Dear Diary...(2013)

by Anthony Panza

PPT #1 - 1/4/2013

(Please note that there is no diary entry for this date...maybe the President was PMSing)

PPT #2 - 1/18/2013

We started with 18 players and Big D was the first out after losing a big hand early on. She was able to double up a couple of times but eventually her luck ran out. Mr. P. was his old self and used his famous quote “you can’t win for losing” when he won a hand he shouldn’t have been in. But Things changed fast for him and he was knocked out in 15th (He came up with that quote first before you heard head coaches and TV announcers saying that. Some old faces came to play, Kately and PJ, but they could not get anything going. PJ actually doomed himself by giving his opponent a river queen to get a straight while he was holding two pairs. Kately 10th and Rob 9th were knocked out the same hand at two different tables to get us our final table. First hand at the final table, Margie was knocked out and we were down to seven. Then they play seven handed for a while. During that time Pete goes, “I wish two people could get knocked out on this hand” not realizing that he needed three out to make the money. Then Dave got knocked out by Burke getting a river jack to get his gut shot straight. That prompted Dave to say “ Wow you got to be kidding me” He then went silent and shook his head. He had two pair on the flop. Burke later says when you running hot you go with it. Also saying the only thing you lose by going for it are your chips. Patty was out next. Then playing for bubble, Mr. Lew makes a questionable call that he says after the hand was over ”dumb call” on my part. He was knocked out a few hands later. Then playing four handed, Burke’s name changed. Michael “I get Ace King every other hand but can’t win” Burke. Burke AK to Pete AK split. Burke AK versus Donnas JJ. He flops two pair, she rivers straight. Burke AK, Pete all in because he had too 34, Pete straight. Then Burke all in AK, Danny 99. 9’s hold up Burke 4th. Then they did a three way split with Danny O getting first place and first place points. Danny was reluctant at first and they played a few hands. Then Pete got a triple up but was still in third in chips and Danny decided to go for the split. After the game Danny Say, “I would have on if we played it out since I had all those chips.” Well Bitch you shouldn’t have chopped.

PPT #3 - 2/1/2013

So the first person out, that two of the three tables thought, was Steve. But in actuality Mrs. Lew was the first out right after the break and only the first table knew. The table in the middle though had it reasons for not knowing what was going on since we were playing in the dark. There was mass confusion and bickering going on all night. Typical PPT style. Crilley holding cards from the prior hand while the next hand was being dealt. Jimmy yelling at me to go when my money was already in. I dealt myself first, Kately dealt for missing person and dealt it like he was dealing. After a few more people got knocked out we were finally able to move and things went back to normal, so you think. A little later on, Jimmy was all in and flopped top pair, at that time Burke decides to say, “you don’t want to see the jack” and guess what the next card was, a Jack, After the hand Jimmy said “fuck you Burke” and we were down to the final table. After a little while Pete was knocked out first and promptly goes to Crilley “how can you call with that hand”. Let me remind you Crilley was big blind and had A10. Pete was joking, I hope. Then I decided to go up stairs and then 3 more people got knocked out, Laura, Tony, Burke. Next time I went down Campbell got knocked out and when I looked at him he looked like someone died, he was in shocked. Campbell you don’t always lose to a shitty hand. Then Frank lost a ton of his stack to Mr. Lew for over $30,000. He caught him while holding KK. A few hands later we were down to Mr. Lew and Crilley. After going back and forth for a while Mr Lew prevailed while holding AJ to Crilley Ace garbage. Only knew what happen at the final three by what people where telling me because I was making Pete feel better by losing to him at NBA on Playstation. Fuck those controllers. Nintendo holler. Take care everyone and see you in 2 weeks.

PPT #4 - 2/15/2013

With a weak showing in this week’s game, I do not have to speak about anything early that happen in the tournament since we only had 8 players. So guess what, we all made the final table. It started off slow but I got caught in a hand early and lost half my stack. But that was only the beginning. Later on in the game there was a big hand where there was a raise and two reraises. Two people went into the hand with the flop Ace garbage garbage. Mr. Lew goes all in and Mr. P decides to say another fantastic quote that left all of us at the table perplexed. He says, “I know you have aces but I am going to call.” He had kings and Mr. Lew did have the Aces to give him trips. My dad lost the hand. After a while of bitching about getting 3’s Mr. P. was first out and bought back in. PJ followed suit a little while later than Pete. Since it was a small game we allowed Pete to buy back for a lower amount and two hands later he was knocked out again. He should have been knocked out the first hand he was in but there was two pair on the board and his AQ chopped with Crilley’s AK. Pete goes to me “Ant I want this quote to make the recap, I Suck” Well Pete you got your wishes, you did suck last night. While Pete was in the stands, he and the rest of us were giving Chris updates on what has happen so far this year. We bought up the Dave was the head of the rules committee and Chris decides to say “did he get a gavel.” Pretty funny shit. After playing for a little longer my dad was all in for less than the big blind going up against 10’s to his 9-3. He flopped a 3 and that was it but he takes the chips and tells Kately “this is mine and you get the rest” not realizing that he didn’t win. He thought Kately had 9-10. That’s my dad for you. Kately was next to drop and I follow losing with KQ to Chris’s 65. Flop came Q64 than 10 than he spikes a 5 on the river. Chris was running hot but after playing for 15 minutes he ran into a juggernaut in Mr. Lew. Well Mr. Lew got lucky and then took it down on the next hand. The first hand was AQ versus AK and Mr. Lew hit a queen on the flop but to add insult to injury they both hit the flush on the river with Mr. Lew having the Ace of spades. The next hand Chris decides just to call with AK and the Flop was J72. Chris went all in and Mr. Lew snapped call with J4. His Jack held up and Mr. Juggernaut Lew. Won for the second consecutive time given him a commanding lead early in the season point totals. Alright Everyone, Hopefully not all of you have prior commitments the next time we have a game. See you in two weeks. Oh and Lordi is still a bitch for not showing up once so far this season.

