else came sending me back to Rutherford with 30 points, a 3rd place finish. Then The Poker legend and Jon played for a little until Dave went all in pre-flop with A5 and Jon snapped called with QJ but Jon thought it was suited and said, "oh shit." Each of them had huge stacks and a Queen hit on the flop giving Jon a commanding chip lead and 2 hands later the Poker Legend was all in with K6 and Jon called with 77. The board read 9996J and Jon was our PPT 24 winner and took home 38 much needed points to clearly put him in the TOC. Dave finished in 2nd with 32 points in his pocket.

PPT #25 - 12/12/2014

It was a small game but never a less there was a spot in the top 16 up for grabs and the total point lead since Rob did not show up for the last game of the year. Jesse did enough to get him in and I was bubble bitch to the money to secure the 2014 Total points winner. I like to thank everyone for coming out and playing this year and for all the excitement that was brought to each and every game. Even though we only had 10 players for the last game it was a good group and plenty of fireworks. All i can say it is what it is and shit happens. I take responsibility for it. Bud Dave was our first victim of the night but he made a great comeback when he rebought back in. He possibly could have won but fell short and finished third. Jim and Mr. Lew played heads up for about 10 minutes and it was over when Mr Lew hit his Ace on the flop and Jimmy took home second place. Mr Lew took home first place and finished third on the season with total points. I hope to see all of you again next year and continue to bring your eclectic personalities which makes the PPT. Its not a PPT event without any excitement and I am looking forward to the TOC.

PPT TOC 2014 - 12/26/2014

What can I say, the tournament went off without a hitch and there was excitement throughout the night. Our Silent friend, Mat was out first within the first 30 minutes of a game. He went all in with a flush draw against Rob and did not catch it, He lost most of his chips there and eventually went all in with KJ to Jimmy's pocket Q's to be eliminated first. Next to follow was Tony P. and he didn't deserve his beat because Pete who came up with the saying, "you didn't deserve it," called his all in for an additional 1800 with 66. Tony P had KK and when the flop came 748 my father began to worry. And he didn't get his wish when a 5 came out on the turn giving Pete the straight to have him knocked out in 15th. Jonathan Cruz was our next victim as he went all in right after the break with AQ to Mr. Lew's A10. Mr. Lew hit his 10 on the turn and Jon was watching from the sideline. Bud Dave lost most of his chips when he bluff at a board with A3 and eventually got knocked out with only a 25 dollar chip left. Not much longer Kerri decided to go on a flush draw with top pair but didn't hit her flush or another pair as Mr. Lew had top pair with a better kicker. Our reigning TOC Champ was out next when he went all in with 77 to Karen's QQ and nothing hit on the board. That got us down to two tables of 5 with only two more eliminations until the final table. Sherwin was low stack and went all in, in first position and Doris P as the big blind called with QQ. These two had a rivalry going all night and it was so poetic for this to be the end of one of them. Nothing came on board and we were down to bubble bitch to final table. The distinction goes to Matt P. He went all in with KJ to Rob, who started hitting hands when Kiersten sat next too him, called with KK. Matt was all in for 4,100 and the highest card on board was a 10 and we had our final table. Rob came over with the commanding chip lead while the rest of us were trying to figure out how to make a dent in his pile. Lets just say no one could figure that out. Dave, Poker Legend, Campbell had the second biggest stack at the final table but blew it within the first three hands at the final table. Rob being cagey, decide to just call in first position with pocket AA. Campbell, a few players later, decides to push with AK. Rob instant called and Campbell was our first elimination at the final table as an Ace hit on the turn and nothing else was close for Campbell. Next out was Pete, and he didn't deserve his beat. The next hand after Campbell was eliminated Pete went all in as the button with A8. Rob, being big blind, says he had a terrible hand and then says why not, calls with 74. The flop came J84 and the turn look good for Pete as it was a 10 but the river came another 4 and that is when we declare that no one was going to beat Rob this night, Pete finished in 7th and was followed by his father in 6th when he was all in with QJ to Karen's KK. The flop had an Ace and a 10 but a King never came for Mr. Lew and he finished in 6th. Now it was bubble bitch time and that came to me. I was getting nothing for about 2 hours and pushed with KQ. Unfortunately Doris was sitting with AA and I hit nothing after getting a open ended straight on the flop. The final four was Doris, Karen, Jesse who really wasn't playing much but snuck in, and Rob. Everyone had a decent stack excepted for Jesse but Rob still had a commanding lead. Doris lost a bunch on blinds and was force to go all in with 44. Karen who was small blind and Rob was big blind called. Karen hit a 6 on the turn and Doris finished in 4th. Jesse eventually went all in with 75 and Karen called with KJ. Karen his a K on the flop and a K on the river to knock Jesse out in 3rd. Karen and Rob played for a little but Rob had too big of a stack for her to make a comeback. With Blinds at 2500-5000, Rob made it 20,000. Karen pushed for 38,000 and Rob called. Rob flipped over 88 and Karen flipped over QJ. Nothing hit on the board and Rob was our 2014 TOC winner. Karen came in second while TYOTR took home 1st place. The Year of The Rob was actually true this year.

1st - Robert            2nd - Karen            3rd - Jesse