Dear Diary...

by Anthony Panza

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PPT #1 - 1/5/2018

Welcome to the 13th year of the PPT. I am hoping for another great year with some laughs and no drama. Problem is when you are a Panza drama always finds you. I am now agreeing wholeheartedly with Julie, Campbell is a douche. Julie doesn't actually think that about Campbell, maybe, but that is how I feel about him tonight. We started with 19 players and it didnt take long until we had our first re-buy. When you have table of, Ed, Chappelle, Frank, Jeff, Julie, Steve E, and Victor you are going to have you re-buys, actually, all your re-buys lol. Frank was first out and re-bought. Then not much later Chappelle was out and re-bought. Both of these players lost to Jeff who was holding 74. Somehow Jeff with all those chips, blew them all and was our third re-buy. But that is Jeff. Go big or go home. The poker world is good again with Jeff re-buying. Crazy thing is Jeff got knocked out again the very next hand. After that we played for a little and then lost Dave R, Steve E, Dan, Ariel, Rob, Mr Lew. We were down to 11. Julie was a gnat tonight. We could not get her out for the longest time. She hit one outers, two outers, three outers. Sherwin and Matt tried hard but she kept beating them. It was quite funny. It took a ral poker player to finally get her out. She at one point was down to 500 in chips and got all the way back up to 11k. Finally she went all in with JJ and I was holding KK. As this was happening Marty McFly was getting knocked out at the other table and we were down to our final table. The very first hand Matt was big blind for 3k and decided just to put all his chips in. He only had 4k and Pete was also all in. Matt flipped over QJ and Pete flipped over A9. Nothing higher than a 10 came on the board and we were down to 8. Jose who also was battling a low stack pushed all in for 17k after Chappelle raised to 10.5k preflop. Chappelle called and flipped over A3 to Jose's QJ. The board read 87643 and Chappelle's pair of 3s won and we were down to 7. Ed lost a big hand to Rudy and then went all in the next hand for 9k with J10 when Sherwin raised. Sherwin already had enough in the pot and flipped over A7. Nothing hit the board and we were down to 6. It was bubble bitch time and Pete was that person. Pete went all in from the dealer position, I was small blind and thought he was full of it so I snapped called with A9. He flipped over QQ. The flop was 953 so Pete was still in the lead. But the turn gave me an Ace and the river was garbage, knockiing Pete out in 6th. This is why Chappelle is a douche. Not much later I raised to 16k and Chappelle went all in. I called him and I flipped over 1010. He flipped over AQ. I was in the lead all the way to the river but then Rudy flipped over an Ace and Chappelle gave a huge sigh of relief as he took a huge pot. We were down to 4 and Victor was next out. Victor was all in with K10 and Chappelle was in it with him with KQ. Victor hit a 10 on the flop but once again Chappelle hit a Q on the turn to win and knock Victor in 4th. Rudy then was kncoked out in 3rd as he was all in for 9.5k with A9 to Sherwin's 69 of diamonds. The flop was all diamonds and the rest of the cards did not help Rudy. Sherwin's flush took down the pot and we were down to two. They played for about 5 to 10 minutes. Campbell had the chip lead. They finally were in a hand and the flop was 5A8. Sherwin bet 10k and Chappelle called. The turn was a 6 and Sherwin went all in. Chappelle snapped called and fliped over 97 for the straight. Sherwin flipped over J8 and was drawing dead on the river. The river was a Q and Chappelle was our PPT #1 2018 winner. See you all next week.

PPT #2 - 1/19/2018

PPT #3 - 2/2/2018

PPT #4 - 2/16/2018

***Dates subject to change based on Pete's availability