PPT #5 - 3/1/2013

Another night, another fun pack PPT game. Many of your favorite quotes were thrown around, Karen shut up and go, you didn’t deserve that, I have no luck, give me another one of these, and where’s the beef. We started with 14 and within the first 20 minutes we had our rebuy bought. Mr. Lew just called pre flop before Pete raised to 300 at blinds 50 – 100 and Mr. Lew calls. Flop comes out KK5 and there was a check by Mr. Lew and Pete goes and bets 600, Mr. Lew calls. The turn was a Jack and there was another check, then bet, then reraise, then all in and a call. Mr. Lew flips over AK, Pete flips over JJ. Nothing hit on the river and the Juggernaut was out first. He walked away for minute to calm down than came right back and bought in. After about another 15 minutes Mr. Lew lost most of his stack to my father. In that hand, a lot of us where questioning why my father was in after the flop and his response, “I just won two big hands so I figure I have the money to play.” Typical Mr. P. A couple of hands after that Mr. Lew was again knocked out and his night was over quick. We then played for a while with a few more people getting knocked out including myself. In the middle of all this silly string was being sprayed on my father, and then on Kerri a little later by Jimmy. PPT game at its finest. The way I lost was probably the best time to use Pete’s famous quote “You didn’t deserve that” but also had me asking myself why do I even play, I have no luck. The answer to that question is simple. I am an addicted. Don’t worry Pete was able to use his quote later on. The hand I lost was with a flop 952 which I decided to go all in with 65 and matt folded but Pete called saying he had A9. He flips over his cards to reveal A8 and on the river he catches an 8. Yes you read that right Pete thought he had one hand but didn’t and still pulled it out. Pete was up and down all night with his chips. The last time I saw someone up and down like that was baby eve in her bouncer. That’s right Eve gets a shout out on here and she 1 ups her mom since she has been no existent at these games. After a little while, Crilley eventually was knocked out and we were down to our final table. Kerri was first out since her low stack could never get anything going. Then Matt. Which by the way was knocked out by my dad and he didn’t even realize he had the flush for the win. He goes I have Ace high. Again typical Mr. P. Well Mr. P’s dazed and confuse approach didn’t help him much since he followed suit along with Danny and then Doris as the bubble bitch. She was knocked out with a flop being Q93 where she had 93 but Karen had Q9. With my mother getting knocked out the rest of us gave Karen a round of applause as this is her first cash in over a year. She tried to say she didn’t play much but she played over 25 games last year. They didn’t play three handed for long with Karen coming in third. She was all in with Q8 suited to Rob’s A6. Rob flopped a 6, Karen turned an 8, but Rob riverr an Ace. Pete had the chip lead but lost the lead to Rob after a while of playing and the final hand was Pete’s KJ to Rob’s K9. Rob hit a 9 on the turn and that prompted Pete to say “You didn’t deserve it.” Which Rob replies, “I thought you were full of shit with your bet.” Well Rob you were wrong but luck was on your side tonight. Another great night of poker for some people, for the rest of us all we have to say is Fuck Poker. Lastly, I have a prop bet. The over/under for how many times you have to tell Karen it is your turn is 10. Any takers?

PPT #6 - 3/15/2013

Another day at the office for the PPT. Before I begin, I would like to say the prop bet of over 9 was hit. Lets’ just say Karen was missing for most of the game. Alright back to the action. There was not much action early on but right before the break we had our first person out. It was Steve, but wait, it is not the Steve you think. Another Steve came and now our beloved Steve M is not the lowest on the board anymore. We miss you Steve M. Later on a few people got knocked out and we welcome downstairs the upstairs table. Some of them were happy to finally get downstairs since it was a little crazy upstairs. After that, it didn’t take long before someone decided to yell at my father, but wait, it is not who you think it was. You may believe it was Karen or Me but it actually was Pete. Pete raise, and my father called. The flop comes up, 855. Pete goes all in and my father called because he was pot committed with Pete’s all in being real low. Pete pocket 10’s Tony P pocket 6’s. The turn comes, 6, and the river was a dud. The prompted Pete to say, ”Mr. P. you Suck.” Tony P. was on fire early on but when final table came things changed. The first person out was Noah. He got unlucky because Mo’s J10 beat his pocket 6’s. Then Jimmy was our next victim again to Mo with pocket 10’s to AK. As all if this is going on, I am ragging on MO saying he sucks and he didn’t deserve the wins. He goes, “Not shock Ant is ragging on me he wants to call all my hands because he thinks I have shit. He is just like Danny O, Kerri, and Karen.” Well guess what Mo, you usually do. The Hot streak Mr. P. was next out but most of the final table we had to hear that he wishes he was at other table at least he was getting hands there. Let’s just say he had some good hands but played them bad. Jimmy you will understand this, Pocket 8’s. That all I am going to say. Patty was our next victim, then the point leader, Mr. Lew was next. I don’t think Mr. Lew was over $9,000 all night and somehow made it to 4th. Well Done Mr. Lew. We were down to three and Mo, Donna, and I decided to chop. Mark my words, that is the last time I chop. Felt pressure to do so, so I did. Now that you know, I am not chopping again, no matter if I know I will be coming in 3rd. But this time was smart by me since the first 4 hands I got in final three were 94, 94, 95, 94. My stack was cut in half and I was all in next hand with A5 to MO’s K10. Douchebag caught a 10 and I was out in third. Then right after I got knocked out Mo offer Donna the extra $20 for first place. She accepted and MO was our winner by default. Such bullshit Mo. You definitely didn’t deserve that win. Ha Well that’s it. See you all in 2 weeks

PPT #7 - 3/29/2013

It was a small game. Dont like these small games, people you need to start showing up if you want to be in the TOC. Mr Lew was first to be knocked out and bought back in. He was up and down all night after that and eventually hit a streak to continue his dominance early this year. He was heads up against Laura and had a huge chip lead that he never relinquished. Nothing to exciting went on except for passing the baby which seem to work for whoever had her except me. Every time you held baby Eve you would win a hand. My dad had a streak and then Amy won a few. Then I held her and the luck ran out. damn you baby. Love you anyway. There was a few funny quotes but i wasnt paying too much attention because i was watching a lot of NCAA action. So this is it for the recap. See you in two weeks bitches

PPT #8 - 4/12/2013

Wow lets just say pandemodium in that panza house. The night started off quietly but things changed. At first Pete shows up late and the first hand he is in he loses half his stack anf promptly says, "maybe i should have showed up a hand later" Which got a few laughs. maybe an hour later Pete was knocked out first and bought back in. It didn't help him though since he was the 4th person out of the game. From there, it was quiet and Jimmy was knocked out as the bubble bitch to the Final table. It didnt take long for Dave to get knocked out and there was a story behind it. I got you Dave. Earlier in the night while pete was sitting on the sidelines he decides to say " Chris is going to win it thats right, write it in the book Ant I am calling it now" Well Pete you were wrong Chris was next out and when he came upstairs he told Pete, you jinxed me. ha. Next out was Danny and all hell broke out with the remaining five, well 2 of the remiaing five. It started with Mo pulling a Mr. P and grabbing cards and folding them when they werent even his. Guess what they were Karens and shit hit the fan because Karen cant just bitch once and leave it alone. No one was right in this situation. But it got loud. After it quieted down it started up again between the two. Well lets just say Karen was knocked out next an complain that its not worth 200 dollars for this shit. My father was knocked out next and again they bitched out and split 3 ways. Mo and Rob are dumbasses though because between the two of them they had 92,000 and Donna had 4,000. Way to go Guys, Way to go. Thats it for now see you next week

