Amy Panza-Fabian

"...In All The Land"

"You're A Star"

Fun Facts...

  • AKA - Abby Lee, The Good Twin
  • Birthday - January 22, 1980
  • Husbands - George St. Pierre & Bruce Fabian
  • Favorite Movies - Step Up, Bring It On
  • Likes - Winning At DSA Nationals, Not Being Associated With Her Family, Spraying Her Bush
  • Dislikes - Rob Calling Her Child "Honey Boo Boo", PJ Calling "Clock", Campbell's Beer In Her Cupholder, "Off" Backyard Spray, Foreigners
  • Voted "Most Normal Panza Sibling"...By Far
  • First Panza Sister To Have A Non-Porn YouTube Video Go Viral