PPT #9 - 4/26/2013

For the most part it was a quiet night at the PPT. We played for a while before Jay V was our first victim. IT was about a little more than an hour when he was knocked out and he decided not to buy the extra stack. My mother had to come over to even out the tables and the first hand she was in she was knocked out. She also didn’t buy the extra stack and it went untouched for the night. We played for a while after that and Mr. P went quietly into the night to finally get us to the final table. Not much happen at first with people just sending chips back and forth. Then Danny O decided to try and make moves and 4 hands later he went from 17k to the sideline. Too bad Danny, more points for us. Not much later, distraught Kerri was knocked out next with not much pizzazz. Not much later, I go all in and Jimmy, who was big blind, calls me and flips over his cards and goes, “Oh shit I thought I was suited.” Still it wasn’t a bad hand, 87 off suit, and like always against me he hit a fourth diamond against me. Fuck you Jimmy, Fuck you. Remember when I said it was quiet for most of the night, enter Pete. He is all in with pocket kings vs. AQ by Mr. Lew. This prompts Danny from the sideline to say “queens are running hot.” Well queen on the flop and then queen on the river. Well Pete being Pete, he decides to get up and say “I suck at poker, I am not playing in two weeks.” Yeah right Pete. This makes Danny laugh and I just walked in and started to laugh when Pete told me what he said. Pete then says, “You know what, Danny and Ant you relish in my defeat.” We started to laugh again and told him that when he gets knocked out, it’s always a scene. Haha. Back to the game, Rob went out as the bubble bitch and we were down to Jimmy, Amy who caught two monster hands with AQ to get a huge chip stack, and low stack Mr. Lew. Mr. Lew was next out while trying to slow play his big blind A2 to Jimmy’s small blind 83 suited. Flop was A83. Jimmy checks and Mr. Lew goes all in, Jimmy call and nothing hits. Amy and Jimmy played heads up for about 20 to 25 minutes and Jimmy pulled out the victory with K7 to AQ. He hit a K on the flop and that was it. Later Bitches see you in two weeks

PPT #10 - 5/10/2013

It was very quiet night but it is still the PPT. My dad was all over the place and had us wondering, Is he senile? Does he have ADD? Is he going blind? Many questions that there is an easy answer for, he is a Panza. Not much happened early on but when Pete showed up, that all changed. One of the first few hands he played he tried to bet with someone else’s money. Yes that was right, with someone else’s money. He was sitting next to the empty stack and decides to grab their chips. Pete, are you sure you didn’t start drinking yet? First one out was Mo and that was the first time this year that he did not win the tourney, well at least split it. Following suit was Mr. Lew and the way the Lews get knocked out, there was excitement and loudness. Mr. Lew had Pocket K’s to Jimmy’s pocket 10’s. There was a raised pre flop and the flop was 863. Mr. Lew was all in and Jimmy debated for a while and called. Turn was a 9, river was a 7 giving Jimmy a straight. Mr. Lew said Jesus Christ, smacked the table, and then immediately walked out. Jimmy though didn’t use those chips for good use because he was the first to be knocked out at the final table. Tony P and Margie followed suit leaving us with Rob, Eddie, Pete, and Dave. Dave was thinking the whole time that he has faced better players in his time and this tournament was his. Haha. Rob could not mustard much and was knocked out next. With the final three Pete was sitting with a low stack while Eddie and Dave had most of the chips. I left but I still got updates. Somehow Eddie lost all his chips and finished third. Pete got hot and took a lot of them. With the final two going back and forth exchanging leads with the chip count it was Dave who finally separated himself. Dave won a hand first by out kicking Pete. Then a few hands later Dave put Pete all in. Dave had 109 Pete had J10. Campbell wound up hitting the straight and that was it. Afterwards he proclaim he was the best poker player of all time and non of you chumps can play with me. Well Dave, we will see next time. Also Dave you mention earlier I get low when I get to the final table. You know what you are right, fuck that, I will not be low next time I get to final table. I will then dominate.

PPT #11 - 5/31/2013

Kerri posted;, what has this league come to? Well that is a good question and I don’t have any answer to it. PPT 11 had 15 people play. With 8 of them being professional poker players. We had to call in the big guns since most of you bitches have stopped showing up. Unfortunately we stated in rules that top 16 would play for year-end money but I wish I could change it to top 8 than maybe more of you would show up. Alright, enough bitching by me. We decided that with this game we would allow rebuys for everyone at any point in the game when you were knocked out. I can say there was a lot of money since 14 players decided to buy back in. Do you know who didn’t? The game was crazy at first since the professional poker players decided to go hard at each other and they were the first 8 knocked out. The rest of us were able to get their money and that’s when real poker began. Not much happen early on until Jimmy and I had about 3,000 each and I was sitting in big blind with 97 to his K7. Flop came 7,7,10. We both checked along with Greg and the turn came 9. Jimmy threw out a 500 dollar bet and I called. River was a 2. He bet again, I went all in, and he called. Jimmy immediately bought back in. It didn’t help him much though and he couldn’t do any better than 5th. The next one that was knocked out was Rob. Terrible beat Rob just terrible. He had AA to KJ and the flop came KJ8 turn was a Q to give him false hope and more outs, as the river was a meaningless 7. He bought back in and he didn’t survive much longer and finish 7 but got 6th place points. Pete was knocked out next and bought back in but didn’t do much either. Shockingly enough, Pete didn’t make a scene and Danny and I didn’t relish in his defeat this week. The new comer to the game, Greg, got into a hand with me where I had AQ to his AJ which held up and he was knocked out. Two hands later I knocked him out again to get us to the final three. Danny was next to follow but nothing dramatic happen to him. Just a bad run of cards and even his buy back couldn’t help him. The left Mr. Lew and I. He had a commanding chip lead and knocked me out but I still had my buy back and eventually got the stacks to 30,000 to 48,000. But not much later I had 98 and the flop came 77K Mr. Lew checked and so did I. The turn was an 8 and Mr. Lew checked again. I contemplated betting but decided to check. River was another 7. Now the way Mr. Lew said all-in was very suspicious but I decided to call with the full house. Well I was right about my suspicion but not right with my call, he flipped over the fourth 7 and I was done. If I am going to lose at least it was to quad 7’s. Mr. Lew continues his dominance this year and now is playing with house money. Alright Later bitches, you better be here for this week’s game and some of you should visit since there is quite of few of you that are MIA.

PPT #12 - 6/14/2013

Like Jimmy said, PPT 12 was a smashing hit. Literally it was a smashing hit. I was trying to put an air conditioner in and my hand slipped on the window causing it to break. Before the game even started I was off to the hospital to get 10 stitches in my thumb. My sister asked if she could drive me and I said no. I wanted more people to play. I put the PPT before my own safety. Haha terrible on my part. The paragraph before is taking part for early action since I was sitting in a hospital bed for the first 2 hours. All I can say is, I came home at 11:15 and had $2,000 in chips. That’s right I came home to play. Also I felt bad when I came down the stairs for MO. He was stuck at a table with all the Panza Girls. That’s right all 4 of them. And lets just say they had a few drinks in them. Ok back to poker. Rob was first out and then third out. Way to play, Rob. Steve was out third and the significance of that is Steve has played 3 times this year and has gone up in placing by one spot each time. Steve next time you will make a big jump in placing by winning it. When I began playing there was 11 people left. Jimmy finished 11th going on a flush draw that did not hit against Creeper Pete. Then a few hands later Danny was out because Creeper Pete called his pocket 6’s with K5 pre-flop for about $4,000 more and hit a king on the flop. Terrible call Pete terrible call. Creeper Pete was running hot. Now our Pete, you guys relish in my misery, Lew came over to our table. I won a hand but then I went all in with an Ace and hit an ace but Pete was in the hand with a higher ace. Damn you Pete. I was bubble bitch to final table. So close yet so far away. That gave us our final table and there were all 4 Panza girls, Mo, two Petes, and Mr. Lew. The first one out was Karen because as usually she wasn’t feeling the game anymore. 1 Panza girl down. Then another Panza girl down in Kerri. She was all in with pocket 2’s vs. Creeper Pete’s A9 and he hit a 9. Then Mo could not catch anything at final table and was next out. Next up was another Panza woman, Doris. She lost most of her stack on a hand where Amy, Mr. Lew and she were in. There was no pre-flop raise and Amy was all in. Flop came out with 3 diamonds. Doris went all in and Mr. Lew called immediately. Amy sat there and was like “what the hell do you people have since I have the nut flush A6.” Well Mr. Lew flipped over second high flush with K10 and Doris flipped over the third highest flush with Q3. Never saw a hand where the three highest flushes were hit on board. A few hands later Doris was out. Then Amy got low and made a valiant come back prompting her to say, “This is how I roll” but she came up short and finished 4th. The final three played for a while and Pete battle Creepier Pete in a hand where they both had exactly 13,000 each. A hand prior to that they split because Pete got lucky for it. Creepier Pete flipped over Q8 to Pete’s K6 and Q hit making Pete our third place finisher. Pete left graciously. Danny, no blow up this time. Mr. Lew had a huge chip lead but lost it when they both were all in on Flush draws after the flop. Turn gave Creeper Pete top pair and then river club to have the higher flush. Mr. Lew was low after that and went all in a few hands later with A3 to A9. He hit trip 3’s and double up. He then got to within 50,000 to 40,000 in chips, but he went all in with K6 to K10 and nothing hit making Creeper Pete our winner for the night. Still though Mr. Lew continues his great play and the night ended a lot differently than when it started, quietly.

PPT #13 - 6/28/2013

Again another weak showing at the PPT. Honestly I feel we need to make it a top 8 for the money since none of you bitches want to show up anymore. Well With the weak field and with my lackluster play of late this post will not be a descriptive as the rest. All I have to say is Fuck Poker. We began play with a lot of money going back and fourth among a few people, one not being me, I was aggressive but nothing seems to fall into place. So from that I was first out and bought back in. It didn’t help too much since I was third out. My first knock out I had AK to Mr., I can’t lose, Lew 9’s. His 9’s held up and I was buying back in. Next time I had pocket 9’s to Pete’s K10 and Kerri’s AJ. Well Pete hit KK7 flop and I was sitting on the sideline watching from there. Mrs. Lew played for the first time because her son made her but nothing helped her and she finished in 8th. She had JJ to Kerri's 42 and Kerri flopped 442 and then even made it worse for Mrs. Lew with another 4 on the turn to give her quads. Mr. P had another great quote that I have forgotten and no one else remembers either. So maybe it wasn’t so great. Anyway he let himself get down to 100 in chips before eventually get knocked out in 7th. Rob and Jimmy followed suited and we were down to our final four. As we were playing Rob decides to tell Pete that he should be playing dice with buddies, which is actually just Yahtzee, and Pete decides to say he was on a straight draw in it. Pete we are playing cards not dice with buddies. He did argue his case that he had a 2 3 4 5 and needed a 6 or a 1. So I can’t fault him on that, but it was still pretty funny at the time. Back to the game, Pete tried getting aggressive and Mr. Lew made a loose call with K9 to Pete’s A2. Pete pre-flop raised it to $7,000. Well Mr., I can’t lose, Lew hit his King and double upped, leaving Pete with only $5,000. A couple hands later he was small blind and went all in to steal the big blind but got his hand caught in the cookie jar because he flipped over J8 to Kerri’s Pocket JJ. They held up and Pete finish in third. Pete left disappointed and was pissed. I did not relish in his misery tonight since I was more pissed at how I played. The final three were, Steve who finally cracked away from being one of the first three out, Kerri, and Mr. Lew. Steve toyed around for a while even hitting a flush with 104 of diamonds to Kerri’s QQ, but it didn’t last long because again he had 104 not suited against Kerri’s KK, this time her hand held up. The final two played for a little while and the final hand was Mr. Lew Q7 to Kerri’s Q8 with a flop J87. Mr. Lew went all in and Kerri thought he was full of shit and she was correct and called. Nothing hit the rest of the way and Kerri was on PPT 13 winner. With how the Lewandowski’s roll when it comes to losing in poker, Mr. Lew goes to Kerri, “how do you not believe that I had the Jack. How do you make that call?” Well Mr. Lew, sometimes your make a play and sometimes you get called. This time you were called and Kerri is relishing in your misery.

PPT #14 - 7/12/2013

Saw some surprising new faces along with your usual degenerates. Coming out of retirement was the one and only Rich Lordi. Along with him came Mike Crilley, who we haven’t seen since week 5 Jose Vela since week 1, and Jack Uong who was here for the first time. Now lets get to the action. The game started with 14 people and within 20 minutes the only lady who played, Margie, was knocked out. Her AA against Crilley’s QQ was cracked when a Q hitting the flop, ending her night early. She refused to buy back in but it wasn’t much longer since Jack was knocked out second and bought back in. Jose played aggressively but was knocked out by Noah, prompting my dad to say, “Brother knocking out his own brother,” Jose had to tell my dad Noah was not his brother. My dad goes my bad. Typical of my dad to not know what’s going on. Haha Mr. Lew was next out making everyone in the room happier since he could not win any more money this time. Matt and my dad followed suit and we were down to 9. Pete made a raise to 3,000 with blinds being 600-1,200 with him being small blind and only I was left to act as big blind. I looked down at AK and decided to make a move on Pete but he instantly called with QQ. Flop came A79 and two more rags followed getting us to our final table. Pete yelled at me saying, how could I make that call. Pete all I can say is I relished in your misery. Danny you would have loved it. Jack and Rob went at it first with Jack’s KJ to Rob’s 99. Jack flopped a K but Rob turned a 9 sending jack first out at the final table and propel Rob to a final table he will not forget. Jimmy and Crilley were the next two out with no excitement. Then excitement folded next. Lordi raised the big blind $3,000 more and rob contemplated on what to do and decided to go all in for an additional 8,000. Lordi instant called with JJ to Rob’s suit KJ. Before the flop even came out Lordi shouted out, “that’s the garbage you played, I see nothing has changed in 8 months with you.” Well the flop came 86K giving rob top pair and to add insult to injury he hit another club to get a flush. Of course Lordi didn’t take this lightly and says,” My whole night is gone and ruin because of this fucking idiot. I haven’t played in 8 months and Rob is still garbage” hahah A few hands later Lordi was out. Then it went back and forth for a while and Poker Star David Campbell was knocked out next With blinds at 1,500-3,000 he goes all in first to act with 77. It came around to me and I looked down at AA instantly calling and winning the hand leaving Poker Star David Campbell down to 500. The next hand he was knocked out by Rob’s 32 that he hit a straight on and he wasn’t even in the blind. Haha. The Final three was the Rob show. I was next out making a move with 9,500 with Q6 and Noah called 5,500 more with 97 and hit a 9 to knock me out. Then they played heads up for about 5 minutes with Rob winning every hand either having an Ace King or Queen and Rob was our PPT #14 winner. How do you like that Lordi?

PPT #15 - 7/26/2013

We didn't have internet for a week so I could not remember much about the game at Pete's house but the only thing I could was that Pete said he was going to win and That is exactly what he did. He defeated Poker star Dave Campbell

PPT #16 - 8/9/2013

So I was worried about numbers for the game and called up Billy D to see if he wanted to play. He showed up and a couple more and we had a 12 person game. Things started with a bang with Pete being knocked out within the first 30 minutes of the game with QQ against Campbell’s KK. Nothing hit on the flop and Pete went all in with Campbell instantly calling and we had the Lewandowski seat all warmed up for one of them to sit in. Not that much longer Mr. Lew was knocked out and did what he usually does and immediately left mad. Well Having pocket queens and getting knocked out with big blind holding a 42 with two 4’s on the board would make anyone mad. We then played for a little while and Jimmy was our next victim. Jimmy was all in with 77 to Matt’s KK. Jimmy flopped a 7 but with 2 outs, and the river still too come, a K hit making Jimmy our 3 person out. Then it took a while at 9 handed to finally get to our final table. It was Tony P. getting knocked out with his usual short stack and we had our final 8. As we were playing my Dad got excited during the Yankee game thinking that they just hit a homerun but it was an old game that they were showing a replay of. Only my father would do something like that. Haha Doris was the first to be knocked out by Rob of all people. It was him that was her nemesis all night raising on her blind all the time and his KJ beat her Q5. Next to follow was Pete going all in with a hand like Q9 to Billy’s AA. No I did not relish in his misery because felt I soon would follow. I got lucky though against PS Campbell with my A9 to his AK hitting a 9 on the flop to double up and having a chance. The next big hand goes to Mrs. Lew. with her pocket 2’s to Billy’s AJ suited hearts. Flop comes 237 all hearts giving Billy the nut flush and when both were all in the turn came a 9 but the river paired the 3 giving Mrs. Lew the win and was the new chip leader. Billy’s next hand he went all in with what he had left and Campbell called quickly. Again Campbell had AK to Billy’s 107 of diamonds and Billy hit a flush to get a much needed double up while a disgruntle Campbell’s chip stack kept dwindling. Needless to say Campbell was next out and stormed away mad at what just happen to him at this final table. Matt decided not to go all in with his 500 that he had left to try and get those extra points. Well next hand Matt did get those two point extra points and finished 5th. Billy then did a min raised on me a few hands later to $6000 and I decided to push with KJ but unfortunately he called with AJ and that held up making me the bubble bitch. They didn’t play long until Rob finished in third. My mom was glad for that. So it was down to Billy and Mrs. Lew. They played for a while. Just when you think Mrs. Lew would be knocked out she double and then double up again but then give it right back that eventually Billy won with a Q10 to her J5 and a Q high was the winner. Maybe I shouldn’t have made that call to get that extra person ha. Congrats Billy. With some of the players that are high in the point’s standings being the first 4 out some of the lower players got much needed points that are making this top 16 very interesting. From number 9 to 18 it is only a 24 point difference. You will need to show up if you want to stay in it or get in it.

PPT #17 - 8/23/2013

Something just didn’t feel right when this game started and we figured it out quickly. Pete was not in attendance tonight. Danny and I had no one to relish in their misery tonight. Just before the game started the clocked was winding down with 35 seconds to go and the funny part about this is my dad looks at the clock and says “we are about to start in 35 minutes.” Only my dad. Not much happen early on. Noah and Jay came late and then were the first two out. Must of played aggressive and it must not have worked. Then Kerri and Danny O got into a big hand with Danny smooth calling with AA to Kerri’s KQ. These two were the chip leaders at our table and after the flop there was a KJ7 showing that made Kerri bet and Danny called. Turn came a garbage 6 and Kerri lead out with $2,000, then Danny popped to $5000, but Kerri’s poker instincts didn’t work and she called him. River was a another terrible card with Danny pushing all in and Kerri called his last $3,000 plus which gave Danny the win and left Kerri with only 600 left in chips. Kerri replied, “I thought he was full of shit which he usually is.” Terrible call Kerri Terrible call. A few hands later, Kerri was knocked out. I followed suit when Jimmy called my all in with 35 suited to my A5 and he hit a 3 on the river. I decided to buy the extra chips with only 2400 left and playing 4 handed. Somehow I got over $5,000 and made it to the final table coming in 5th. Amy was knocked out next because she didn’t even have enough for the big blind and Campbell beat her AJ to his 95 by hitting a 9. At the final table we played for a while before someone got knocked. I went all in early on with A5 and Jimmy said if he called my all in with his J5 he would have hit and jack off on me. Campbell was first out with two hands. First calling robs all in after the turn with A10 to Rob’s AJ and it held up and later pushing with A6 to Billy’s AQ with Billy hitting a Q and a dejected PS Campbell got up and left. Then Jimmy was knocked out when he went all in for 2,300 and he had 3 callers. Big D won the hand by hitting a full house with her pocket 8’s and we were down to 6. Rob was next to follow when he went all in after the flop of 9104 with the 9 and 10 being clubs. Rob had pocket 9’s for trips but my mom debated for a while and called with an open ended straight flush draw and hit a 7 on the turn for the straight and then even hit a higher straight on the river when a Q fell. I went quietly into the night when my Q8 suited couldn’t hit anything on the board and Mr. Lew, who wasn’t play that many hands at the final table, had AJ and it won. The final four of Billy, Danny, Big D, and Mr. Lew each had quite a big stack and it was Danny that was out next. Mr. Lew just called the $3,000 big blind and Danny went all in for $14,000. Mr. Lew and his philosophy, you can‘t win it if you are not in it, called with QJ off to Danny’s A4 suited. Most people would have dropped the hand but Mr. Lew is no ordinary player. He is on fire this year and caught a Q to knock Danny out. Billy being low stacked pushed all in with K7 off and Big D in the big blind called with 1010 and hit a 10 on the flop to knock Billy out in 3rd. Billy has played the last two games and is quickly creeping up to the top 16 so beware you 10 through 16 places. Mr. Lew and Big D played for a while and it went back and forth for a good half hour but a tired Big D lost focus near the end and lost to Mr., I can’t be beat this year, Lew. Take care everyone and I will see you at Pete’s House in two weeks.

PPT #18 - 9/6/2013

I would like to take Pete’s famous quote to start the blog off. The person who won “didn’t deserve it” We played for a short period of time and Rob was all in with 77 to Matt’s 22. Matt called leaving himself with 600 and said that he was feeling this hand. Well his feeling was right when the flop came, 882 the turn and river yielded nothing and rob was out and had to rebuy. After that Mrs. Lew was the next out but was probably happier to go play with Kayla after hitting nothing while playing cards. Than Kerri was complaining all night and said that her best hand of the night was pocket Kings and said “ I almost didn’t get them”, that was because Danny muck his cards right near hers and she looked at his cards instead of her own until Danny look to make sure his cards were the ones that were actually folded. That being said Kerri was next out. We played for a while until finally Matt was low stacked and went all in with K9 to Amy’s QQ. Nothing higher than a 7 was on board and Matt was sitting on the sideline. But he was joined right away because at the other table Tony P was knocked out by Karen with her two pair being higher than his. That left us with 7 and our final table. Sneakily Rob was still in this game after being knocked out first and the money man himself Mr. Lew had a pretty good stack going into the final table. Not much was going on early except for Pete bitching at me. Then came a hand that sent Pete overboard. Pete made a raise to $4000 with Karen being big blind for $2,000 and she called. Flop came Q65. They both checked. The turn came a 3. Pete decided to go all in and Karen called. Pete flipped over K10 to J4 suited. Well needless to say a J river and Pete was extremely pissed and wondered why she made the call in the first place. All I can say is she had an open ended straight draw and they were suited pre-flop. Ha Then Pete was getting on my case telling me to go all in against Rob and “that my balls don’t hang low and swing to and fro.” Well I did go all in against rob and he actually had a hand this time and got a double up that he needed badly. A few hands later though Pete was out of the game and said “I Hate This, especially the way I played” and Danny goes “and you wonder why we laugh.” Next out was Karen who was the calling machine. Never a raise just a call to where she eventually was so low in chips she didn’t have enough to cover big blind when she was small, Nothing hit and she got up a gave Pete a hug and said she hates this too. Haha, just kidding on that last thing. Danny was being pesky all night never really getting a big stack but we just couldn’t get him out. Until finally he had to go all in and Mr. Lew and Amy called the 500 over the big blind that he was. He flop a flush draw but nothing hit and Amy won with Ace high. That left us with Mr. Lew, Amy, Rob, and Bubba. When we got to the final table I told Pete my goal was to knock Mr. Lew out. He won enough money this year. Well I got my chance with my big blind being $3000 and he went all in for $6500. I had a big stack and I looked down at 32 suited diamonds, he had 108. I said “well here is my chance” and called. The flop came K84 two of those were diamonds. Turn came a 7 of diamonds giving me a flush and the river was meaningless. This prompted Mr. Lew to say, “terrible just terrible.” Remember at the beginning I said this person didn’t deserve to win this is why. I called big blind with Q10 and rob called small blind, Amy checked. Flop comes Q 10 6 rainbow. I checked and so did Rob and Amy. Next card was a 4. I bet $4,000 thinking the both would fold but rob called. Not shocked by that. River was a K. I went all in for my last $8,000 and he called. He flips over K4 to have a better two pair. I go “ You got to be fucking kidding me. You got runner runner to beat me.” He goes “well you only made a min bet on turn” Fuck my life. Should just have went all in on turn for 12,000 and steal the pot. I hate Poker. Lets just say I didn’t go out gracefully. So it was down to Amy and Rob, they went back and forth for a while Amy got a few double ups with 77 to his K7 then AA to his KQ but it was just not enough because rob called Amy’s all in with 108 to her AJ suited and the cards were 4567Q. That’s right he hits four cards for the straight to the 8 for the Win. He didn’t deserve it. Amy goes, “This is why I hate the rebuy seat, this was my win” Well Amy sorry you came in second and that is it for the Night. See you in 9 days at my house.

PPT #19 - 9/20/2013

I would like to first thank Sherwin, a new face at poker for showing up, because all of you other losers are not. It was a typical night at the PPT with fighting amongst family , shitty card play that was winning and Rob and Mr. Lew were not even part of. Mr. Lew wasn't there and rob went quietly into the night. I am not going to give much of a break down. Here is all you needed to know. Campbell was knocked out first because of the other person crazy called and he left pissed. Pete was second and third out and the first time he was out was again by the guy that was making many people mad. Karen blew up on me because I would not make the final table 9 because we always do it at 8. She bitched at me bad and called me out about being family and telling me I should not be a Tom Banis. For all of you who don't know him, he is the guy the runs the free poker league I play in. Amy got pissed because as this was going on she too lost a big hand to the guy everyone was annoyed out. Well Karen was number 9 because she couldn't take being hot and I wouldn't budge. The final three were Tony P., Sherwin, and Steve from Carteret. Well first hand it was final three Steve had AA to Sherwin 1010. They had most of the chips between the two and my dad was very low. Well Sherwin got trigger happy and went all in after Steve raised and he called. Sherwin said "I had a made hand" well it wasn't good enough and he was knocked out in third. My dad won the net 5 hands to make a game of it but then he could not muster any more and he was all in with Q4 to Q10 and nothing hit allowing Q10 to win and Steve to be our winner of PPT #19.

PPT #20 - 10/3/2013

Because of our hectic Friday wedding schedule in October we had to have a game on Thursday night. Well we got 12 people which is about how many we would have gotten on a Friday night. It didn’t take long for the first person to be out with Poker Steve going all in with top pair with an ace kicker while Danny was holding a straight on the flop. Steve had AJ while Danny had Q10. Flop came out J98 and betting got big and he re bought within the first 30 minutes. He bought back in before two of our players showed up. Pete being one of them was mad and it even made him more upset because he was next out. Pete had QJ while Mo had 95 in the big blind with no raise. Flop came Q95 and Pete was all in and Mo called. So I asked Pete “how do you feel right now.” He goes “I am fucking pissed. I suck that is why I am out.” Next to follow with his low stack as usual was Tony P with his pocket 3’s to Big D’s 54 suited spades. She hit the flush and we were down to 10. Steve follow suit after that when the flop came 986. He was holding J9 while Big D was holding 98. Well there was a big bet by Big D and then an all in by Steve follow by a call by Big D. Ace on the turn and then a 2 on the river to give Big D the win. I was next out hitting nothing all night and we had our final table. Matt was first out at the final table going quietly into the night. Later on Kerri and Billy got into a hand where she was thinking “Wow, when was the last time I knocked Billy out of a tourney.” While Billy was thinking “oh good I got a double up coming.” Well they both flipped over pocket Aces and no drama came into play. They split and both were disappointed. Well Billy must have been mad about that hand because a few hands later he was knocked out. Ha just kidding. Well he was actually knocked out. Next out was Kerri where there were 3 all ins. Kerri was low and went with KQ, Rob had AQ and Mo had AK. Kerri was in trouble and so was Rob but he spiked a Q on the flop to take Kerri out and leave Mo with a very low stack. Next hand Mo was all in and came in 5th. Danny went all in with 97 and Big D was big blind and debated for a very low amount to call. People shouldn’t talk urging her to call but she followed suit and eventually did and she had 107. Flop came JQK and then an A on the turn giving her the straight and Danny finished in 4th. That left us with Big D, Mr. I can’t lose, Lew and Rob, I am coming after you Mr. Lew, Alberti. Big D took the worst beat of the day when she was all in with AA to Mr. Lew’s AQ and he flopped QQ4 knocking her out in 3rd. It’s been that kind of year for Mr. Lew and now Rob. Mr. Lew got a much needed double up early on with AQ vs. KJ with Mr. Lew hitting an A leaving Rob with roughly around 10,000. But that was all the winning Mr. Lew would do after that and Rob just kept winning hand after hand and ending Mr. Lew’s night with Q high and a better kicker. Rob then said I am coming after you now Mr. Lew. That is it for now and there are only 5 games left. For all of you that are on the edge you better start showing up or you will be left out of the TOC.

PPT #21 - 10/18/2013

Well not much action went on for most of the tourney since the first person was knocked out with blinds being 300-600. Therefore we were taking a lot of quotes down. Amy said" quote this I never liked the buy back seat." I called clock on my Dad and he says "clock this Ant." Tony P. said in another hand, "screw you and the horse you came in on." When Pete was knocked out he said, "I have to give myself one more shot" OK back to poker. Jay V was first out and didn't buy the seat but then Pete was knocked out and bought the seat with roughly only 2500 in chips. He made a valiant comeback but was knocked out along with Jose by Danny. Danny had AJ to Pete's something 8 and Jose had garbage. Pete hit an 8 on the flop but Danny turned a Jack and that got us down to the final table. There were only 7 at the final table and I was knocked out first with A2 to Danny's AQ. nothing hit and his Q held up. Mr. Lew and my Dad follow suited and we were down to 4. My mom became bubble bitch with the hand she hates most with A9 to Kerri's 75. Kerri did have to call much over the big blind to see the flop. Well the flop came 456 then Q then 10 and we were down to three. The played three handed for a while but then Rob went all in with A3 for 17,000 and Kerri called with AJ. flop came 1087 than a 6 then river another 8. Rob goes "I came, I saw, and I lost." Kerri's last hope of winning was getting through Danny O. She at one point had a commanding lead but eventually couldn't win another hand and Danny O came all the way back for the victory. That is it for PPT 21. There are only 4 games left to make the Top 16 and there are quite a few people right around that 16th place that need to show up. Most of the games for the remaining of the year will be at my house every other week starting this Friday, November 1st.

PPT #22 - 11/1/2013

Well we had a few new players show up and an old face that we haven’t seen in a while. Keith, Jen, and Ryan are poker players from a league I am in and we welcome them with open arms. The face that we haven’t seen in a while was John Decibus. That’s right I am not making it up. He graced us with his presence. A lot was going on early on and it was Rob who was first out within 45 minutes of the game. During that time Pete showed up late and the first hand he was in he won. Then later on he took out one of our new comers in Keith with J8 to pocket Q’s. Pete flop top pair with a flush draw and called his all-in and caught a club on the turn to get his flush. People were telling Pete what luck he had, including myself, and he just said “that’s call good playing.” Can’t argue with you on that Pete. Haha. Well next out was another new comer in Jenn. She just couldn’t catch anything that night. Then Ryan, our last new comer, was knocked out next after flopping two pair to a straight draw. He said no 10 no 10 but guess what came out on the river, you got it a 10. Tony P graciously was knocked out next and we were down to 9. Ryan goes, “shouldn’t you make that final table” and most of us just laugh and said “no it’s only 8 at the final table.” Next out was me with AJ to Matt’s pocket J’s. Nothing hit and that was our final table. But as this was going on John snapped called Danny O’s pocket kings with Aces and Danny was out in 8th. Billy was first out at the final table when he was all in pre flop with QQ to Mr. Lew’s suited AQ. Flop came all of Mr. Lew’s suit and we said goodbye to Billy. Sherwin then gets into a big hand when he was all in next, with Mr. Lew and Matt. The flop came all low with 952 and Mr. Lew and Matt checked. The turn was a 7 and Mr. Lew made a big enough bet that Matt folded. Sherwin flipped over QQ to Mr. Lew’s A7. Well again someone, Sherwin, said what he didn’t want to see by saying no 7 no Ace and he didn’t get his wish. Ace river and he was knocked out in 6th.Mr Lew basically said pocket Queens are no good here. Kerri was next out in 5th and we were down to four. John was next out when he flopped two pair and tried to slow play them against Matt. Matt turned a Jack for one pair and then a 7 on the river to have a better two pair. John left complaining and we will probably not see him again until next year. We were down to three, Pete who was just hanging around, Matt, I finally made the money, P. and Mr., All of you bowed down to me, Lew. They played for a while but it was Matt who goes, “I am getting frustrated so I call Pete.” Pete flipped over A3 to Matt’s J9 and 678 came out then a 10 turn giving him the straight and the river was a Q to make it worse for Pete who finished 3rd. Matt and Mr. Lew played for a while but it was Mr. Lew again who could not be beat when the flop came K 10 9 and Matt went all in and Mr. Lew called. Mr. Lew flipped over J10 to Matt’s 77. Matt had a flush draw but nothing hit and it was over giving Mr. Lew his 6th victory of the year. We are down to 3 games left to the TOC so if you are not in the top 16 you need to start showing up for a chance to get there. And if you are barely in the top 16 you better show up to stay there.

PPT #23 - 11/15/2013

Not many people showed up so all you need to know about PPT #23 was that Amy and Matt hate the buy back seat, When talking about big asses Doris said she is Dor- ASS as her name, and I won. See you all tomorrow for PPT #24 second to last one before the TOC

PPT #24 - 11/29/2013

With a small game some people came to get some points. Rob for the third straight week was knocked out first and bought back in within the first 45 minutes of the game. Next out was my dad. He had AQ to Mr Lew k9 and on the turn Mr Lew hit a 9. Matt got into a big hand with Rob and Pete. Matt was knocked out with pocket queens to robs pocket kings. Myself and Rob were the next two out and we went quietly into the night. Then Mr Lew just check the flop with him and Jose in the hand. They were the blinds. Flop came out J94 Jose checked Mr Lew bet 2400 and Jose went all in. Mr. Lew instant call. Mr Lew flipped over AJ to Jose J8. Well the turn was a 10 but the river was an 8 and Mr Lew slammed the table and he was out. Noah got knocked out next And during that time Pete goes "did I deserve that" Jose goes "if you have to ask then you know you don't." Well we were down to three, Jose Crilley and Pete. Pete won a big hand early to get back into the game when he turn trip 3's. Jose was knocked out in third with Jose k2 to Petes pocket queens. Flop came kq2 then 88. Then Pete and Crilley played for a while and finally Pete decided to go all in when Crilley raised pre flop. He said "I don't feel like sitting around anymore" and flipped over J10 but Crilley flipped over QQ. The flop came Q63 then a 10 on the turn to give Crilley the win. The river was a meaningless 4.

PPT #25 - 12/13/2013

Well the last game of the year had some excitement since we had some people needing to play to take over the 16th spot. Since we didn't start the game until close to 9 we put 12 stacks of chips on the table with only 10 people playing. It wasn't until Mrs. Lew came home around 9:15 she realize that she had an opportunity to play and the blinds were still low. Therefore she jumped right in and played. It didn't take long for our first person though to be knocked out after she arrived. It was Rob, for the 4th week in the row, who had to buy back in. The Lewandowski chair is being changed to the Hooker Rob chair. Now we thought Mrs. Lew was going to be first out when here son made a $2,000 on Mrs. Lew's big blind. She decided to push with Q8 but Pete only flipped over 109 suited. Nothing hit and she doubled up. She continue to win while other stacks began to get low. Next out was Tony, for the second week in a row, with 99 to Pete's AA. KQJ87 was the board and he finished in 10th. Since the second table was upstairs I do not know how the next two got knocked out, only that Rob took out Karen and Campbell, Karen had the lower stack and Campbell was next. With Karen only getting 4 points and Campbell getting 10 for finishing 8th, Mrs. Lew now can get no less then 12 points to put her into the TOC. It so happens Sneaky Rob slow played KK and Mrs. Lew was next out. She had J10 and flop a Jack. Rob bet and Mrs. Lew went all in but nothing hit and she finished in 7th. Chris was next out and I followed suit when bet snapped call my all in after the flop with 77's with a 943 flop. I only had 55's and we were down to 4. Jimmy decided to play a hand because he was feeling lucky but he didn't hit the hand so the next hand he was automatically all in. He had 33 to Matt's 86 and the flop came 865 then a 10 and river a K to end Jimmy's night. The final three played for a little but Mr. Lew and Pete were blinds when a flop came AJ8 with two of those cards being diamonds. Mr. Lew pushed with A4 and Pete called putting himself all in for 15,000 more with Q7 of diamonds. the turn and river were blanks for Pete and he finished in third. Matt and Mr. Lew didn't play that long since Mr. its my year bitches and you are all inferior to me, Lew dominated Matt. On Matt's behalf he was getting some pretty shitty cards. The final hand was Mr. Lew had AA to Matt's J2 and the flop came J108. Matt called Mr. Lew's all in and the turn was a 4 and the river was a K to end Matt's night. Mr. Lew is our 2013 PPT champion and the last two hands summed up what a year it was for him. He had pocket Aces back to back and all I can say is congratulations Mr. Lew. I will see the top 16 next week for the TOC.

PPT TOC 2013 - 12/20/2013

The TOC started around 8:20 and we went a while before anyone got knocked out. So there were a few highlights throughout the night and especially early on. Doris decided to do the Duck, Duck, Goose deal because she felt like the table was to big for her to deal without flipping a card. So she walked around the whole table to deal people their cards. No joke with that one. Then Jimmy chimed in after Pete said that we should implement the pictures back in for 2014. Jimmy said, "We did have a photographer, but she got fired." Insisting Pete to ask, "Who was it?" Jimmy said, "Kerri, but its tough when a cougar is out on the prowl." Next up was Pete going, " its a family pot literally a family Pot" It was him, Mrs. Lew, and Mr. Lew in the hand. Danny was our last person to arrive and the first person to go home. But I don't fault Danny because Mo did call a good size raised with Q2 suited and hit a flush on the turn to take most of Danny's Chips. A few hands later he was out. Next out was Campbell who kept going on draws that never hit and was able to get home early enough to take a nap before he had to go to work at 3am. Doris followed suit and then we were stuck for a while before or next victim. Now back to the comments. Karen was putting cream on a goes, " It feels good to have cream on my face," making all of us take a double look at her and Rob was the quickest on making a comment about her loving cream on her face. Later on Rob again commented to Karen, "you been hanging out with Chris too much when you talk. You sound like you have marbles in your mouth." That made all of us laugh. Next out was Mrs. Lew followed by Matt and Tony P., who all night was going in with Ace low kicker and never hitting. But then there is a person like myself who relishes in Pete's misery and brings down the atmosphere. Pete lost a big hand to me and was down to a 100 chip. He got a double up to get to 200, making him take his two chips and cover his nipples with them, Pretty funny shit. A few hands later he was all in with a chance to get to 600. Everyone at my table was cheering for him and I was too but I go, "even if you get a triple up you still will not have enough to make the big blind." Prompting Pete to say "there goes Ant raining on my parade and making it worst then it already is." Sorry Pete but you parade did end early due to the Ant's rain storm and you finished in 10th. Rob went next and we had our final table. At the final table I got risky early on with Jimmy knowing he had a pocket pair but I had AK and I hit nothing leaving me with 500 chips. Crilley though was the first out when he was all in with a low pocket pair to Jimmy's pocket AA. Then I followed suit and Mo after that. The five left played for a while but it was Kerri who drew the low stick and was out in 5th. She said before getting knocked out, "I rather have come in 5th then be the bubble bitch." Well you got your wish Kerri. So our Final four was Mr., I am the master Lew, Amy, I am so fucking tired F, Karen, where am I, P. and Jimmy, these suckers are going down, C. It went on and on and then Mr. Lew and Jimmy got into a hand. The flop came out giving Mr. Lew top pair and Jimmy a flush draw. There was some betting on the flop. Then the turn gave Jimmy the flush and Mr. Lew two pair. All their money was in the pot after that and Mr. Lew became the bubble bitch victim. Mr. Lew you had an incredible season and congratulations on that. The final three were glad it was you that finish in the bubble and they said that you won enough money this year, its good for someone else to win. Karen was low stack and she was all in next because she had to with her stack and finished in 3rd. Amy and Jimmy played for a while and they went back and forth with the chip lead until the Blinds got to 8000-16000. That is when Jimmy was getting the better cards or outplaying Amy and he put Amy all in for her remaining 15000. Amy called with Q7 suited to Jimmy's A2 and the flop came 865 giving Amy the straight draw. The turn came a K and the river was an 8 and that was the ballgame. Amy came in 2nd and while Jimmy was our TOC champ. Congratulations to the final three and I will see everyone next year. Hopefully more of you show up next year so we can have bigger pots.

1st - Jimmy            2nd - Amy            3rd - Karen